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North Bend High taught me to value more than just the education were given; but the relationships we make and opportunities we are given. In my three years there, I had an abundance of experiences such as making honor roll, loss of a friend, and even college campus tours. Being able to undergo such ordeals taught me and my peers how to value more than just what we are taught in our textbooks. The value of human life, truly caring about your future, and how to prepare for the step after high school. North Bend did an amazing job of preparing their students by providing experienced teachers with one on one skills, counselors with deep knowledge of life after high school, and a diversity of students.
The best thing about this school is the teachers. Almost all of them are kind and helpful and insightful; they almost always make my day even during zoom calls. The poor thing about this school is the overwhelming amount of bullying amongst the student body.
My time at North Bend was great! Everyone was very accepting and encouraging. They always pushed me to be the best that I could be. The staff was always more than willing to help if I was to ever need it.
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Every year there was a scandal with either sexism, racism, religion, or sexuality. One year there was purge of teachers quitting, retiring, and being fired and for that year we had too many under qualified teachers/ terrible teachers that always asked inappropriate questions. I would suggest a different High School, but there are only 2 in this area and from what I heard the other is worse.
I like the academics and the pep within the school regarding sports and activities, however I would change that certain students are targeted and bullied and no one does anything about it.
I've been going to this school for 3 years, and I do appreciate a few wonderful teachers. However, the plethora of racists, misogynists, and classists is baffling to me. The population of reputable students consists of mostly white, or whitewashed ignorant fools. The most popular teacher is someone who spews capitalist rhetoric instead of teaching. One of the least popular teachers simply challenges our views with evidence and is hated. My experience as a well-spoken but relatively minority individual was constant exclusion. If you are socially inadequate, openly homosexual, disabled, or even have an Asian accent. You will be mocked behind your back. The same people that will discriminate against nontraditional individuals will state that racism doesn't exist. The food is often repulsive and many teachers are underqualified, I've taken several classes where students know more than the teachers. Punishment for molesting someone is lesser than being late to class. I don't feel safe.
The school offers a good amount of activities for all different kinds of students. Something that could be improved, is the communication with students about college and how students should prepare themselves. Overall, I feel that North Bend High School is a great school, that allows and welcomes diversity though existing in a small town.
North Bend Senior High School has been a really good school but could definitely use classes that are more diverse and in different areas of study.
I recently transferred to North Bend High School from Reedsport Community Charter School and find the amount of opportunities, activities, and variety exceptional. The students are also very welcoming and more diverse.
I loved the atmosphere. I loved the small town feel and the culture. I would say I would like to see more student diversity and better club involvement/promotion through the school.
the teachers are all really great and engaging, and they really care about your grades. The food this year has been so much better than the last years and it's actually really good. I love the environment and positivity that radiates from every aspect of the school, at sports events, assembly's, and in classes.
All of the faculty was always willing to help, and I made many friends there. I learned a lot and many of the lessons were engaging and insightful, especially the classes that challenged me as a student.
North Bend High School is like a big family. Most people get along and are there for each other. The sports teams are very good and recently moved up to 5A. The teachers are amazing and great at explaining. Overall, it's a great place to learn.
It's ok. It's not the best school in the world, but it does it's job. I wish it would reconsider what they think should be considered a required class. Some of the teachers are intimidating and others are very approachable. The school could have a little face lift, to bring the spirits up a bit.
North Bend Senior High School offers several career path opportunities for students including art, culinary, construction, and business. Working along with the local college, older students are given the opportunity to engage in dual-credit college courses with teachers that are willing to work with students so they may reach success.
Overall I believed the North Bend High School to be the best school within our county, because the teachers are exceptionally excellent and more than willing to work with you. The academics have much more of a variety to choose from that are engaging, than most high schools in our county would have. I've had a great experience with North Bend High School so far these last four years, I'm sad to be graduating, and the only thing I'd recommend the high to improve on, is better quality and more nutritionist base food options.
North Bend Senior High School was a definite step in the right direction after my transfer from a charter school in Reedsport. This school gave my hundreds of opportunities to better my education, and even reach farther than the average student. Dual enrollment really change the way I was preparing for college and had a big impact on my future dreams. All in all the only thing I could see deserving change is the Diversity, as it felt as though our class was but one group. There were little to no minorities in the system and I believe that would have brought a stronger sense of unity to the school's social aspect.
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I started going to North Bend High School when I was a junior. At first I was a little scared because I was the new kid and I had never gone to a public high school before. But as the year went on I felt more and more comfortable. The teachers are welcoming and friendly. Most of the students were nice to me and didn't treat me like a outcast. If I ever needed help with anything, all my teachers were willing to help. This year as a senior I have had a lot of great help on preparing for college, so much help that I don't feel lost or worried for what the future holds. North Bend High School is overall a very nice school to tend in all aspects.
They had good teachers, and they had the basic sports. But North Bend being such a small town, the teachers and coaches favor kids with "the right last name", over kids that have moved from out of town. I had an average experience at North Bend, after getting over all the stuck up kids and some of the teachers favorites.
The school seems to care more about winning than about the students mental health and personal life. Football is a major sport, as it is in any high school; the teachers and administrators tend to focus on whether or not the school will win, or won, the game than a students who's getting bullied.
The quality of the bathrooms suck, there are toilets that won't flush. The floors are wet and dirty, nobody wants to play the guessing game of what liquid they stepped in. Desks/chairs are broken and more school supplies are needed in classrooms. The football field and is taken better care of than anything in the school.
When any achievement that isn't considered a sport is made, whether it's a completed mural or fourth place in bowling. It's not announced to the school like football, basketball, or cheerleading would do, it's not acknowledged. Sometimes, if the team or students are really lucky, it would be in clippings from the local newspaper on a bulletin board in the main hall.
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