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North Dallas Adventist Academy is a school that encourages diversity and God’s love. The school embraces students from all around the world like Vietnam and Canada. Good education is an essential for students, and it is what North Dallas Adventist Academy provides. Sports is also a huge thing at this school. Our boys basketball team is the reigning champs at their division. Most importantly all students are encouraged to experience more of God’s love and His message for us through our Bible Class, Chapels, and Week of prayers. North Dallas Adventist Academy is a growing school with a lot of potential and if you stick in for the long run, you won’t be disappointed.
The school is not bad! It creates quite a lot of activities for students to join outside of school. But academically, it is very limited in numbers of classes.
Highly recommend NDAA. What a caring and professional group of staff members and educators. Flexibility and compassion run high at this school, two things that are essential to the success of all students, especially during this time of uncertainty.
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The staff and student became like a family to me. The activities were endless and once in a lifetime experiences. The only down side was the preparation for college was not the best and could be improved upon.
I have three children that attend North Dallas Adventist Academy. I love the way the teachers engage with the children - inspire, encourage, challenge. The teachers at this school have done an incredible job at reaching these kids and going the extra mile - my kids in particular span from elementary school to high school. I have seen these teachers at all different levels invest, inspire and challenge my kids to dig deep, try harder, excel further - all within a safe and uplifting environment. I would highly recommend North Dallas Adventist Academy to any family searching for a school that will grow, inspire, prepare and challenge their children.
We recently moved last year from another state and our girls were apprehensive about starting in a new school. NDAA made us so welcome and the girls made friends immediately. We love the teachers and how engaged they are with our children. I was particularlyinterested in smaller class sizes because there is a high engagement with the teacher and the student. They offer music classes and choir as well and they have excellent music teachers.

We have been very happy with NDAA and would highly recommend any parent considering private school to set up an appointment. If you are concerned with installing Christian values, an excellent education and a school that truly cares, NDAA does an exceptional job.
We are very grateful to be part of NDAA family. The teachers are very well prepared, patient and kind, all the administration department is very efficient and always helpful and the principal is continuing working on develop and improving school in every aspects. Students have the opportunity to learn to play at least one musical instrument, and also sing in the choir, participate in one of the school sport teams, attend one or all of the clubs like robotics, chess ,math, science or ukulele.   
And last but not least, this school dose not accept bullying at all. They are lead by faith in God, and learn our children the most important lessons in life : to be kind to each other, to serve, to love , to pray, to help, to be best version of themselves. And this makes us cherish every moment that our child is in their hands.
I love the fact that we are an engaged campus, in school sponsored activities and school itself! The teachers are very understanding and ready to help us with subjects we have difficulty with and challenge us in subjects we are close to mastering. We are given many opportunities to grow among peers and in Jesus as well.
I loved seeing the growth in the sports and school as a whole. We acquired a new building and have many new options to grow in. Sports was very interactive and a lot of fun. Sports is very competitive
I like my class and the experiences I’ve had with them but overall I wouldn’t recommend going here at all it has many rules that are not realistic. The school itself is bad but the only thing keeping me here is the fact that I’ve made many friends here. Also the school is very expensive and the main sport it offers for boys is only basketball and soccer so the selection of things to do outside of class is not satisfactory or rewarding. Besides that there really is not much to do at the school.
North Dallas Adventist Academy is private located in Richardson Texas. What makes the school unique is personal care the teachers give for each individual student. With smaller classrooms, the teachers are able to help all the students with questions and prepare them properly for daily life. The school also has an excellent athletics program
I really appreciated the diversity and mix of different cultures that I experienced. Also, I love how we are given many opportunities to travel on school trips. However this is true, I wish there were more of a combined school spirit and more high school students.
I love how tight-knit everyone in this school is. Many of the persons here share a common faith and are very encouraging to grow in that faith. It’s a small school and the students feel like a big family. For the most part, everyone is nice and most teachers care about the students. The campus is spacious and the classrooms are nice.
My grandchildren attend North Dallas Adventist Academy wonderful experience for for them academically spiritually socialist
Something very different and something I had to adjust to. I loved how united everyone was in the school and how we all treated each other as family. I would say something that I think needed slight improvement was the overall academic structure and organization of how things went day in and day out.
Its a great experience, I enjoyed my four years there, especially my senior year, I would recommend future students to go there because you'll feel like your with your family at NDAA.
The teachers were great. My science teacher was the best. She was very helpful and kind. The school is clean and well managed.
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I like the family/community felt over the years. However, it has decreased immensely. A reunited NDAA would be amazing! The staff are there for many students, spiritually, emotionally, and academically.
I like the diversity, and the willingness of the teachers to help the students. The only thing I'd like to see change is the equality of sports.
The only thing I like about North Dallas Adventist Academy is the teachers take care of student really good. However, the academic does not give the student a chance to express their knowledge. Lack of AP classes, and experienced teachers to educate the student at their right level.
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