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North Tapps Middle School Reviews

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The academics are really the best of the area when it comes to middle school education. When I was there I loved my english and science teachers. The science facilities are great and the students sit at group tables rather than desks. The district does not have a high school so the schools weren't held as closely to the state requirements, there was more time for learning about things that invested the students. Great education overall.
It is average of any middle school located in a small upper middle class area. The school does not regularly call police, most things are handled within the school.
The sports facilities, especially the weight room, are pretty good. And the gyms get redone very few years, there are two of them. The stage is located in the commons which is okay for a Middle School. The band room is really big and has a sound room for playing and warming up. Football gear could be better but uniforms for most sports are pretty updated.
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It's really hard to pick if this school is just good or bad. The education itself is fantastic and is really beneficial to preparing students for high school classes. Sports and clubs are also a strength of the school where any student can find something they want to do. However, the social aspects are kind of a negative. The sort of "mean girl" bullying aspect is a big problem that has been addressed but not reigned in at all over the years. This comes from the culture of the parents who also participate in this bullying behavior. Parents have a hard time listening to teachers about their children. And the kids there can be really cruel to one another. The staff does notice this but it is just kind of accepted and the students are allowed to be really mean to each other.
Most regular classroom teachers care about students and are very good quality for a middle school. Their best programs are definitely english and science. I loved all three of my english teachers and really connected with them. Both english and social studies had fun and interactive projects with many unique lessons (like how to read a movie shot by shot, angle by angle in 8th grade english). The science teachers are great too, especially because their sciences labs are so well funded. They are motivated to teach. Though I did not find the math programs very good. The math teachers did not really prepare me for my algebra EOC at the end of my schooling there.
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