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My experience at North Dorchester High School was pretty normal, I was able to get the opportunity to take classes that challenged me and are getting me ready for the college setting.
I really like that after 50 years the county paid to get a brand new school that catered to students needs by getting study areas and more resources to make sure we as students succeeded. The teachers there really helped to guide students and make sure they were ready for things like college, AP courses, and SAT tests. The thing I liked most at North Dorchester High was the teachers there were so impactful and helpful they helped me to find what kind of career that I wanted to go into.
At ND though I would probably change how much students were involved at our school. I feel like at ND they don't include student opinion as much as I'd like. I would also change the sports issue with not having a football and lacrosse team.
The school offers many opportunities like teacher assistant, dual enrollment, and internship opportunities. It has many rigorous courses and excellent teachers that lend a hand to help all students learn and succeed in the future. The environment is very comfortable and welcoming. Counselors do a good job of informing students of new opportunities to make their college career paths easier and more effective.
Hello. My experience at North Dorchester High School was fine. The academics were well taught & the teachers provided a positive environment. Although, I think more things should be taught in schools, I think this is enough information for basic understanding of academics & college readiness as well.
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Looking back at the years I attended high school at North Dorchester High School, there's nothing I miss about that school. The school had a lot of racism and diversity. That reason alone made me want to switch from the school. Also the school didn't have a football team.
The learning environment isn't very inviting. The teachers seem non enthused to be there. Many students disobey teachers and administration but suffer no consequences for their actions so they continue to do it. The topics that we are learning at this school are the best that they can provide while also supplying technical programs for students to get a head start on their career choice/path. Our school also teamed up with our local community college, Chesapeake College to do "dual enrollment" so that us students that are planning to attend a college, university, or a trade school. can get our education started at a much reduced rate.
North Dorchester High is one of the better schools in the smaller counties like Dorchester. They have a very good music department and a good sports department. Our academics are good the only concern is the safety of the school. Overall pretty good school. As of 2020, this is the first year with a brand new 50 million high school
I love how the teachers are vested in their students. This goes beyond the classroom. The teachers support the students at events such as sporting events, dances, fundraisers. The teachers go above and beyond, a lot do not have high school age kids or kids at all and they make sure to support us through out all we do.
The administration and staff are wonderful. The are approachable and make it easy to talk to them if needed.
Although we do have a great new school, the sports programs are always lacking. We need more to invest in the sports program. We may not be the best at every sport bit we definitely have school spirit and support each sport we do have. Go Eagles!
My experience in high school was like riding a roller coaster. Academic wise I took everything very seriously and made sure I made that clear. However the school environment wasn’t the best. A lot of kids were out of control and teachers couldn’t get them together. Also some teachers were not qualified to teach the subject they were teaching
I have attended this school for 3 years, and even been here for the transition into the new school. The teachers are amazing and are a huge upgrade to Cambridge South Dorchester which i've also attended. Some, things that need to be changed are nothing major because as i'm writing this review it is the first year of the brand new school with a brand new principal and their all just trying to work out the kinks.
North Dorchester High School has provided me with many opportunities to show leadership, step outside the box and average learning standards, and do many great things for the school and community. Every teacher I have had at this school genuinely cares for me and every other student they teach, they each want you to be the very best that you can be and to grow in your education. At this school there are many chances to get involved and provide your particular expertise to whatever challenge or idea has been put in place. Through the multitude of clubs, class options, and sports, almost every student is able to grow and become whatever they wish to be, all while doing what they want to do. This year, the school is brand new and this addition has allowed me to feel safe and secure in school as well as given me this sense of pride and joy in saying that I go to North Dorchester High School.
Full of Passionate teachers who are willing to sacrifice their personal time for their students. Beautiful new Building coming soon.
The school was molded when I went there. They wasted food. The teachers were okay but not very helpful. The counselors did not help every student just the high top people. The school does not get students ready for college.
Although there are some things that North Dorchester High School needs to improve on, they are working on it by rebuilding the school and implementing new policies.
The school is lacking in student involvement and lacking many opportunities. I believe that there aren't many opportunities to take advantage of.
North Dorchester has limited funding, and it is reflected by the school’s environment. Teachers and administration put forth effort to maintain a positive culture for college readiness, but is not reciprocated by the majority of students. There is no football program, and nearly all of the provided athletic programs are led by the school’s teachers or volunteers. However, there is a newly established playing field that is accompanied by two sets of free-standing bleachers and a concession stand. The current building is not well-maintained, with water occasionally flooding hallways and mold present, but a new building is currently in construction and is projected to open for the 2019-2020 school year. There are many clubs to participate in, ranging from Student Government to Key Club to Dance Committees.
I'd Like for the new school to improve their resources and available utilities, along with better preparing students for college.
I have found that North Dorchester High School has been a wonderful institute for learning and achievement. The staff here is incredible, and there is no way that a student that graduates from this school could not succeed. The staff is one-hundred percent committed to its students, and i would recommend that any student looking for quality education attend here.
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North Dorchester High School is a great place to experience a diverse academic setting. All of the teachers that work there are very interactive with the students and have always offered to help in one way or another.
North Dorchester High school is a small, rural high school, located on the outskirts of several small towns. During my time at North Dorchester I've had the privilege to compete in a fall Varsity sport for 4 years and participate in the Special Olympics Unified Bocce program for 3 years during the spring. Even though it is a small school there are plenty of opportunities for students to participate in sports throughout the school year. During the Winter, the senior class play is under construction. I've had the privilege of participating in the play for 4 years because it is not restricted to seniors only. North Dorchester does not exclude students from the musical programs, such as plays, chorus, and band. One thing I dislike is the lack of school spirit and pride students take in their school. There is a lack of participation in school events from students and the staff often does not do enough to encourage students to take pride in their school.
I had a great experience in North Dorchester High School. The staff is amazing and the environment is very welcoming over all. The school, however, is slightly run down and does not have much funding for sports.
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