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i personally enjoyed the teachers the most about the school. each one cared about my education and was very friendly and helped me whenever i needed it
Great teachers, location, environment, and opportunities to learn and become a better you. The only downside is that the athletic teams have been poor at best for several years.
The kids in this high school have shown to have no responsibility on social media, making racist jokes and such. The staff is useless when it comes to handling any situation at all, and it has low ratings from a simple google search. Don't send your children here.
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WNHS is known to students as the windowless prison, with only 7 windows in the building when I attended (class of 2018). Increasingly restrictive security measures were implemented over my 4 years there, making it harder for students to get to class and navigate the hallways. While most teachers seem to care about helping their students succeed, there are certain teachers who are actively dismissive and belittling to students. The student body is diverse, and I noticed little bullying, but students of color were called out by teachers for bad behavior more than white kids who acted the same. Students may not have bullied each other, but LGBT and mentally disabled people were often joked about in and out of the classroom, and teachers rarely stepped in to stop them, despite signs around the school declaring an accepting environment for all. Our mandatory college/career readiness course was never on-topic, but they finally decided to shape up when I was a senior. Too little, too late.
I liked my teachers and the layout of the school, which makes things easier to find. I really liked being able to carry backpacks, since lockers are not near many classrooms. I think the variety of classes was good, but could be better. There are a lot of health career focused classes that are not available at our school, but are in another school in the district.
What I really like about North is the atmosphere. Everyone is always so kind, welcoming, and always ready to help you. The teachers especially are some of the best, they are considerate, helpful, knowledgeable, and etc. When it comes to the AP exams the teachers especially prepare you exceptionally. Then the students are okay, but some can be really kind; it's filled with many diverse people. North is also very community oriented as well. Everyone is usually participating in some activity. School spirit is very important! Safety also, our school is very big on the protection of the students. North is a great school filled with great aspects. I'm happy I was able to attend North High School, where I met some of the greatest people, gained very important knowledge, and overall made myself a better person and student.
I never really knew how we ranked against the other schools, but we did alright. The regular classes were relatively easy but the ap classes were where the challenges really are, it's a huge jump from normal to ap. The teachers were very frank with all of us though and explained how difficult the classes are going to be and what to expect. The class of 2016 (my class) always considered ourselves the "guinea pig" class, because every year there was some change. We received ipads, then they changed the grading scale, then changed it again, then had the teachers decide how they wanted to grade from three different options. We had a few teachers leave my junior and senior year, one was because he was having "inappropriate behavior" with one of the senior girls. Overall, the curriculum became a mess over the years, and ipads are not a good idea.
We were all pretty diverse, but there was a lot of bullying. Not the beating up kind, just a lot of people being just plain rude and mean to others. The school wasn't good with dealing with things like that, but then again not a lot of schools are. It's hard to deal with something you can't fix. There were a few gay/lesbian students. If anything the boys were made fun of a lot more than the girls. It was a very laid back environment though, i think the teachers were at least a little bit better handling bullying and such than the school itself. We never had many foreign exchange students but they were pretty excepted with the students.
The marching band basically held the school together. Quite a few students were involved in band, even more than kids in football. We had some clubs, but none had funding from the school, that was up to the student really. We just didn't have a lot of groups that really interested people.
Though I've had a lot of rough times throughout high school, North was a great experience. I met a lot of great people, and even though we didn't have a great football team, our band won state every year for quite a while.
They all seemed as laid back as the students, most of them. There were really only a few that had strict classroom rules, and usually had to deal with some pretty disruptive students. I think they did well though with dealing with troublesome kids, the counselors though, not so much.
There are a lot of different options for clubs and activities to do at this school and they are all pretty good.
People always complain about school, and I know I can be one of them, but I do really like the school I go to. It mostly comes down to all the great people that go to my school. Some of my best moments from high school so far have been super fanning at basketball games. Everyone has so much spirit and its just so fun. Other great moments have been playing soccer at North. The team has always been really fun and one of my favorite things about school.
Overall I would say that the teachers at my school are pretty good. They do really care about the students, and want to help them get better and go places. A lot of them are fun and give interesting lectures for their subjects. Most are very knowledgable in their area of study.
The marching band is good but gets no funding. The tennis courts are horrible!
The school doesn't have a passion for making sure the students succeed.
Very few of the teachers seem to care. Grading is very inconsistent!
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I believe the school does an okay job at keepening some people safe.
I believe that what makes our school stand out from the rest is our school spirit. "We bleed purple" as we say.
Most teachers know how to grab the students attentions by having interesting group discussions and/or fun learning activities.
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