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The water had lead in it, only three Advanced Placement courses are offered, teachers leave to smoke and students are not punished fairly. Very little variety in courses and very few programs.
I am currently a senior at North Stokes High School, and my four years at this school have been truly amazing. I have enjoyed the classes that I have taken, and on top of that, I have equally enjoyed learning from the teachers that have taught me over the past three years, and into this current fourth year. The students at North Stokes are very polite and helpful, and the administration is very caring and helpful as well.
I'm one of the few person of color that goes to his school and because of that I've become subject to much racism by other classmates and even teachers in the past three years. I would like to see a more diversified faculty and student body.
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What makes North Stokes different from other Stokes County schools is that its a bit isolated and far out, and even though there's no cell service, it gives faculty and students an opportunity to connect with one another. It is not just the school that makes it special, but the people as a group that are within.
I like highschool, I have a boyfriend and great classes. I would mainly like to see a theater program back into our school, because I feel a lot of kids would finally find their calling. There are lots of kids at north stokes who have no idea what they are going to do when they graduate. I think putting a better arts program into our school would help a lot.
I had a pretty good experience with North Stokes. When I first started attending my 9th grade year I got into trouble a lot but by the time I graduated I was molded into a whole new student.
North Stokes High School is a very small, very close minded school. If you do not love hunting and going to the rodeo every weekend you do not fit in with the majority of the school.There are under 400 kids at this school so it's not very many people to socialize with, thankfully I play softball where I have met some people who are like me but if you are not an athlete it is pretty hard to make friends. The teachers are basically babysitters paid very little money to make sure you don't worsen what is already done to our school. The classes here are a joke, you go to class, you get busy work and once you are done with that you sit there. This school does not get you ready for the real world at all.
The teachers here are really nice and the administration is very considerate but the way they handle some things could be a lot better.
not a lot of options besides your average high school sports. Not a lot for non-athletes to join.
When I started at this school they had a great theater program. That program was taken away my senior year due to funding which was very disappointing.
There are a few teachers that go above and beyond. But most do not.
It is a really small school so there is nothing really outstanding or unique about it.
Overall we have a lot of great teachers at North Stokes, but there is some that do not teach well.
There are some downfalls with this school, but we all know each other and it is like a big family.
At North Stokes High School the clubs and extracurricular offered consist of National Honor Society, Beta Club, FFA, Hunter Safety, Pep Club, and Chess Club, all with very little attention or funding. Our athletics consist of women's tennis, cross country, football, basketball, wrestling, women's volleyball, baseball, softball, track and field, women's soccer, and both men and women's golf.
This school offers many clubs for the students but a number of students do not participate. The Chess club and political clubs have very few people that attend them. The clubs that goes to the basketball games have a good number of students that attend.
We have a lot of athletes that attend this school and work very hard to be successful at the sports they play in. The coaches also help push the students to leave everything they have on the court or field of the games.
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The school cafeteria offers a lot of healthy food but most of the food is whole grain. I believe that is a bad decision because some people are allergic to whole wheat. The cafeteria usually only has a limited amount of options but some of them are good.
A great number of the teachers at North Stoke Hight School try to get the students the best learning environment they can and help them achieve their goals. Most teachers are after school at all times and get to school early in the mornings to tutor the students who need the extra help.
Teachers were always willing to go the extra mile, if i was struggling. Also, the small class sizes were great.
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