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I am a North student and I absolutely love the school, teachers and my classes. I feel really safe and comfortable at North and I get a good education
I love the diversity at North High and the connections you can easily create with both students and teachers. One thing I would change would be the availability of resources to help seniors prepare for college, for example having clubs to prepare for college, etc.
Overall, the school has excellent staff and teachers! These individuals really do care about their students. The school itself could benefit from improvements such as maintenance and the behavior of students.
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Good high school for area. Good classes and programs. Central classes are available to go further in interested subjects.
I enjoy North High School, it is very diverse and it is very fundamental. There should be more improvement around the school. The safety in this school is accentual but there are fight the accrue more often than it it should. Parent involvement is poor because not a lot parents now about there children academic grades, and at North academic grades are not that high. There is good to North high school, there is so much diversity and culture here that is very welcoming. There is a lot to do at North there are clubs, sport, after school activities, and more. The teachers do try there very best to get through the children and get them to learn.
North high school had pretty average teachers overall, I felt as though many of the AP teachers were not qualified to teach an AP course. However, North had great diversity and allowed students to interact with people different from them across clubs and activities. The school also has great school spirit, especially at sporting events.
I love this school with all my heart if you plan on going there it will be your best choice and you won’t regret it because it’s the best
jefu kashindi that's my name, I am a good student who enjoy solving mysterious problem every time, I like soccer. One ma made me like north high is that it's a creative school, which make student to work harder every time.
My experience at North High School was very good. I have gone here all four years and it has been great. The staff and faculty are very nice and helpful. It's one of the most diverse schools in Iowa, and the academics are good. The clubs and sports aren't the best but the programs are getting better every year. The teachers and students encourage you to get involved and the school's culture is amazing. It is very inclusive and a well rounded school overall.
I honestly enjoyed North, it treated me well. The teachers are very invested in the students, some are even friends with students. The teachers teach us so much and prepare us for college, they always push us to better. The student body is diverse, and a lot of people get along. The activities are usually welcoming and the school spirit when supporting a game is huge.Its makes you feel like your part of a community its amazing. The people around are nice and the teachers are great. Once a polar bear always a polar bear.
It’s great to see how much they’ve grown through out the years and just watch there school get better
I like the range of AP classes but I wish there was more English/History electives. They have a lot of good teachers who seembexcited about the classes that they are teaching and that makes learning there more exciting. North also has a great community and team spirit. There is always some event going on and they usually turn out great.
What I like about my school is that we are like a family , everyone is always involved. What I would like to see more is school spirit.
I love the teachers, people, classes and the easy communication and diversity. there is so much to do to make new relationships and bonds. for instance I was involved in volleyball and we had a girls trip and we had so much fun. and I was in academic decathlon and went to regionals and state and made very good relationships had had so much fun in fort dodge this year
Some of the teachers are great but there's needs to be a lot of improvement with the way they prepare us for college. I don't feel prepare at all because of the way the curriculum is here. I like my clase mates and I've had an okay experience here
North keeps bringing up their ratings from 8 years ago as their current status. Most of the faculty has quite, been fired or retired inthe past 5 years. Three principals. they say they rank on improvement, but if you look , no improvement. Their football team and Girls basketball program stinks. they haven't won games for 20 years and still they get the kids out on the field to be embarassed and then say good job. Wouldn't sent my dog there
I have nothing I regret by going to this school.
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The teachers are nice and care for the students.
The school has many after-school activities that can help prepare the students for the future.
The school is awesome. It has many activities that students can participate in. While at this school, I participated in the boy's soccer team for three years.
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