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North Lawndale Charter High School Reviews

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North Lawndale Charter High School is very big on college acceptance, but I would like to see a change within their school structure, The school focuses more on the rules and not the principles of situations. The students are treated like little children in terms of independence. We are held accountable for the actions of former students and we are penalized as a whole for the incidents involving single students. We even have bathroom escorts because of an incident that happened with last years seniors.
North Lawndale has a numerous amount of opportunities to be great. North Lawndale is one of the best schools on the west side of Chicago and the school has a lot of things to offer.
North Lawndale college prep is a college readiness school that gives you major opportunities to get into college. North Lawndale gives their students a year long project that you need to pass to graduate to the next level. North Lawndale may be in a bad area but the students and faculties promote a slogan called peace is possible for the students and thee environment.
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Well, while I attended North Lawndale college prep the school was just amazing. And, the teachers that were just fantastic and the curriculum was just on point. But, the one thing that I would change is the way that the students behaved during drills. The reason is because things like that need to be taking more seriously.
Our school safety is pretty good. North Lawndale College Prep has no tolerance for bullying or any violent acts. They also preaching everyday to the students that peace is possible. My school help us mentally believe that we can stop the peace in our school and community. Our school rarely has problem with safety services, nursing, health problems or anything.
North Lawndale College Prep provide their students with a variety of beneficial after school activities to join. This school really cares about their students. The purpose of our school providing us with these beneficial after school programs is to keep us occupied with something productive and positive. Our school believe that after school activities potentially help save lives.
I Had a Great experience overall at North Lawndale College Prep all 4 years. This school always have something positive and exciting going on for their students to take part in. North Lawndale College Prep is full of joy. One of my favorite experiences at this school was being apart of the Peace Celebration. My school being all about the peace and stopping the violence is what make the school so unique.
My teachers were highly involved in my learning. Teachers at North Lawndale College Prep were nurturing and challenging as well. The teachers at my school always provided the perfect environment for education. They Also switched up their teaching styles to keep us engaged and taught us life skills using the Phoenix Way (Be Respectful, Be Prepared, Be Responsible, and Be Peaceful).
My extra curriculum activities at school involve book club, where myself and other students meet to talk about a book that one of the teachers provide for us. Another activity I am involved in is Environmental club, where we learn more about our environment, and how to get other students to help recycle.
My experience at my school is great. I learn many things that I never knew before each day. Whenever someone new comes in, the staff, students, and teachers greet them very friendly. I would love to choose this school again for those various of reasons.
I think the teachers at my school have a great teaching style. Whenever someone in the class needs extra help, they are available to help them.
basketball games were the best
love the college I choose .
teachers in my school are ok but could be better
there social clubs are good i just don't join them
They usually have the same food.
A lot of students are involved in school activities.
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The staff follows all the rules that they are given.
Athletes Take sports very seriously
They care a lot about the students, they stay after work and make sure we have our grades up;
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