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I enjoyed going to school at North Ridgeville High School. I found that the teachers, faculty, and staff all genuinely care about the well-being of the students. However, it's about time to build a new high school, as the one we have now is not big enough for North Ridgeville's growing population.
They have plenty of class options. Teachers and staff care and stay in touch. My children did very well there. A very safe and welcoming environment.
North Ridgeville High School has provided me with multiple challenges, both positive and negative. There are a variety of Honors and AP classes to choose from. Their boys soccer program has developed into being one of best athletic programs in the school, and it has provided me with a great deal of physical, emotional and mental stress. But this stress is able to be transformed into positive development and growth, in large part due to the culture and bond built between the players and coaches. The staff has been very supportive of me, especially when I needed intervention. They have also greatly improved their lunches over the past few years. On the other hand, the school has had problems properly controlling and punishing students for drug use, bullying and racism. There are problems with overcrowding and the bathrooms and lunchroom are outdated.
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Ever since I have entered North Ridgeville High School I thought to myself, wow. I entered with this attitude & this algorithm because wow just describes NRHS. Almost everyday being welcomed by Miss. Bianca, such a sweet girl with a big heart. She is one of many teachers at NRHS that just make my heart full. High school is very different then middle school. You need to learn respect very fast or else you will be in the wrong crowd. I am a sophomore at NRHS & I absolutely love it here. Great people surround me & I am so glad to have so many administrators that like to help their students.
I have nothing to really complain about when it came to my time at NRHS. I got the basic high school education I needed and graduated with the GPA I needed to get into the college of my dreams. The staff was friendly for the most part, the principal really cares about his students and is a very approachable, and I've made friendships there that I still have to this day. The school always felt safe and secure and was very clean and easy to get around in.
My experience at this High School was pretty good. I like that they have teachers that know how to teach their subjects well, and in an effective manner. With these teachers my education has grown tremendously. The teachers are also very easy to make relationships with and are very inclusive. Things that can be changed are prices for lunched because some cannot now afford them. The prices for the lunches have raised a lot since I started high school as a freshman, and are now too expensive. I think the school can be cleaned a little more as well, which is also something I know that administration is working on. But for example, there has been a stink bug in one of the girls bathrooms that is stuck to the ceiling since my freshman year.
Some of the teachers seem unhappy to be there, which translates into their teaching styles. However, there is a wide array of classes to choose from and the school is overall fantastic.
The school system is generic, basic education. I feel like some teachers were amazing, and some teachers didnt even try. Some took it too seriously, and some should have been more serious. One thing that sucks is that the school district charges school fees for everything, including a fee for being a "senior".
North Ridgeville city schools are currently implementing new state of the art facilities for each of the city’s schools because of the growing number of families within the community. With new hard working people who have been hired into the administration, the people living within north Ridgeville can expect changes to the city’s schools very soon. This involves a new academic center, new learning resources, new technology, new sports equipment, and hopefully soon a new high school building.
it was school. wasn’t the best wasn’t the worst. i like that there’s open campus but that’s my favorite part. it’s kinda ratchet but whatever i go and learn.
NRHS is okay, it’s not bad, but it had bad qualities. The teachers can be great or awful, there’s not much in between. There’s little encouragement to exceed expectations, which makes the school environment worse as a whole. There are a lot of people and you can definitely get lost in the crowd. You can tell the school needs some money, and they’re trying to pass things to get it, though failing.
Our sports programs have always lacked and we continue to make cuts for arts. The administration cares more about wearing a hat into the school instead of our safety. Scheduling has always had issues even for after school activities.
My children have had a good experience at North Ridgeville High School. The facilities do need to be updated.
Despite being overcrowded because our city has the 4th highest growth in Ohio, the school still manages us to have smaller class sizes. The teachers are excellent and our principal is very friendly and involved.
I enjoyed how much the teachers connected with students. It makes a world of a difference when they show you that you aren't just another student they deal with. I think more field trips to different kinds of jobs or having guest speakers besides the military would be beneficial for career thinking. It is just something I wish they would have done while I attended now that I am experiencing the real world.
The school is really small compared to the amount of students that they have. Overall the teachers are good teachers.
My experience at North Ridgeville High School was like none other. I met some of the most amazing people and loved my teachers. Each day was different than the last and that was what I enjoyed the most. My favorite part of attending this school was the sense of community. Being involved in color guard and marching band since freshmen year, I really found my home in what I thought to be was the scariest place on the whole earth. The people I've met and the experiences I had throughout high school will be ones I will always remember. North Ridgeville High School is not like any other school, it's even better.
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The north ridgeville high school experience was a positive one. My children have many opportunities to play in sports and have taken advantage of the college plus program and AP classes. The teachers have been very supportive.
North Ridgeville offered may Advanced Placement Courses, College Credit Plus, and an Athletic Program with a vast amount of coaches, faculty, and staff.
North Ridgeville High School has impacted me greatly throughout my high school experience. After transferring here mid-freshman year, I was nervous about making friends and feeling comfortable. I soon figured out that Ridgeville is home to an exploding variety of people. Making friends was a piece of cake because there are so many different types of kids attending this school. There aren't many cliques, and most people are friendly. North Ridgeville academics are intense, and the honors and Advanced Placement classes have especially helped me thrive and grow as a student. One thing I would change at my high school is the effort given by the administration. The administration and guidance department could be more helpful to students when it comes to preparing for college. I felt like I was mostly on my own with planning my schedule and gathering all my credits, an area where I would have appreciated more guidance.
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