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NA aka North Andover is a Massachusetts suburb known for its 627 cases of coronavirus. They are specifically known for ranking #82 in education in Massachusetts and cutting the funding of the high school arts department whenever they are unable to balance the budget, despite spending less per student than Lawrence, the "City of the Damned."
I like North Andover High School a lot. It treats it's students fairly and with equality. It has a wide range of academic support options.
Nothing too special about this place. I made a lot of good memories and good friends, but the school system is terrible. Teachers play favorites and the social pyramid is ridiculous. Your parents money determines your entire future in this town from the minute you move there. The teachers used to watch us fight and not break it up and there would be little to no consequences for anything we did wrong. The staff was a joke and I can't remember a single thing that I actually learned instead of just memorized for a test. Some teachers barely gave work and others gave way too much. The only good thing about this place is the music department- shoutout Mrs Durkin and Mr Smalley, you guys rock!! Everybody basically did what they wanted here, and it was all a big joke. Go Knights though!
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It is basically a good school in general however it is so weak in some departments including some exceptionally bad teachers
Overall, I was given the resources I needed. The people in North Andover are very cliquey. Academic wise, with things like math and science, honors/higher level is too hard and the CP ones are easy and the students don't care. Basically, if in middle school you did not get into the higher level math, you are screwed at NAHS. It is hard to to grow in higher level science and maths and it can be frustrating. I was in honors english and history and was successful in those. I found junior year honors history really hard.
Some teachers awesome, others not so great. Athletics are good, clubs and organizations for anyone and everyone
I think North Andover High School is a great school that gave me many opportunities and allowed me to pursue things I enjoyed with a wide variety of class options. We were given a lot of choice and opinion over the four years. Our sports teams were great giving us all something to do as a school on Friday nights. I also think the teachers are great, most are very understanding towards the students point of view and were not too pressuring that I became easily overwhelmed. There were many fun events, including the pep rally, spirit rally, hypnotist shows, relay for life, etc. Overall, I definitely enjoyed attending NAHS.
Overall my experience was good however there were a few hiccups. First of all, they do throw you right into the fire freshman year, this has helped me now but that the time it really stunk. Next, your freshman and sophomore math teachers might not be very good, but take that misfortune and turn it into an opportunity to become a strong self advocator. I had a good experience with athletics.
I really enjoyed going to the North Andover High School, however it is not a very diverse school. I would say that is the biggest drawback, but the teachers are amazing and all have a passion for what they teacher and they work hard to ensure that their students are understanding the material. Sports and clubs are a big part of the atmosphere here and helps students connect with one another to make a big high school feel a little bit smaller during the transition from middle school to high school. The guidance department works hard to make sure every student is comfortable with their high school experience, and all of these things are vital to maintain a good high school environment.
I think North Andover High School is a fair school, just about average. Most of the teachers are very passionate, kind, smart and inspirational, though there are teachers that don't care much about their job, it's easy to see through the way they teach and run the class. I like the diversity of clubs, there are clubs for basically anything you can think of. Overall, it's a great school, with great programs, opportunities and resources. However, not only the schedule the school uses limits the number of AP classes the student can take, but also they don't make logical decisions. For example, vaping is a huge problem in our school. Instead of installing nicotine detectors (might be expensive, but effective and saves money in the long run) and checking the cameras often, they would lock the bathrooms, which makes it harder for students whom are legitimately trying to use the bathroom. Because of these two big shortcomings of this school, it's about average.
North Andover High School has a wonderful environment and an amazing culture surrounding both athletics and the arts. Aside from the wide variety of academic course options, the school provides the technology and resources to help created successful students. In the past few years, our athletics have brought home multiple state titles and even won the 2017 state super bowl. The band and chorus have also been recognized for their excellence. Overall, North Andover High School has an outstanding faculty, student body, and opportunities for its students.
I am a senior at North Andover High School right now and I absolutely loved every day of being a high schooler. I am so thankful for everything North Andover Public Schools has done for me and so happy I chose to go to NAHS. I loved my high school experience and could not have imagined it any other way. I genuinely enjoy going to classes and the teachers are awesome. Many teachers here are very personal and are willing to connect with their students on a personal level and they all want the best for all of us. The sports here are great and all the kids are hard working and most kids are very welcoming and kind. If I could go back and be a freshman, I would do it all over again!
The atmosphere is very unfriendly. I started NAHS in my sophomore year. No one put in an effort to make me feel welcome. On the contrary, I felt like an outcast since most people knew each other since elementary school. The cafeteria atmosphere is the same. There are often kids sitting all alone at a lunch table and no one even initiates a conversation with them or calls them over. Therefore many kids avoid the cafeteria and instead sit by themselves in the hallways or, sadly, sometimes even the bathroom. NAHS, like most other high schools, has serious drug problems. The worst thing is that teachers are aware of the problems and don't do anything about them. The administration also does nothing about students' complaints. MANY students have gone down to guidance to complain about the same thing and yet nothing is done. There are always problems with the bathrooms too.
I felt that the teachers really pushed me and they made me a better student. I went to school everyday learning new stuff and I was able to retain the information. There were also classes that I felt helped me for the real world for example in Personal Finance I learned how to balance and checkbook and I learned a lot of real world stuff.
The teachers are nice and the staff are good. Sometimes the school is very messy but otherwise it is okay. They give most of the funds towards sports instead of other things (clubs, music department, etc)
Overall, I'd say that my time spent at North Andover High School was about average. My general feeling is that typically a teacher is either wonderful or slightly below average. The math department is especially bad, but the science teachers are okay. Because of the sheer number of students, at times it's difficult to meet with guidance counselors or administrators when necessary.
The general school culture is thousands of overachievers. Everyone in this school has a job, is taking 4 AP classes, playing a sport/is in band, along with ten thousand other things. At least half the juniors barely sleep between all of their different activities. It's an incredibly stressful environment. However, most of the people are nice enough I suppose.
It’s been good , some drama but it has been ok. The classes are long but teachers push you to exceed.
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I loved that all of the teachers did not just want to teach you what you needed to know but they were very personable and always wanted to be your friend. Whenever you needed to simply talk to someone they were always there to help with open arms.
As a current student at North Andover High School, I found myself enjoying so many of the different clubs and opportunities the school was able to offer me such as student ambassadors, track, and volunteer which truly made me feel like I could accomplish anything I wanted to. However, I do wish there was more diversity within the school and education focused on current issues to create more well rounded students who are educated about the society around them.
North Andover High School is like any other typical high school. There are a bunch of cliches and education is better than average if you seize the opportunities.
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