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Overall it is a very good school, I really like it. The classes are hard but will prepare you for college and there are many clubs and sports so that everyone can find something that they love. Most of the teachers are very nice and really want to see you succeed in high school and there is always someone to go to if you need to talk. I'm glad I chose to go to North Quincy and wouldn't trade the memories I have made there for anything.
I have so far had a rather good experience with North Quincy High School. The academics and teachers have been for the most part outstanding, with occasional deviations. The school is very diverse, and has a very friendly community. I simply hope that they get more funding, as the science department especially is often undersupplied and parts of the building are in need of repair.
North Quincy High School has its flaws like bathroom issues, a couple bad teachers and etc, however I would not trade it for anything. My past three years at the school I have gone on field trips, made new friends and found guidance in teachers.
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North Quincy provides students with a vast array of academics and different rigor levels for each course in order to best suit each individual student. The extra-curricular activities are not the best, as I was unaware of many clubs and how to join them as a new student.
Great school, great teachers, great atmosphere! The lunch food could be better and healthier. Interior remodels are needed.
North Quincy High School overall provides more opportunities to get involved with your community and the school. It is a very safe environment and has a decent administration. The courses are average but could be more interesting.
I transferred here my junior year from Quincy high and honestly probably one of the best high school decisions I’ve made. Staffs and students are super friendly and helpful. Academics is amazing. The diversity and inclusiveness at this school is amazing! Many many clubs and organizations that students can be apart of. Such a great community to be apart of!
I liked a lot of things about North Quincy. The teachers are friendly and very helpful. I also like the sports programs offered at the school.
The classes are all very good. I like the AP classes especially as I feel that all my AP classes have prepared me very well for my AP exams. My other advance classes are also very challenging and engaging to learn in. The lunch is nothing special but the breakfest North Quincy High offers is acceptable for getting through the day. The bathrooms are terrible however. All of them are locked except for one in the main floor. I don't even know why the other bathrooms are locked but sometimes they open and it can get very annoying to have to go the bathroom very bad only for it to be locked and requires you to go to the first floor. I also wished more bathrooms had paper towels since the dryers sometimes don't work or is very cold. The toilets itself are also very dirty and I wish that the urinals had stalls installed between them. The bells are also very loud and I wish that new quieter speakers could be installed for more digital bells. The education here excels though.
It’s a pretty inclusive school, all the teachers are welcoming and friendly, you just have to communicate with them.
I loved my high school experience. I met a lot of great people who shaped me into the person I am today.
North Quincy High School is a highly rated, public school located in Quincy, MA. It has 1,220 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. According to state test scores, 90% of students are at least proficient in math and 93% in reading. It is a wonderful place to attend high school, where everyone is nice and helpful. I loved it, but I think lunch is still pretty bad.
Teachers are great! Tons of opportunities to help out around the community! You'll have a great learning experience here!
The academics at North Quincy are above average and rigorous. There is a lot of senior support when it comes to college, but there is almost no underclassmen support. As someone who struggled freshman year I did not receive what I needed to be successful until sophomore year.
My experience was like any other normal high school experience. I would have appreciated if they painted the school when 1,200 students were not walking down the halls and if they had air conditioning but other than that it was pretty much okay.
I liked the school culture there a lot. I felt safe and supported by the staff. The teachers also prepared us well for college and for AP exams. My guidance counselor was super helpful when it came to college applications.
Medium school size. With 300 people in the senior class. Everything is pretty average. I love the teachers here and the club and activities in the school. Over 30% are Asian in the school, it is not a diverse campus.
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It had a diverse community and club opportunity, it provides lots of community service opportunities. I lived in the local area of the school, so I didn’t have to spend too much time to going to school.
The academics here at North Quincy high is beyond great. The staff really want you to learn and focus on your future. Also it just has a great community supporting each other and we have many clubs for you to join. The sports here are amazing i play 3 sports and the coaches are really supportive and will help you with anything you need.
I transferred to North and have had the experience of a lifetime. I met so many people in my area and have learned true school spirit and the importance of tradition.
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