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Very good in education, well rounded, amazing school spirit we always participate in as much as we can we actually win most school spirit award in the Michigan area
North Muskegon High School is a small school with its Middle and High School in the same building. This allows for small class sizes where the teachers are able to create strong connections with each student because they know their background, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. While many of the books are becoming outdated, Chromebooks are available for every student and are a very valuable, well-utilized tool. With an excellent faculty and rigorous course load for those who search it out, North Muskegon can be a top-level educational institute. However, this does not mean it is devoid of flaws. Due to its small size, there are no Honors classes and the AP selection is limited. This can disadvantage students applying to top colleges. The only languages available are Spanish and French, otherwise, you must take them online. Grammar is also largely skimmed over and seems to be an afterthought. Overall a school significantly above average for the area in terms of education.
Excellent attention to each student. Compassionate and caring teachers. High level of expectations of the students from the teachers/staff. Track record of quality education in a small school setting.
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I liked that the school was small which created a sense of belonging and had lots of opportunities. There was always something to get involved with as well as different people involved in different aspects of the school.
My experience with North Muskegon High School, was great! I have been going to the school since I was a child and the bonds I have created with it being a K-12 school is amazing. I love how small and close everyone is, making it easier for kids to make friends and come out of their box . Becoming apart of the school itself made me a better person. The teachers are really good about getting to know their students, making a connection with them one on one and creating a relationship with them.
North Muskegon High school is a very small school, but it holds so much educational value in its halls and classrooms. We may be small, but there is so much stuff going on here. The teachers are great and help you learn at the best of your ability and are always there when you need help. The students and sportsmanship are really big here, as we all encourage each other and push abilities to the limits and have fun doing so. I rate my school a four star because North Muskegon holds a ton of value, knowledge, and a good sense and plan of education throughout the building.
At North Muskegon you seem to visit the high school counselors quite a bit (especially as a Senior). They do so much in order for the students to have the perfect class schedules. I visited here lots and lots of times my senior year to get information on scholarships, college applications, college in general, classes and lots of other things and everything always turned out to be perfect.
We never really talked about any topics surrounding diversity but us students just seemed to know how to respect others for who they are. Everyone fits in somewhere at North Muskegon and is respected for who they are.
There are top notch organizations and clubs you can be involved in to better your future and education. Not only are they informational but they are super fun to be involved in.
North Muskegon not only has the best teaching staff, NM has the best high school traditions such as homecoming week, snow coming, and senior activities. This is a big reason as to why I miss this school. I had so much fun attending North Muskegon in my time there.
All the teachers that I have had at North Muskegon seemed to be very dedicated with the subject being taught. I have only had a couple that were hard to follow in class but other than that they are the best of the best. It is because of the hard work they put in to teach the students that makes North Muskegon one of the top schools in the state of Michigan.
Being a small school, everyone knows everyone. Like everything else in the world, there are advantages and disadvantages to this.
Due to our small size the extracurricular opportunities at this school aren't very diverse. We have a few clubs such as Rotary, Spanish&French club, Norse United, and Student Council. Most of the things that are offered are very common but we do the best we can as a small school. Our administration is somewhat involved; some take on a lot and some take on none at all.
North Muskegon is serene place between two lakes. It has been a beautiful place to grow up at. However, one downfall that I have experienced at this school is that everyone knows everything about each other. Parents will talk badly about other children if something is heard among the talking of other parents. There are also advantages to having a small school though because it allows for more attention for those in need of it. Our staff does an amazing job of focusing on the individual needs of kids instead of a group as a whole. I have always received great support from the staff.
The teaching staff at North Muskegon High School is of great quality. North Muskegon is a special place because the class average is about 63 kids which allows for greater concentration on those who need a little extra hands on learning.
Attending North Muskegon High School has allowed me to pursue all the things I love to do; be successful academically, play golf and tennis, and contribute to my community thru volunteering.
Regularly cleaned and well kept.
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Extremely diverse and easily joined by students.
Wonderful school and amazing teachers.
Wonderful school with amazing people.
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