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I have went to North Central since kindergarten. The teacher here are very focused on how a student does to know how they need to change.
I love North Central because I love smaller schools. It makes us all connect better and know each other and we are all more comfortable being around each other.
North Central is a great school. It's a small rural school where everyone pretty much knows each other. The teachers are fairly good and definitely try to help their students succeed.
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I felt that I had a good experience at North Central. I did have the occasional teacher that did not really teach, but overall my teachers taught me. Two of the teachers I had were known as the two hardest teachers in the building. Those teachers are the ones that pushed me the most to be the best I could possibly be. Our principal is a very fair treating person, and he takes all situations seriously and professionally.
North Central is an Average school. It has it’s good and bad sides. There are certain teachers that are amazing, and certain teachers that is hard to get along with. Our sports are wonderful, our Music department is amazing, and our staff (cooks, janitors, office workers etc.) are very kind. North Central is becoming a smaller school, due to population shrinking, but we all are still connected, and we make the most of it.
Experience at North Central was a good one. The only thing I would change would be to have more variety for academics.
I would like to see more stringent policys on bullying and volience. But the staff truly does care about their children
This school is amazing! It has caring teachers, small classes, and one on one help. There is always a chance to receive help.
Great school and community. The school is always clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. I like that the school has great events for the students like the Grand March.
Horrible. Bad staff, mostly rude and inconsiderate. Bad teaching skills, I felt very behind while attending. The people are serrated by cliques, and you are treated by clique.
I am a senior attending North Central High School. I have been in this school district since Kindergarten. My parents both attended this school district. I like the small atmosphere that a smaller school gives. I have developed many valuable friendships, been able to play a variety of sports and developed close relationships with my teachers and counselors. I feel I have gained much academic knowledge to prepare me for college.
This facility has Excellent Dual-Credit classes with incredible instructors to teach them. As far as our regular teachers go, they are very average. There is nearly no school spirit, and people never really seem to be enjoying themselves.
From my time at North Central High School I've had to work a little harder than normal and was easily able to join sports and club.
I believe the teachers did and excellent jobs preparing me on journey on to college. When I am taking the college level classes that I take, teachers are doing their best to make the class feel as much like a college class as they can. My English class has done a great job at preparing me for what the classes will be like when I get to college.
One thing I especially enjoy at my school is how most of the teachers are nice and truly care about how you are doing, not just academically but also physically and emotionally too. If I could change anything at my school it would honestly be the parent involvement. We have a small handful of parents that actually try to help out whenever they can, and we need more parents to help.
It's easy to get the classes you need. The counselor puts you schedule together based on your diploma track and any extra classes you would like to take!
Mostly sports are pushed onto students. The school is unfortunately poor but activities or showings are always fun, such as going to a football game or drama production.
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My high school experience was great. Would I want to do it over again? Definitely not, who would? But it was a great school to attend although small. My favorite experiences were the football and basketball games since I was a cheerleader and the drama club always put on a wonderful production!
Most of the teachers I had during my four years of high school taught their students. They would help if it was needed and help you get the best grade. They are always using technology with the way of the world changing to help better students.
Great small town school with smaller classes, faculty is very knowledgeable and caring
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