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North Pike Senior High School Reviews

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I liked the environment of North Pike High School. The teachers taught the material in ways that everyone understood. I would love to see more diversity in staff as well as students.
Overall North Pike High School is a great school, the school challenges you academically, gives you a variety of activities to choose from, from archery to basketball. It also gives dual enrollment classes for any one choosing to further their education to go to college.
I moved here for my last year of school, things were decent overall but there weren’t many opportunities like you see at most schools. Arts and electives are poor, but the education is as good as it can be.
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North pike is a great school! Everyone is really nice and helpful. There isn’t anything I would change about North pike.
I love NPHS very much. I'm proud to be a Jaguar! North Pike offers a variety of classes and clubs for students to choose from. Teachers and administrators are helpful and professional. I only have one complaint: I wish they would give more attention to the arts programs.
North Pike Senior High School has been my home for the past three and a half years and I have enjoyed the high school life as much as I would enjoy to leave it. I have learned a lot here and North Pike is an excellent public school. Some parents would even say that North Pike is perfect and ideal for their children. The teachers and administration here have taught me so much about life outside of high school ,but most of all, my classmates and peers have taught me about friendship and communicating within the world with people.
North Pike is okay. I’ve liked going here, though the counselors could be better. I’d much rather go here than any of the other schools around here. Most of the teachers I’ve had are great; the clubs are good as well. There are many opportunities— club-wise— to be involved in.
I attended North Pike from kindergarten until senior year. The faculty truly cares about their students' education and works to benefit students in any way they can. The administration is excellent, and they are always finding ways to improve our school.
I think overall north pike is a really great school. It could greatly improve its food. The janitorial service should immensely improve.
I attended North Pike from 1st grade to graduation in 1984. I LOVED everything about it. It had a family type of environment. My kids are also Jaguars. My son graduated in 2015 and my daughter is a freshman. The thing I would change now is the atmosphere, meaning that family feel isn't there anymore. It's more of who you are and who you know now. It's also too many kids now. I'll always love North Pike no matter what!
I felt prepared for college, but there is always room for improvements.
Basic southern redneck population. There a select few individuals that add diversity to the group.
More options with the Arts could be offered, but overall average club diversity.
Its a great school, with great people.
Some of the teachers care more than others, but they all seem to have the students best interest in mind.
I don't feel unsafe in my school.
There are great opportunities at my school, but most are athletic.
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There are definitely opportunities that I've gotten at North Pike that I couldn't get anywhere else, but I also am aware of places larger than my school that have many more opportunities.
There are definitely teachers that excel at their jobs; they genuinely care about the knowledge student's take in and leave their classroom with. There are also teachers that make me question their reason for entering the field. But the largest group of teachers are in the middle, the have attributes from both sides. Most teachers here really know and are motivated in their field of study, but there are some who are questionable.
The same students that are involved in one club, are usually always involved in numerous other clubs. The students that aren't involved in clubs usually aren't active at the school or in the community.
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