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it is an average school, some teachers are amazing and work well with students, others do not have anything unique to them. The building is pretty old, but they are starting to make renovations. Amazing band program. Choir not so much. Average sports teams.
I like the fact that they offer College Credit Plus, along with Honors classes. I also like the many clubs that are offered, plus the teacher involvement in them. The staff is excellent, most of the teachers are incredible. I do feel that they definitely prepare you for college or the workforce, whatever you choose. Things I would like to see improved. The facilities need updating, also less politics in the sports. They also push Honors rather than College Credit Plus, I believe for financial reasons? All in all, it is a very good school.
Most of the staff are excellent. However, there are some members that are not very good and that have seemed to lost passion for their job. Aside from that, this school did a pretty good job preparing me for college.
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The North Royalton High School was not a very good experience for me. The school itself is quite literally falling apart in some places which makes it unsafe for students. The teachers there were all basically good except for a few who were rude and did not really know how to teach. The academics were alright as well. Overall, I did not have a very good experience there and I did not like the school.
I look upon my years spent here very fondly and lovingly, though the school certainly has its flaws. I elected to take a multitude of AP and honors classes over the years that kept me academically challenged and interested, for the most part, though depending on choice of classes and teachers assigned, this can vary. Personally, wasn't a fan of the administration but had some absolutely incredible teachers. The building itself is an outdated dump lacking ac but the city is awaiting construction of a "new" school, aka. tearing down the oldest section and adding a new addition. There's a variety of extracurriculars students take part in and athletics are a solid "eh." Regardless, great memories had here.
North Royalton High School has many opportunities for students to get involved, which I like. For example students can join sports, clubs, choir, band, and many other activities. On the other hand, the school could add in air conditioning. I believe that a better environment helps students learn better.
Things I liked about North Royalton High School: Specific teachers, Mr. Ciha, Mr. Spears, Mrs. Erny, and Mr. Dietrich all made my years there great. They were very motivating and supportive.
Things I disliked: Awful administration, AC in certain rooms, and strictness.
As an honors student, my high school experience was NoRotastic. The teachers cared. Most of my classes involved a deeper level of understanding instead of memorizing, and the work you put in directly correlated with the grades you got. Help was always there if you made the slightest effort to seek it.
That said, it seems that especially in later years the honors kids and the regular kids really got separated. Judging by the gen ed classes I've taken and heard of that sounds like a much different experience. Those classes tend to be way more memorization based, and it's difficult for kids who don't learn that way and infuriating for students that should be learning at a higher level. Somebody in those programs might see it differently, so don't trust me 100%, but that's what I've perceived.
Overall, my experience at Royalton was great. There wasn’t much bullying, and basically no cliques. It's a great place to be for honors students, but I can't really speak for non honors kids.
I loved North Royalton High School. The teacher are overall amazing and I really felt connected the the school as a whole. It really was a community for me and I felt like we were all one big family. As far as academics, I could not be more prepared for college next year. The teachers and administration has done more than enough to make sure their students have the educational basis needed for advanced studies. Aside from academics, my overall experience in the high school is something I will never forget. I have made friends and memories that will last many years to come, and I have North Royalton High School to thank for my success.
Most of the teachers are great, while they require different amount of dedication and employ different teaching techniques, many of them do a great job of teaching and are relatively easy to approach. On other hand, administration can sometimes say unnecessary and offensive and in my case they made error in my class schedule (albeit happened in every academic institution for me).
The teachers there range from very good to very bad. All the teachers I had there were beyond amazing, and were very helpful. When you approach the good teachers they were very inclusive and always made sure you were welcome. Those that stand out most were Mr. Hemery, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Nestoff, Mr. Marhefka, and Mr. DeMattie. If you were to bring your child to this school they would more than likely enjoy it. Parents aren't really expecited to toe the line at all, but there would be open applications for conferences if the students were doing fine. For those not so fine, mandatory.
I really liked the school, but wish the school administrators would listen to the students more about issues that go on in the school.
I met great friends and traveled with North Royalton High School marching band as member of Royalaires (color guard) for four years.
The staff and teachers strongly encourage a positive learning environment. Our district strongly encourages students to participant in school activates and to think outside the box. We recently had a student who entered the Breakthrough Junior Challenge and won $250,000 scholarship including $50,000 for the school to build a new science lab and $50,000 for his science teacher. He was one of 2000 students to enter from 86 different countries.
Overall, my experience at North Royalton High School has been a positive one. In the past four years I've not only grown in my academics, but in my personal life as well. With the many inspiring and motivating teachers working here, I have been motivated to venture outside my comfort zone and supported to grow in confidence through both my work and personality. Very soon the North Royalton school district will be changing many things as they begin to implement improvement plans to their high school building and curriculum. As a future alumni, I look forward to seeing these updates in action and hearing about their successful impact on other students. I know this school and those who attend it can only move up in success and shared admiration for such an inspiring environment.
I liked the difficultly level involved with North Royalton High School, as well as the faculty. The environment was a great place to spend four years.
Provided an excellent opportunity to prepare for college by offering challenging courses. Great teachers who are concerned about your learning and understanding complex subjects.
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I would like to see some teachers retire. Some teachers have no idea what they are teaching and need to be evaluated.
The biggest obstacle I ever faced was my sophomore year in highschool. I was coming of the heels of a pretty successful freshman year and was ready to finally be an upperclassman. However, there were some differences going into the next year. For one, I took all honors and AP classes.
Being a senior at North Royalton High School has brought me to close friendships, great academics that have certainly prepared me for college. Also being an athlete there and being a part of varsity got me onto the Clarion University Softball team and I could not be any happier. North Royalton has given me so much these past four years and I don’t regret a single year.
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