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North Allegheny is a school of excellence concerning their background and the future ahead. Although it is sparse in diversity, they never fail to include absolutely everyone who attends school with programs such as GSA and Multicultural Student Union. The teachers genuinely love their job, which ultimately motivates the students to love learning and come to school with an open mind. However, the school is extremely competitive and can cause high stress levels due to the amount of pressure surrounding good grades and getting into top colleges. Nevertheless, it is arguably the best school in Pennsylvania.
I loved the college preparation readiness that North Allegheny leaves their students with. I would love to see a greater pride in their buildings, and an overall higher appreciation for the opinions of their students.
North Allegheny High School offered a variety of courses, ranging from academic to AP classes. Having that option of being able to take various AP classes definitely increased chances of getting into good universities. The teachers and staff were mostly nice and helpful, and there were a lot of clubs and activities that students can participate in.
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I started going to North Allegheny in 9th grade, and I have had a positive experience throughout the past four years. I believe North Allegheny has created an education program that engages the interest of students so that they want to learn. The teachers are passionate about what they teach, making challenging classes fun. My junior year I took Honors Anatomy and Physiology, which was more like an AP level course. It was the most difficult class I have taken, but ended up being the class I loved the most. There is not much I would change about my school, except it would also be nice if the were more windows in the building.
It was overall a good school in a very good area. There were many good resources at hand and over all a good teaching staff.
A lot of great opportunities for every child. Academic, social and sport related. The school is very in tune with how to best prepare each child. The teachers are always available to talk to or just checking up on how your child is doing.
The teachers are very helpful in preparing you, the facilities are very good and advance your education. The classes offered are great.
North Allegheny is the best place for arts, athletics, and most importantly, academics. With success in all three of these crucial areas, North Allegheny is known to be one of the best school in the nation. North Allegheny does not only focus on these factors, but they also focus on students' future. The teachers and administration prepare students to excel in college and be prepared for the future outside of the bubble we are said to live in. Overall, this district has readied me for life outside of high school by focusing on the most important things to succeed.
North Allegheny has enriched me with a challenging and honest education. Throughout the years I have been introduced to new courses and opportunities that have shaped me to become a more open minded student. I am incredibly thankful for everything I am offered at my school. One of the things I would like to see change are the comparisons. The entire school is very competitive which creates a very stressful atmosphere. Although come competition is healthy, I feel like I am and others are constantly comparing me to my peers.
The administration is great! They are really involved with the students. They care about the students, and will help them with anything
Mostly great teachers and a great education. The students however were rather ruthless and judgmental. The teachers genuinely care about the students well-being which makes up for everything else.
I enjoyed my high school experience for sure, I though NA did a great job with providing opportunities for all of its students. I was involved in numerous extracurricular activities while also able to excel in my honors and AP classes. I think you can definitely find something to do that you like whether it's sports, academics, music, clubs because the school is so large. I personally feel that as long as one makes an effort to be involved in some sort of activity, they will have a fulfilling high school experience.
The amount of college preparation that NA provides for it's students is astounding. Graduates of North Allegheny are incredibly prepared for college, especially in the areas of writing, time management, and study skills, and much of this has to do with the intense rigor of the courses and the overwhelming skills of the teachers.
It was alright, I mean got a good education and accepted into college. Could use some help with climate control and pricing everything, but other than that it was A1.
The teachers are good and there are a lot of great resources. However, the district doesn't use them all efficiently and we are all so so so exhausted. More than enough opportunities and college readiness- most people are over-prepared. Thankful to have everything they give us here, but there's a huge student chronic stress, mental health, and sleep deprivation problem and a bit of a toxic rat race culture.
This school is excellent at preparing for you college. High expectations for academics and sports, the teachers are wonderful at preparing you for AP Tests and the SAT/ACT. I felt more prepared than most of my peers my freshman year of college.
As a senior at the North Allegheny high school, I have come to realize the extent of dedicated teachers and staff have to the students. I have never felt unsafe or ignored. The diversity here is very high compared to average schools. I am a minority and have never felt out of place here.
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My experience at North Allegheny was very good. All the teachers are excellent and really care about the students. The only downside, in my opinion, is its large size. Despite this, it is pretty easy to find your niche and fit in.
There were plenty of opportunities to take AP courses, participate in extra curricular groups, get involved in sports and learn about the arts. However, while the district encouraged students to get widely involved, it was not always easy to actually balance activities and workload.
NA definitely prepares you for college. The high level honors and AP classes are extremely challenging.
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