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The school itself is one of the best in the state, but it's very obvious why it isn't THE best. With subpar teachers in some subject areas and more of an emphasis on (largely ineffective) project-based learning over lectures, the learning environment is competitive and sometimes difficult to navigate. That being said, however, North Gwinnett is a very diverse school with many academic opportunities. You just have to be able to take advantage of everything on your own.
this school has a really great community and there are plenty of resources at your fingertips. they’ll prepare you for college and it’s a safe environment.
Rigorous academics in North Gwinnett High School. The school is located in a great area, though not very culturally diverse.
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North Gwinnett exceeds in academics and sports, that cannot be denied. It lacks diversity. This is largely due to the school district lines.The school is mostly affluent with a majority Caucasian enrollment. The second highest demographic would be Asian.
If a student were to attend North Gwinnett High School for the first time, I am positive that one of the things that they would take note of is the very serious push for academic excellence here. Grades are taken extremely seriously by administration and it creates a very competitive environment (which can be argued as both good and bad). Although this drive to push for success is necessary, it can have harmful effects; as a student, I've witnessed many of my peers fall to mental illness because of the stress that the academics have on them, myself included. There is some variety in the courses that a student is able to take, but this variety is mainly accessible to the upperclassmen. The culture at North Gwinnett is very defined and the community is overall nice and welcoming. There, of course, exists a handful of students that bring down the positive vibes, but finding your own friend group is key. School spirit is also taken heavily here, contributing to the home-y atmosphere.
North Gwinnett is very nice and clean. The staff is friendly and their administration is also nice as well.
I'm currently a senior at North Gwinnett High School and my time here has been pretty decent. I've learned a lot and I've had very good teachers who made the learning fun and interactive for the most part. This school is pretty involved and they do care about their students. 9/10 recommend.
North Gwinnett Hight school is an amazing place to learn and prepare for colleges. The way teachers teach prepares everyone to get differ type of situations in the future. The diversity of sports and resources make everything better.
Amazing school, nice sites, more freedom (we even have our very own cafe), education is challenging yet very good at preparing for top-notch colleges. Overall amazing, a bit harder than average high schools, but very much worth it for sure!
I would like to see other options for advancement other than shoving AP classes down the student's throats.
Very good school that will definitely challenge your child’s mind. Loved the school spirit although the teachers and staff can be a little unhelpful depending on the subject.
It's a great school! I participated in Band and Dance. They helped me manage my stress while achieving at high levels.
My experience was pretty great. The classes prepared me for college. The teachers were nice. There were lots of different clubs and leadership opportunities.
The School is very welcoming and friendly, most Teachers I have had were caring about the Students and were not extremely strict to be stifling but rather enough to give structure to the class. The administration has one or two problems in it however it should not affect the average student as it is more of a parent-school communication problem and for the most part can be ignored. Students at the school are relatively friendly, bullying is extremely uncommon and tends to be dealt with quickly by the Head Disciplinary. The school as part of gwinnett county provides Eclass which allows for students to access review materials and class work from any computer with access to the internet, this makes the school even better as it allows for sick students to still be on par with the rest of their classmates and also allows for easy reviewing for any test or project by using resources provided by the teachers.
North Gwinnett is a good school in the sense of academic rigor. It really pushes its students to be the best public school it can, but sometimes at the expense of the students' wellbeing.
Although North Gwinnett High Schoool beholds a variety of resources available for its students and a high academic rating, its administration's pride, racism, and stubbornness cause students of color great distress.
North Gwinnett High School allowed me the chance to branch out and learn more not only about myself but about others as well. With high diversity, many different clubs, and all kinds of school events, it’s easy to find yourself being included in some way or another.
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North Gwinnett is one of the most well known high schools in the Gwinnett district. Although the school is located on a corner of a street, which can be complicated for parking reasons, the area is very secluded and is mostly around neighborhoods which makes the school appropriate for walking. The conditions of the school can be inconsistent as there are parts were it's evident that there has been updates and some areas where there's holes in the ceiling and a trash can underneath it, collecting the dripping water. However students look past it as it almost becomes a norm. Despite that, I can definitely say, with experience, that the teachers are fully driven on passion and that is a huge component to the school's reputation of being a 9/10 school.
Very friendly, but kind of over populated. Good academics but the some of the teachers don't use the same teaching methods.
Absolutely hate the school, it's soo overrated. The buildings are old and you can often run into roaches in the 500 building. The teachers (admins, specifically) are rude and nasty. They don't really care about the students; they just want the school to look good. There are some really great and god awful teachers. What's even worse is that it's in a "rich" district and most students are spoiled rotten and get away with almost anything. People deal drugs, vape, and share porn all day long and nothing is done about it. You have only 7 min to get to class, and the campus is HUGE and there are soo many people. Let's just saw it was a miracle that we had to do online learning from March 2020 to the end of the year. Currently trying to get into GAC or another school even though I'm entering junior year I just can't stand it anymore. I swear all they care about is football and homecoming. Overall, it's an overpopulated mess.
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