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North Pointe Preparatory provided me with countless amazing memories with fellow students and teachers. Through the fine arts programs I met many amazing lifelong friends, and even though the band program had many difficulties and was in the rebuilding stages throughout my high school career I still had a very useful and beneficial time participating in the program.
At first, things were choppy. Teachers outwardly favored certain students but then agaij i guess thats always the case. The school was corrupt. But hopefully it would get better soon.
I do like the school despite some major flaws. Teachers are sometimes fired or quit in the middle of the school year, but the issue is usually solved by the next break. I do enjoy the classes I take and the teachers there are good ones. The students are also friendly,in my experience, and responsible.
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I have had my fair share of ups and downs with NPP, but I know that if I went anywhere else I would've missed out on a great culture and a small community where everybody knows everybody. As I am leaving the school, I wish that its quality of faculty improves because that is its only downside. I have had so many teacher replacements and substitutes to the point where it was sometimes difficult to learn and keep up. I hope that experience only helps me in college because I have learned the one ability that I find most college students complaining about- and that is independece. I, along with my peers, have maintained the ability to learn with or without a teacher, and with each other.
NP is a very unique school and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I've been in NP since freshmen year and I grew up as a student as well as a person in this school.
The only thing I truly enjoyed about North Pointe was spending times with my friends. The administration is corrupt and tyrannical; students were punished based on how particular staff members felt about them, and favoritism was evident in every aspect of the school's culture. The administration cared much more about funneling funding into their parties and one particular staff members precious media class than they cared about paying teachers adequately, making sure our supplies were up to date, or cultivating at least a decent learning environment. For what it's worth, going to North Pointe did give me a strong sense of what's right and wrong, and taught me not to be silent or complacent about its bureaucratic cesspool.
I enjoyed going to school here. I had a lot of fun with my friends and learning how to handle real-life situations. The campus safty was great, we always had officers on campus to make sure no one bad got in. I also enjoyed the activities and the groups. We had many class competitions and bonding opportunities.
Pros: the kids were nice kids and I made a ton of good friends. I also had a few fabulous teachers. We had several senior trips, two spirit weeks, and all sorts of fun activities in between. The food was pretty good (although certainly not good FOR you), and their arts classes were decent.

Cons: High teacher turnover rate (I would sometimes have three teachers for one subject in the same year), the academics were not challenging enough due to largely poor teaching and no homework. I mean, at the time, I loved the “no homework” policy, but college was a slap in the face after barely working for four years of high school. Too much focus was on how the school looked to the public and how “fun” the activities were. The administration is full of bullies who belittle the students and are non responsive to parental concerns.
North Pointe is a great school for those who wish to get more one on one help from teachers. Due to their small class room sizes and high expectations it's hard to fall through the cracks. It's also a great place to try new things and find yourself, again due to the small size, you can try out for practically anything and make the team with little to no experience. However as is the case with most places it doesn't always feel like my favorite place to be, bullying is rare but not everyone is nice.
I had a great experience as far as making friends, but I would like to see better treatment towards the teachers who work there
North Pointe is a small school, and teaches students from 7th grade to 12th grade. North Pointe is widely diverse and also has a strict no-bullying policy. I thought this was fantastic because a lot of high schools will say they have no tolerance for bullying, yet they do not enforce it.
My four years at North Pointe was... interesting to say the least. I had an excellent experience with learning form some of the best teachers I’ve learned from. Some of the courses were rather interesting, as sometimes I had two teachers within one semester as one would be fired and replaced within a week. I was on the fence about how I felt about the previous principal. He made sure that the students were put first, and leaving the parents out totally. If I could change something, I would like to have the teachers who knew how to teach come back. The arts department could use some financial assistance, as there were more awards from them as there were from the athletic departments. Just saying.
They don’t value the things i see as important. For example we’ve gone through 5 different band directors in less than 2 years because of the administration. However, they value the students and give us lots of opportunities that we could never get anywhere else which I appreciate.
The admin is horrible. Teachers are always leaving. I went my senior year missing two AP teachers. The AP classes do not get you ready for the test or college. The principal is unfair and rude. Favorites are payed at this school and its extremely obvious. The principal used to yell at teachers and make them cry. Funding is not well allocated. The textbooks are outdated yet the school send kids to watch the world series. I would not recommend going here if you value education or mental health.
North Pointe Prep ensures the student acquires good grades and guides them through their 4 years of high school life. It is a very small school and parents are not really involved. Many have said that if you wanted your child to be good and you wanted to not be a part of that, to send them to this school. It is a good school but is meant for certain students.
I have 2 kids that attend this school 1 in high school 1 in Jr. High. This is our first year here and when we moved our kids here after multiple tours we thought we made the best move for them but that was a big mistake.
This school will pull out all the stops at the open house and meet the teachers but once school starts and your child is enrolled you as a parent are ignored. The school doesn't encourage parent involvement.
1 of my kids plays sports. This schools coaches are a joke they are college kids that graduated NP. The coaches have told not only myself but other parents they are unable to communicate with us via phone or in person before and after games and that all communication must go through our 12 year old child. Teachers will not meet with you at all but will actually respond to your emails so that is nice. I do feel like my high schooler has gone down hill here vs public school where he was all A and B last year. This year he is struggling to keep low B and C.
I attended North Pointe Preparatory for my high school education and I was pretty pleased with my experience there. The small classroom settings provided a close and successful relationship between teachers and students.
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North Pointe is a very tight knit school with a wonderful culture and community. The environment is safe, friendly, and inviting.
Very strict but for no reason. The students are awful to each other and cyberbullying is a huge problem despite the school's excessive anti-phone policies.
this school is all about events and having fun. education is very poor and staff members are always getting fired for no apparent reason.
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