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I transferred into Noble Street College Prep during my sophomore year. Noble Street is a small but very good high school. They try their hardest to give you multiple different pathways for your future. They help and motivate you to apply to college because they want you to have the option to go to college even if you think college isn't for you.
I like that teachers are there to motivate students to push them to work hard every day. I would like to see more students being added to honors and AP classes.
Noble Network has clear values that drive excellent work within the organization. As a Network, we value love and high expectations, and we have clear goals to make students college ready, make this the best place to attend school, and make this the best place to work. The clarity of the mission and values of the organization keeps us grounded in why we do this work and how to do our best work. I have been at Noble for 11 years, and I love the people and the way the organization is run.
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What I love most about Noble is that we aim to educate and help our students grow in all aspects of their life, including their health and wellness. We teach and serve with both love and high expectations and with that see amazing results. I can't imagine working anywhere else. The support I get from my coworkers, to the amazing kids I get to teach, it doesn't get much better. Noble is making huge strides in the education system brought to the young people in Chicago and I feel proud to work here.
Noble Street aims to help student live a life rich with options, therefore provide excellent post secondary options for students to consider and explore.

Noble Street College Prep is transforming the educational landscape by helping guide more first generation and students of color in finding their spaces within excellent academically rigorous college settings.
I liked how they always pushed students to be their best every day. The teachers are always happy and they work well with they have access to with the schools budget. There isn't anything I would change about the school, it's humble and the students are doing good with the rules they have set.
My experience with Noble College Prep has been rocky. By that I mean it has its ups and downs. For instance, Noble has very strict behavior expectations. So, in my freshman year, I had to take a discipline class. Also, I feel like Noble has too many rules. They don't let the students live a little more but other than that they have a really good support system. If you are in a dilemma Noble's staff will be there for you. Also, they know how to really set up our students in feeling comfortable to be prepared to go to college.
I like the high expectations they have on us but I would like to see more independency allowed in our school.
What I like about Noble Street is the support students receive from all of the adults in the building. Also, the great chances we get to get in a college.
Personally, I would not change a thing about Noble Street.
Noble Street College prep offers a good amount of programs such as summer of life time, which allows you go to a university over the summer. Noble prepares students for the SAT starting freshman year. They are resourceful and offer many opportunities that can benefit college applications. Although the school is strict, it disciplines students to do their best and have well behaved conduct. The school provides a program called global glimpse that gives you the opportunity to study abroad. Noble can provide you with needs, such as therapists, councilors, and more. Many students don't realize how much Noble helps improve their education until the time comes to apply for college. The students end up appreciating and realizing the kind of influence Noble had on them.
Noble Street college prep is life changing. It instills discipline into its students all while supporting them throughout the high school journey. Nobles core values are Love and High Expectations and that is what they have for each and every student. The school is big enough to call a community but small enough that the staff knows you personally. Noble is not only a school but a way of life. Be Noble.
Noble Street works very hard on helping prepare students for their future and college experience. They focus our first three years on practicing for the ACT and SAT test for our junior year. They make sure we feel safe and help us create bonds with our fellow classmates through our advisory. Something that I would like to see change would be to allow students to have a voice about things because once we share our thoughts and views on things we’ll be moving on the right path.
I like Noble College Prep because of the programs they have. I was part of the summer of a lifetime where I attended Hope College. I like how the teacher helped me a lot with understanding the lessons.
The only part of Noble I liked was the relationships I was able to foster despite their strict and absurd behavioral rules. The code of conduct was too harsh on students. However, the teachers really seemed to care for students and were great. Too bad the school's policies cause quick turn around for teachers employment.
Noble Street College Prep in Chicago, IL was a charter school that helped me succeed in my discipline. They sweat the small stuff which helped me grow to the person I am today. The classes were rigorous, but it paid off at the end.
I went to Noble from 2012-2016. There, many things happened like rallies, and events likes dances, sports, voting, movies, and comedy acts. It was very diverse. It has teachers who are impeccable. they are very welcoming; they teach a lot about the outside world, as well as the education side. they help with job looking, with college, with financial aid, with homework. Noble Street is just a very good high school. One thing they should change, however, is letting students go with more hallways leeway, like for phones.
As a freshman, I was challenged physically and mentally, but I have always had someone willing to help as long as I ask. Noble offers students a way to change themselves for the better, I've seen kids who didn't care about school change their mind because of Noble.
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I loved the environment in the high school because it made everyone feel like home. Teachers are very friendly and are always willing to give extra help. I’m so happy to have graduated from Noble.
I really love the environment and good vibes I get from Noble. I would just like to see more improvements with sports.
at noble, the staff makes sure that they see their students go off to college and graduate from college. they will do anything to help their students live a successful life, however, the school is very strict
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