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North Miami Beach Senior High School Reviews

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At North Miami Beach Senior High the environment is friendly. The teachers are the kind that you'd want to visit even when you graduate. They are personally some one the best teachers that i've had. The academics there incredible. They're pretty difficult but the teachers push you to past your limits. North Miami Beach overall is the perfect learning environment if you actually want to learn.
It was okay. Love the nursing program they offered when i attended. The band was also good when i attended also.
If I had an option to go to a different school, I would have chosen Alonzo Tracey Morning High School or signed up for the MAST academy that FIU offers on their campus.
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NMB is a Good school to be at. The learning environment is strong but a little bit of work areas may need to be fix at.
I moved here during junior year, I thought it would be a good school. I only speak English so it was a rude awakening for me. Only go to this school if you speak creole or Spanish otherwise you’d be lost!
Due to teachers who lack the ability to teach you are at mercy to how lenient they decide to grade assignments they have not taught. Other teachers put great effort to instruct pupils and ensure college readiness. These teachers a few and far between.
This was the school where I found my passion for the Arts thanks to the Drama Club. The administration is supportive and really student friendly. The Bible Club saved my life and gave me a reason to keep coming to school.
In some aspects of academics they teach well but with main courses a little less but they take clubs and sports very seriously
Being a sophomore, I excel in academics due to how strict the teacher's are here in North Miami Beach Senior High. However, there needs to be improvement in the quality of cafeteria food.
The teachers and staff really care about the students and want to help them succeed. Students and staff are friendly.
North Miami Beach senior high school had its flaws but altogether the school is full of spirit. The staff are compassionate and the opportunity to go there was amazing.
North Miami Beach senior high school is a great learning environment filled with a diverse group of students and administrators. Although my time here isn’t complete so far I have witness many devoted and ambitious teachers,counselors and other staff doing everything to make sure every child success in high school and life after high school. If my school could work on anything I would be providing more appetizing and nutritions food for students.
Here at North Miami Beach Senior High, the overall experience was amazing. There are teachers here who are willing to go the extra mile just to help their students to be able to be successful in life. The teachers here give it to the students without sugar coating anything. However some of the students here complain about the teachers but these are the students who misbehave and are rarely in class. The activities that are conducted here are some of the best memorable experience ever. With limited budget provided the only thing to complain would be the food that is serve here.
North Miami Beach Senior High School is awesome. Academics are great(Minus some teachers) and counseling staff are quite infromative and caring. Good school lunch and there are plenty opportunities to make your voice heard or showcase your talents through club programs.
North Miami Beach is a very small high school compared to others in Dade County. The school is predominately Haitian, and mixes Haitian culture within the environment. Sometimes teachers speak creole without thinking of other kids who aren't Haitian, and wont understand the language. Honestly the teachers don't teach that well. It's rare to find a class in NMB that teaches students thoroughly . The school has no windows and has different temperatures on different floors. For example, the first floor could be freezing while the second floor is hot, causing water to surface on the floors. The school is also unsanitary. Majority of the students didn't even pass graduate required classes (Reading FSA for 10th grade, Algebra 1, and Biology). And students don't like getting involved causing low funding. Lastly, the food is packaged and doesn't even taste good, plus the lines are way too long to even bother to eat.
North Miami Beach Senior High helped me to find my hidden talents and pushed me to the path where no dreams were impossible to reach. It made me believe in my abilities, then it taught me to be the perfect student that I had to be.
What I liked about North Miami Beach Senior High school was that it was very active, they tried to give all grade levels a good experience. I came to North Miami Beach in August of 2017, the teachers were quick to make me part of the experience and start teaching me. I have made a surplus of friends in only a couple weeks. The Counselors also play a large role in the school, my counselor was ready to help me graduate because I had moved from New York to Florida and the graduation requirements were very different and without him I would have been stuck not know what I had to do. What could be improved upon is food I believe is very important it is what gives everyone the energy to work all day, another I believe is resources. While we do have a lot of resources we don't have many updated ones, if we could have better computers a better school internet system, for the band better instruments and speakers just technology in general would benefit North Miami Beach very well.
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I's a mostly average school, except for the few instances of greatness. Our mediocre sports programs are beaten countless times by our JROTC program, the only team that seems to consistently do good. Most teachers are pretty good, with the exception of a few outliers (I won't name names). The AP classes are great for anyone who wants to challenge themselves, and the college credits are extremely useful. NMB Senior High is not an outstanding school, but it could be much worse.
My experience in North Miami Beach Sr. High School was very joyful. Every prep rally or Spring concert it was very upbeat and peppy, it was always a great time. Being their you are surrounded by all ethnic students who work hard and give all of their efforts to do well.
This school is very good. Academic, Teacher, Safety, and Resources is number 1 idea at NMB. I Love NMB. Teachers and staff take time and listen to students problems with the school or maybe home related.
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