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Our family has two children in the Upper School at North Shore and we could not be happier. We have been particularly impressed with quality of instruction and the level of engagement our kids have with their teachers. The administration is committed to recruiting the highest level of instructors, who seem to truly care about each student. The school also emphasizes inclusion and encourages each child to pursue his or her interests, while stretching themselves to try new things. The size of the school allows students to pursue any interest, while feeling a part of a close-knit community. Students at North Shore achieve at the highest level academically, but a healthy balance of other activities are also a part of of the experience.
Our son started at North Shore as a 9th grader and the last 3.5 years have been terrific. The teachers have been superb and always available for an after class, in the hallway, or on the playing field conversation. A few years ago, right after our son had eye surgery, his advisor came to the house to visit and deliver cards signed by his other teachers and some classmates. Our son has been able to engage (both in front of and behind the curtain) in the theater performances as well as being an all 3.5 years sports participant. He has made wonderful friends that are kind, thoughtful, and interested in going out in the world and doing things. We are almost at the end of the college application process now and I can not think how it could be run better. Our son has had all of the support from his teachers and counselors to figure out how to do this process and he truly owns it. I can not say enough good things.
The lower and upper schools provides the most amazing education for both my HS & Elem. boys. The student/teacher relationships are the most phenomenal aspect. Teachers encourage multiple viewpoints on any situation, teach and implement the importance of being a citizen, and mentored and cared for students all along the way. My has grown especially close to the English and History teachers. Considering he would not have said those were his favorite subjects entering high school, it shows the ability of the teachers to encourage and connect with students. The lower school is truly amazing. They encourage learning in the most unique & special way. NSCD is the most diverse on the North Shore. My boys have friends from all over Chicago with a variety of backgrounds. Due to the school size, ALL the kids are known. The administration is surprisingly well versed in all the activities of the kids (in & outside school) and deals with issues in a quick and fair manner
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Leadership changed a few years ago and the school has really gone downhill since. They talk a good game but don't follow their values in my experience. In addition, the tuition is ridiculously high, and then there are still near constant appeals to give more money. I recommend choosing elsewhere.
NSCDS has been great for our family, not just our kids. The parent body is supportive and caring of one another (it takes a village sometimes). The teachers present the curriculum to my kids (I have twins) who are so different in their learning styles, in a way that meets their interests and motivates them. My daughter is more of a traditional learner and loves the facts, memorization, and writing and she is thriving. My son is more of an experiential/inquiry based learner and he is taught the concepts and encouraged to ask questions and wonder and try his ideas while also thriving. This balanced approach is amazing for them. The character education program has helped give them the tools and resources to navigate typical social struggles that school aged children face and the staff is always available to help me and my kids when I have a question about how to support my kids or challenge them. I'm so glad our kids are in this wonderful community.
The teachers at North Shore and generally really great. They care a lot about the students and not just school-wise. Whatever people are up to whether it is sports or theater there are always other people interested in that and people can generally find a smaller community within which they fit in. For the most part people aren't intimidating and are pretty darn friendly.
I am currently at NSCDS and I have loved my time so far. The teachers are amazing and so passionate about there jobs and students. The English department here is amazing and I have learned so much. Before going here I was at Sears which had a totally different atposhmere. It was very hostile and clique. When I came to NSCDS the students where completely different and I began learning. The sports here are fun and the coaches are awesome. The one things I would improve are the diversity lessons. Kids have begun tuning them out because we learn he same thing over and over again. Overall this is the best school I have ever gone to and the teachers all deserve recognition for all the hard work they do.
North Shore is a fantastic school that has outstanding academics and an excellent environment for learning because of it's bright colors and collaborative spaces that provides an open feel. North Shore is predominately white and is not diverse, but it is something that we continue to work every year. One thing this school excels in is college readiness. Throughout my years I have spoken with many alumni and every person I have talked to has always spoken about how prepared they are and were for college. North Shore forces you to do things outside of your comfort zone which I found to be extremely helpful because I would have never been in a play and I would not have played volleyball. The administration and faculty are willing to learn how to make North Shore a better place and so are the students. It is a school where you have the flexibility to do anything you set your mind to. If I had the chance to re-do high school over I would choose North Shore Country Day School every time.
Besides being grossly competitive, body shaming, classism and racism are common aspects of the school day. Another alumni informed me that she had been sexually harassed extensively and targeted on a racist facebook page that white male students had created as an outlet for hateful comments. If you operate on basic rules of kindness, inclusion and social awareness you will not feel safe here. Some great teachers here and a strong english department do not make up for the population and culture. The recent renovations and costly glitzy tech are all more flashy than useful. While parent involvement exists, it is mainly by lululemon clad stay at home moms who are as cliquey as their children. There are plenty of other great ways to get a great education without subjecting yourself or your children to this overpriced mental institutions' bubble of toxic culture
It is rigorous, but challenges you just enough. You need to be motivated and work hard to succeed here.
Great experience! I know all of my teachers very well and they are all invested in seeing me progress.
North Shore Country Day is the place to go if you're looking for a hands on learning experience where you know your teachers care about your success.
The classes weren't easy, but they did a great job preparing me for the rigorous workload of college.
The school provides a rigorous, well-rounded education. Class sizes are small in the elementary school years so children receive a lot of individualized attention. The science and arts program are quite strong. The only areas of improvement are diversity (less diverse than private schools in Chicago due to location) and breadth of extracurriculars.
very safe environment at school, great facilities too
Great school, great community, academically challenging, overall great
Teachers do a great job. They truly care about their students.
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Teachers are so friendly, caring, and want you to succeed. A lot of work but I learned a ton and am more than prepared for college and the work world. I love that you can do anything and everything from being the lead in the school play to playing football to leading clubs.
I love this school to death, honestly. North Shore's combination of incredibly rigorous academics and a laid back student body is unparalleled by many institutions. At North Shore, you can be that kid who is an amazing athlete and a big participant in the party scene, but also leader of the math club and a National Merit Scholar. Truly, you can bridge the world of jocks and of nerds here - neither really exist, as by virtue of being at North Shore, you are a nerd.
All these teachers are top notch in their respective fields. They are all very knowledgeable, and do a strong job of passing their knowledge on to the students