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I was at NCCS from preschool to 8th grade. It was sad to see that by the time I was in 6th grade the school was so miserable managed and corrupt that most of the original staff left. Students who have parents who are part of the staff regularly got away with bullying with the teachers being fully aware. I witnessed constant harrassment from the teachers and students. As far as education it is very lacking compared to the charter school I am at now. Do not waste your money here especially if your student is in junior high or high school.
I have had 3 kids at the school for the last 7 years. All the teachers have been great and my kids have amazing friends! We love this school!
Varsity basketball. Captain of the track & field team. Student body secretary. Salutatorian. Member of the drama department. "Big Sister" mentor program. Yearbook editor. North Clackamas provided the opportunity for me to do anything and everything in the extracurricular realm. I thrived! However, the school's resources were slim to none. It had been decades since the sports jerseys had been upgraded, we had a very small library, and no track of our own. They did their best with what they had. I only wish it could have been more for the sake of the students after me.
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My child has been at NCCS since 2nd grade and his experience has been outstanding, both academically and spiritually. Because of the small classes and family atmosphere, he has grown and developed socially, as well as academically and spiritually. I love the warmth and nurturing of the teachers, who are all highly qualified and trained. The majority have master degrees with many years of experience. The experience for most students is very well rounded. With a strong athletic, music, drama and art program, students have opportunities to do it all. It is a safe, nurturing and loving academic environment, and all students are well prepared for college, should they choose to go on.
Great small school culture. Great positive learning environment. Teachers were authentic, caring and helpful. What the school lacks in resources it makes up for with great staff.
What I love most of about North Clackamas Christian School is their family type culture. Being a small school, helped create unforgettable friendships with the classmates you are with. What I would like a to changed however is more classes that are specifically targeted for college and life readiness. I would say integrating classes such a finance to help the students prepare for what is next.
The culture here is very positive and friendly. I felt immediately welcomed as a new student. Coming from an even smaller private school, the change was very nice, both socially and academically.

There are some things that I do not like: the standard private school overreaction to certain content in books, dress code, etc. It tends to be a bit insular, but hey, it's a private school for a reason.

However the positive definitely overshadow the negatives. I appreciate that though NCCS is unable to afford certain things, they really make an effort to provide adequate technology and a good education.
I have gone to this school for almost 15 years now and am about to graduate, and my experience has been amazing! The community of people, the teachers, the education, the sports, the choir and the overall experience was just amazing and has prepared me well! You should either go or send your kids here, it's worth it!
North Clackamas Christian School is not only a place for excellent learning but also a loving and caring environment. The teachers are there to provide care and support to their students and help them grow in their faith as well as teach them the material they were trained in. The positive energy I have experienced in the halls of the school has encouraged me to be the best I can be and treat others with respect. I couldn't imagine attending a better school because NCCS has taught me so much about life already. I am sad to be leaving the school next year for college, but I know that what I have learned and been taught will help me to be a light to other people in the next steps of my life.
This school offers opportunities for students k-12 that can not only equip for life after high school, but also create a sense of understanding the community we live in through a Biblical perspective.
Small campus. Everybody knows everybody. If you would rather fly under the radar, it's not a good school to go to. If you enjoy people knowing who you are, this is a good school. Their connection with the community college across the street is a plus.
The school has very good security and include cameras and is gated. This school is located in a neighborhood contributing to its safety quality. They are upgrading some of their supplies this year to ensure the highest safety possible for the student and staff
All the teachers are qualified and create hands on learning along to instill the best possible learning atmosphere. All the teachers are great and are always there. They take a special interest in not just you as a student but also care about the students as people and want to see all succeed.
This school is welcoming and very friendly. It has great academics and even college opportunities. Great programs.
Choir has won state, NHS is great, plays are great
They do not tolerate bullying and value safety
Best years of my life
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There have been both good and bad teachers
North Clackamas is a God centered and family orienting school. It's main focus is to teach students with godly values along with valuable information that a person will take with them on their next journey in life. This school has a very active student body that is unified in in many activities. The staff is very involved in the students lives and create a personal relationship with everyone here. Overall North Clackamas is the exemplary of what every Christian school should consist of. My only regret with this school is not coming sooner.
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