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It was fun. Had great friends and teachers. Got opportunities meeting and earning things. Learned more about myself and others.
Very great school with many opportunities. I enjoy the dedication many people put into students and the commitment they put into to it.
North Dallas High School has help me to achieve my goals, providing me a great education with great staff. I love all teacher in the school. Each of them has different personalities that I can learn from each. They are being so nice to all of their student and doing a great job. I will never regret of choosing North Dallas High School.
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North Dallas High School is a pretty well aged school that has a very warm and diverse environment there that is primarily made up of African Americans and Latinos. The teachers as well are very well involved with the students and will do what they can to help each and every one of their students pass the class and be able to walk across the stage and graduate when their senior year comes.
I like that there’s a lot of teachers that are willing to help you with college and with getting ready for our future. They push us to do better and to not give up. You can go to them for feedback and they will do everything they can to give us the information we need to be successful. We get told all the time that they want to see us do better and to see us walk the stage. Everyone helps each other, we push ourselves to become the better us. I hope that one day I can come back and give thanks to those teachers that have helped mex
the school is the best our teachers care then more about our grades they care about us and our problems
One thing I like about North Dallas High School is that they have great people that push you harder to get you where you need to go & one thing i would like to change is the food.
Overall North Dallas Hs was an OK high school, some teachers care more than others. I was very grateful for my electives, they made my high school experience so much better, especially band. There was no real "high school spirit" you could see and hear students wandering around the halls interrupting class.
My name is maria martinez. I am currently a senior at North Dallas High School. I love my school! Why ? Well because throughout my whole four years I got to meet amazing teachers and friends! They were really helpful and friendly.They were always and still there for me . I will miss it! I got to learn TONS.
My experience was decent. I kept up good grades throughout my 4 years here. I would’ve like to see more excitement about school activities though. Everything was so generic and simple. But I did have a lot or resources and help for my college application and essays.
North Dallas is a very distinctive high school. There culture is very broad and they need lots of improvement in involving students in their college readiness and academic achievements. They are slowly progressing, and have amazing faculty and administration doing the job!
Perhaps North Dallas high school has a lot of culture going on we always announce about certain people that made a change in our community that made us the people that we’re today. Also a class for college readiness to prepare us for college and future jobs to view the kind of employment we may want and helps us decide what is best for us. And as well for teachers always looking out for us , asking us frequently if we understood certain factors so we can proceed and be better than who we were yesterday. And for parents they’re also well involved in school activities as of tomorrow we have a meeting for students and parents and talk about our future plans in life likewise college.
I have been attending North Dallas High School for 3 years. My experiences with some of the teachers and other students have been average. There are some programs that excel and others that could use some improvements . In the last year I have seen North Dallas improve in many ways since I was a freshman. I think that I’m years to come it will be a much better high school because of the changes that are taking place.
I would like to see more school culture, involvement from parents and teachers, our facilities remodel, and they should check more on the food, since no one at school likes to eat it.
it is an amazing school , i have fun everyday, the teacher are all funny and help their students prepare for the staar test , i am happy that we seniors do not have to do the STAAR test anymore .
The school had very little school spirit; yet I felt like I belonged due to the amount of support I received from different teachers.
It was a place where we could all be ourselves, the thing I would like to see increase in is the level of support from the faculty and staff.
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My years at North Dallas were memorable because of the sport softball. The one thing I would change about North Dallas is the lack of resources and sport fields.
So far being a student at North Dallas for about 4 months I've so far come to a different conclusion about this school. In both positive and negative; a handful of students and staff who truly care about their success meanwhile various students and staff who would simply rather be at home doing absolutely nothing. This needs to change, the students at North Dallas and all across the nation need to care, because we are the future generations.
I like my school because it has great pride. The teachers take their time to help with what you need. Also you make amazing friends that you will forever be.
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