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I attended all 3 years at nmm. The school is an ok school they do teach you but I feel like some of the teachers don't genuinely care about the students much. In my experience it was 50/50 some teachers cared while others cared a little and some didn't at all. The students are very mean and rude and I was bullied before but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. The bathrooms were stinky and filthy, and the security guards should improve there attitude and the way they talk and treat students. Overall I'd say the school and my experience here was okay.
There were teachers who actually cared about you and your success in this school. They work hard to keep you on track or to be ahead and be prepared for highschool. I wish they had more of the wonderful teachers that I had when I was a student over there. 8th grade year was the best; everything went by smoothly and when it came to 8th grade week, I had a blast the whole time. I did not regret going there because I met some incredible friends and teachers.
At north miami more then half the school is haitian so pretty much everyone know everyone and everyone get along very well. There's a group of kid for every and there always a really nice person that talks to everyone
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In my opinion all after school activities they have at north miami are very good.
My overall experience at north miami middle was awsome. At that school i ment most of the friend i have now. I Learned to play the flute and guitar. The teacher where very helpful they are always willing to stay after school or come earlier the next to to tutor you. No i do not regret going to north miami and if they allowed high school students to come back and visit then i would be there every day
North miami middle school has zero tolerances for bully. Students that are bulling other students will get suspended automatically. There's always someone in the office, a teacher,and even sercurity gards that you can talk to. In case your to scared to go speak to someone there is a box in the library called the bully box that you can right the name if the person that is bulling you and your name. The following day someone will call you down to the office and you'll be able to talk to them
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