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North Hills Senior High School Reviews

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I love the teachers and the personal connections with them, however, I would like to have a little more student body activities.
I love North Hills! The teachers are wonderful, and so helpful in everything you do. The school district is very accommodating to students with issues, learning and medical alike, as long as you’re willing to learn. The only issue many have is not respecting the teachers and administration, but this is usually because of a student. At North Hills I might have found my group, but a lot of people don’t spread enough kindness towards each other.

This district treats its music program and its sports programs almost as equals. North Hills is a very musical school, with a fantastic drama club, various bands and band programs, and a song bird chorus. The sports teams may not have the best players, but goodness does our school back them all! You’ll find friends going to support other friends at games, and our student section roaring at games!
I really like my school because it is respectful. All the teachers, principles, and students are overall nice. At North Hills I have learned so much and met tons of friends.
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It's really easy to become involved in this school. There are so many different clubs and sports activities you can join to not only find a hobby but find where you belong. The staff at this school was worse than the students were. If there was a choice to change one thing at this school it would definitely be the staff. They bully the students more than the students do.
It was fun, I played football under an excellent coach in Pat Carey and 99% of my teachers were phenomenal.
My experience at North Hills High School was so much fun. The students are super nice and very accepting. Not only are the students nice...the teachers are even nicer. They will be willing to give whatever it takes to help a student out.
I don't think that I've ever came home from school upset because I was bullied or made fun of, and I'm extremely shy. But, lets get to the point here...North Hills is a great school to go and I definitely think that if you have a kid going into school, go to North Hills.
However, there are definitely some things that need to change. Although, I don't get made fun of or bullied doesn't mean others don't, and also the drug use and alcohol use by students, needs to go down. If you see someone in trouble, give them help, don't think they'll get over it themselves. But, other than that, everything else seems to be alright.
North Hills high school its a great public school that you can go. It has a lot of activities almost everyday during or after school it also has a diversity of elective classes you can take; from engineering classes to food and businesses classes, it has anything that you could imagine and it will help you determine what you enjoy doing so you won't be undecided going to college. The teachers at the school are amazing people that will look out for you and they will help you success in life by guiding you for what to do after high school. On my opinion North Hills high school is one of the best public school i have ever attend and i will 100% recommend this school to annyone.
kids are very snobby. teachers are amazing, some are lazy. Super amazing I could graduate early and so many opportunities
The orchestra/music program is amazing. I have created such incredible friends through this that have really shaped who i am as a person today.
The teachers are okay, but it seems like a lot of them are setting student up to fail. Not very understadnign of issues in life, or the fact that students have other lives.
It is expected that schools and administration will never be perfect so there are certain flaws, but overall North Hills is a great high school. We truly are privileged by the unique classes and clubs the school has to offer.
Many activities,marching band is fantastic. Also it’s great that you can take college courses in high school that carry over when you graduate. Some teachers are also very caring.
There are so many opportunities at the high school, I think it is really amazing. For whatever interest you have, there is most likely a class that corresponds with it. One thing I would like to change about the school would be the atmosphere of negativity among students.
It was a great place to grow. It provided many opportunities for me to become an academic, musician, athlete, future college student, and friend. North Hills allowed me to see the bigger picture in life (prepared me for life after college) while still letting me enjoy my teen years in a way that was very engaging in school and extra curriculars.
My school is very close knit. Everyone knows each other and we all come together for common causes. I’m glad I went to North Hills for my entire high school career.
North Hills was a great high school that offered many opportunities. No matter what you want to do with your future, you can find an elective that will help you pursue that career one day. The counselors are terrific and will help you as best they can to help you prepare for the road that comes after high school. Sports are very big here as students support our teams. We also have an excellent music program here.
It is a great education that you get here and there’s many classes offered to challenge yourself. Also there’s many clubs and electives that you can do which many schools don’t have the opportunity to have.
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Everyone there really wants to see students succeed. Teachers do the best they can to make this happen.
Despite having a relatively small student body, North Hills never lacked in school spirit. It took pride in tradition and excellence and students always sought to make people comfortable and make all students feel welcome.
School needs some major changes in the athletic coaching and school district administration departments. There is a lack of help and guidance for students who are not in the school clique. This can lead to feeling like a number and nothing more.
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