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Norphlet High School Reviews

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We have some sports but it would be better to have had more
Most parents are supportive of all the kids in the community and will provide help to children and the school if needed.
The teachers are really great on helping when students need a little extra help.
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They know how to relate to students well
The dress code is appropriate
The menu can usually stretch for about two weeks before they start over at the beginning of the menu.
Basketball is pretty active sport at this school and the players could be described as competitive and they strive to be the best.
You can get what you need most of the time, but nothing stands out.
A lot of people play football and basketball in my school. The football team, at least last year, didn't seem too welcoming of girls on the team, however. Beyond that, I don't know much about it. I don't keep up with sports-related things.
I am a student that keeps to myself, so I don't know a lot about everything going on socially.
A lot of the classes I've had, the teachers tended to give a lot of busy work. It has been better this year, possibly because I am a senior. The teachers are nice and they explain things, teach things.
There isn't a large amount of bullying in this school, because people aren't as seperate as they are in larger schools. The students/grades are closer. This, however, hasn't eliminated all bullying. People are made fun of. Boys are called "gay" or "girls" for doing certain things.
The school policies are pretty average, with a few that don't make a lot of sense or contain a double standard.
There are many teachers that do a good job teaching what they teach, but there are also classes that are pretty much useless. There are certain classes that are just a class, just a grade--do busy work and pass the class.
I haven't eaten in the school cafeteria since the first year I have been here, because while there were some meals that were somewhat enjoyable, the majority of them were bad. These last few years I have heard that the cafeteria staff has been working on better food, but from what I've heard they've just made them different and changed the names--serving pretty much the same things.
There are the major sports available--football, basketball--but not much else. We had a soccer team a few years back, but without a couch just one year after, that was gone. There is a pretty good variety of clubs, though many students join just to get out of class for the trips and such.
This school has been one of the better ones for me, I suppose. My quietness is rarely messed with since I have settled in. It is not the high school experience you think of, but it is doable. This school has provided me with just enough to get through these four years.
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The facilities could use improvements, is okay.
Norphlet is a good school . It means a lot to me.
The activities are ver excitinyg and energetic.
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