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I have attended Appleton North for my entire high school career but I also attend the charter school that is available here. I spend about half my time in North and half in Fox Cities Leadership Academy. I like the size of North, of 4,000 students, because you can find a variety of friends and clubs to be involved in. They have many different opportunities from classes to clubs to outside school activities. I also love the teacher here because they are always willing to help you academically or socially in any way needed. One thing I would change about this school is the language classes to have more options rather than Spanish, German and French. Overall, I think this school makes you feel at home and is a safe environment.
Overall it is a good place to go to school! The food is not great and some of the teachers are not great but overall good!
North hasn't a very good staff. The teachers are great and the janitors are really nice. There are a lot of good clubs and many sports opportunities. I wish the bullying would be a little less though.
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I appreciated the quality education and the personable staff/faculty. Through all four years, I felt I have thrived at this school and received the education I needed to be successful in college.
Class sizes are fairly sizable but allows for engaging discussions. Lunch is 10/10. A lot of AP classes are offered here at North and most of the teachers do an amazing job at preparing you for the College Board test.
I was surprised that I didn't get bullied at all, since I was a junior new transferred student at Appleton North High School of Fall 2013. I was a very quite student during my junior year as well. I had a brain injury and coma at a different high school, which resulted into me having depression on wanting to become smart again. The teachers and speech therapist were very helpful. I also love how diverse the people are at this school. The bad thing about this school is that it didn't prepare me for college when I graduated on 2015. I regret not talking about how to get prepared for college, and how to read/take notes from textbooks, also how to study. I regret not talking about it with my high school counselor. I had to learn the hard way.
North is awesome. I have the ability to join any club that interests me and if there isn't a club that does, I can start my own. The athletics are much better than average and the teachers really do care about your success. I would choose to go to North again because of the acceptance. Whoever you are and whatever you believe will be accepted at the North.
The teachers at North are incredible, most always go above and beyond to help their students.
Most of the teachers teach with compassion, consistency, and encouraging to want the students to succeed in their education. I do feel the teachers have our best interests at heart. I take a lot of AP courses which the teachers really construct their class for college preparation. They are tough on us and expect us to dig deep with thinking, writing, and to construct ourselves to really think outside the box. I believe for high school classes they are very knowledgeable in higher level college based courses. The grading system for our high school especially the AP courses, are very consistent with that of a college school. They use A+, A-, and A level grading etc.
Each club has very dedicated members and that is what makes clubs/sports great.
It is a welcoming environment where everyone can fit in sort of like High School Musical without the singing.
Depends on the department and level. The Spanish teachers are incompetent at arousing interest in students or teach well. The Comm Arts teachers are great and unbiased. The math teachers are approachable and understanding. Science department is likewise.
The teachers go above and beyond for there students
The janitor staff along with student and faculty efforts keeps this school very clean also there is a plethora of hand sanitizer sin each and every room.
There are a variety of opportunities whether it's in the arts, sports, volunteering, etc and they're all fantastically ran and lead as well.
There is a handful of teachers who go above and beyond and really engage students. Unfortunately I find a majority of teachers very boring and having a minute amount of passion for teaching and really working with students.
I do have to say that there is an excellent amount of extracurricular and clubs.
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For the most part up until this year I have really enjoyed my interactions with students and parents.
I would say my school is so/ so. Some go above and beyond and some are just there for the paycheck.
The school is safe, probably the safest of the three in Appleton; security wise. The safe "area" of Appleton North for it's students is ok or sub parr. From what I hear from peers around me there are some pretty cruel people who gossip nonstop about others. I have also heard complaints from my peers that teachers sometimes, very rare, don't appreciate the opinion of the students. But on some of the contexts of what I hear I can agree with. Like the fact that a student at North wants to create a "Anti-Gay Club".... That's.. That's just wrong. No. I understand that it is someones opinion and they want to express it because of the First Amendment and all, but if this school allows that; then there is something wrong. Just saying..
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