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North Brunswick Township High School Reviews

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This school is good and everything since I still go to this school. I have one more year and I’m going to miss it but the classes are good and there are some really good and amazing teachers in that building. There are some college opportunities and can receive college credits in certain classes. I’ve enjoyed all 3 years and I’m ready for my last!!
I'm a rising senior at NBTHS and I feel like it's a very fortunate school as far a diversity. But with that diversity, also comes injustice and targeted racism from other students. Throughout my 3 years at this school, there has been many encounters in where racial prejudice and slander has risen. With this being said, as a black student, I did not feel uncomfortable proceeding with my schooling as the school administrators did little to nothing to stop the issues and address the problem directly and efficiently. I hope in the further years we will be able to put in place administrators that can handle these situations accordingly.
It's a very diverse school with a lot of great teachers. The administration is not so great as they tend to be tone-deaf, due to all of them being white, while the majority of the student body are minorities. But the school overall is pretty great.
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North Brunswick Township is home. It is somewhere you would never guess to be the way it is. On the outside it is suburbia mixed with apartments but on the inside it is insane. The school has a way of drawing out crazy but in both god and bad ways. I've seen mold, bees, gas leaks, broken doors, and many other things. This school is also good, you have caring teachers good friends and lesson you would not learn anywhere else. This school is diverse and great for that it tries to embrace everyone and everyone has a place.
North Brunswick High School is the best of the best. With the school earning the National Blue Ribbon Program Award of Excellence by the United States Department of Education in the academic year of 1999-2000. And truly this school Is nothing short of Excellence to this day.
North Brunswick is a very diverse school and offers many clubs and activities for the students. A variety of sports are offered as well from golf to swimming to bowling. The school also has a pool and multiple gyms. Some of the teachers are nice, while others are not. The school does decent on academics and standardized tests. The school culture is very good as there are different events to represent people from different backgrounds. Overall, North Brunswick is not a bad place to be.
North Brunswick Township High School is a very diverse and inclusive school. Over my four years attending the school I have seen major changes to the betterment of the students showing how the staff cares for its students.
North Brunswick HS is great with education. The school has great teachers and a very fun staff. The kids are friendly and easy to get along with. One thing that could be better is the food. There are many great sports as long with many great clubs.
It was a great four years. It was filled with memories and a great education. I had support from my school every step of the way. A great environment for academics and student development.
The teachers (most) actually care about your future and try to help you and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and push you to be better. However, i feel like most, if not all, staff members care more about a kid who is wearing a hoodie rather than a kid who's being made fun of. It sometimes feels like because we're young and reckless that we don't feel things. We're still growing and yeah we will be immature at times but how do you expect us to grow and blossom if you want us to take the easy path and don't want us to fail??
I am a senior at North Brunswick township high school and I would say this high is a very good place to learn and grow. This high school is pretty big and very diverse so you'll meet many different types of people and cultures. The teachers here are all very nice and caring and will always give a helping hand in a subject if you ask for it.
Overall, I have enjoyed every year and have been introduced to every available facility and help. Eventhough I wasn't academically talented in a few subjects, I managed to get the help that was needed from administrators and my counselor. The clubs and activities branch out to many interests and are also multi-cultural, attracting new and interested students to join it. If a student needed more help or even interested alone in the subject, then they could even join an academic club or semester class. At times, the school culture is amazing because of the times students have come together to make new memories during sports or events
Overall, the amount of stress and work the teachers force onto the students is stressful and insane. I went from going to an A average student in middle school, to at the least a C average student in high school. If there was not as much pressure and work as there was on the students, going to school would be so much easier and I would most likely actually enjoy going to school.
Some things that I enjoyed about going to North Brunswick Township High School was the diversity in students, you could find all types of people there. It isn’t that difficult to make new friends, a lot of people there are outgoing and tend to have mindfulness of others. Some teachers do care very much about students and want them to succeed and give their effort in helping them do that. School spirit is very in effect, sports and music are all taken very seriously. You’ll see the stadium packed for a football game and see an auditorium full for a band concert or play. You get to express yourself freely and although some things could be better in terms of organization and keeping on course, this school isn’t bad. I’d rate it over many other schools and the culture is definitely unique.
North Brunswick high school offer a really good education, it is a really good district with good teacher and good consulars. Teachers care about student, if a student is struggling in any subject the teacher will provide care and will help the student in order for the student to be successful. North Brunswick high school is an school with students of different cultures, bullying is rare because teachers make sure to provide a good environment in their classes. What I really like about this school is that we have different clubs and sports, it is easy to be part of this activities after school and have a good school spirit.
There are a range of teachers that can teach well and others that do not teach as well. It is an average school, nothing extraordinary.
I think north brunswick township high school is one of the best high schools in all of New Jersey if not in all of the east coast. We have exceptional teachers,classes and a wide variety of afterschool clubs that are offered.
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North Brunswick Twp. High School is melting pot of different cultures where every student is accepted into the community. The teachers genuinely care about the students and their futures, as they are teaching the students valuable life lessons along with their lesson plans.
I like the teachers at North Brunswick very much as I find that they teach extremely well, especially my history teachers. I find the school to be generally a safe environment but something I would definitely change about my school is overall security and hall monitoring. I would create a hall monitoring system in which trustworthy students and teachers would be able to monitor halls and also attempt to have security thoroughly check who comes into the school.
After my almost four full years at North Brunswick Township High School, I really like the friendships that I have made. It has been an interesting experience. Every teacher definitely has your back and will help you with things both in and out of school. I have had my own personal difficulties with my teachers and fellow classmates, but that has never stopped me from achieving academic success. I am happy to say that this school has given me a number of opportunities, particularly with my photography and I am more than grateful to have had these experiences. It is definitely going to be bittersweet graduating, but I am excited for what the future holds. NBTHS is definitely a good school filled with staff and students who both care about you and cherish the friendships and connections that you make with them.