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North Hills has taught me everything I know. I have been there since first grade and now I am a senior. I feel they have prepared me for college not only academically but mentally and spiritually. It has some areas it can improve upon such as the campus, and not forcing the christian faith to people who may not be christian. The classes are small but that makes the environment even better due to the close relationships you will form with your peers.
At this school they give you the opportunity to grow a stronger relationship with god. Each grade is required to take a bible class where they can explore different stories of the Bible.
I am currently a senior in high school at North Hills Christian School. I have attended North Hills since Preschool. North Hills is a great, safe school for children. The teachers are great at doing their job. The school has a very diverse population. There may not be many students attending North Hills now, but North Hills is in the makings of becoming a great, well-known school with a great population of students!
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We have a security guard that occasionally roams the campus to make sure everything's okay. He stays usually towards the front of the campus to see if any intruders could be entering our school. There's rarely any bullying done at North Hills. We have lock-in drills occasionally. We don't have a school nurse, but we have office people that are very kind and able to help when needed. With the not so great neighborhood that we're in, our school is pretty safe, and I feel pretty safe when attending the school during the day.
I love choir! We have choir class everyday to rehearse for musicale, which takes place in March. We also rehearse for school events that we may be a part of, such as graduation, Grandparents Day, international program, and Christmas Carol.
I really love the athletics program. I have been a part of it since 6th grade. There have been a lot of good changes that have occurred over the span of the 6 years I've been a part of the athletics program. It's a good experience to be a part of those changes.

The school is unique because it is so small. However, a lot of international students are coming our school to get an education. Our school is a Christian school, so we're able to openly express our love for Christ. We have chapel every week with student-led worship and adult-led sermon.
Our school is small, so they know each students' name. Each student is able to get one-on-one with the teachers. They usually have a plan for the week- what they'll teach each day, what homework will be assigned and when. They prepare us well for tests. Most teachers give out study guides.
Besides sports, students usually create their own clubs as they choose, but so far there haven't really been any.
My school has a good amount of school spirit with it being a very small private school. We don't have many sports available and we don't have much sports equipment, but our teams almost always make it to playoffs every year.
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