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I like the fact that classes are small and teachers know you. If you are struggling, your teachers, coaches, counselors, or anyone else notice and try to help as much as they can. Although they do help you a lot with the college process, they try to sugar-coat the numbers on retention rates of their college students.
My experience at Noble was a positive one. In class, we get a lot of one on one time with teachers. Whenever I need extra help in class, I have access to after school hours to meet with the teacher and ask more questions.
Noble Street College Prep has helped me prepare for college and it has supported me throughout my 4 years of high school. Noble Street College Prep has students become a better version of themselves.
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They truly care for their students. The teachers work hard to provide their students with a life rich with options. I truly appreciate the teachers.
I really like Noble Street because it has helped me throughout my years of high school. They´ve changed my view of myself and how smart I am as a person.
I think that I really liked Noble Street College Prep because they helped me to become a better person, but also a better student.
I believe Noble Street College Prep is a great University that pushing its students to their limits, in a good way, and prepares them to thrive in the future.
My experience throughout my four years of school here at Noble street college prep has been fun and I've learned so much in those four years. I've learned to be more responsible and how to act under certain different circumstances.
I went to Noble for my 4 years of high school. I struggled a lot as a freshman but when i was a junior i bounced back up. Teachers and faculty really help you and stay on you to finish assignments on deadlines. I will always appreciate Noble!
I like the support I get when applying to colleges. The teachers are very hands-on at this school and they care for their students. I also feel prepared for college.
Noble Street is an extremely resourceful school. They do everything they can to ensure that we, as students, are college ready and prepared for the real world. Although, it does sometimes get stressful because there is a big homework load, but it’s all part of the process of preparing us for the future.
My overall experience in Noble Street College Prep has been good just stressing. It can be stressful because of the work they give us, the teachers expect a lot from the students and push you to do the best you can. For the beginning of the year, you may feel stressed trying to keep up with the cope of how the teachers teach and organization. What I mean by this is that the teachers are fast, they teach fast and you will have to catch up and ask the number of questions you will need.
The school is a good school. They help prepare you for the real world and everything that you'll need to know for college. Entering the school, I found it very challenging because I wasn't prepared for the level of hard work that noble was going to put me through. Over time I was able to adjust to the school and became the best student I could possibly be. Growing up I always had a hard time in school but at noble, I developed tough skin and also learned that I can be anything I put my mind to.
This highschool never really felt like an actual high school because it was very small and they didn't have that many afterschool programs. I did like that we could go to office hours because
Noble has exceptionally strong teachers who are deeply dedicated to empowering students, through both love and high expectations, with the skills they need to succeed in college and lead exemplary lives. Teachers here work hard to make sure students get what they need to thrive. Students here are gritty, passionate, funny, and kind. It's a great school!
My years in Noble have been great since Noble gives the best teachings and the best way of finding what to learn and how you want. I was given a lot from this school counting academics and hobbies such as musician and choir. Noble has given me a chance to be ahead for college and be ready for the harshness of every class I could get in college. I had so much in freshmen year but over time the truth came out and more and more was lost. Although I feel no pain for the lost because I gained knowledge.
Noble Street College Prep is a difficult school. There may be a lot of rules, but I believe that itś a good environment for someone who is committed to their future. They prepare you to go to college and even help you during the college process
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Throughout my time at Noble Street College Prep, I can say that I without a doubt had an amazing highschool experience. The atmosphere, people, and love for success surrounding me was amazing. I loved my teachers and made so many memories.
When it comes to the things I’d change about Noble, I’d probably wouldn’t be able to tell you too much. If I really had to say something negative about the school, in terms of what I’d change about it, i’d probably point out the fact that the school is really small. This could be an exaggeration or me just being picky but if I really had to point something out about the school i’d mention that.
Tying everything back, I had an amazing time at Noble Street College Prep. I would recommend this school to anyone. If your focus is college and getting a great education, this school is for you. I am grateful for every single minute I had here. With the right guidance, I believe Noble has a great future ahead of it.
The thing I like most about Noble Street College Prep is the high expectations that are instilled in us from Freshman year. The school holds us to high standards because they want us to be filled with rich opportunities when we graduate and leave for college. They are also really good at preparing for college our Senior year, with 4 different college counselours.
I like how the school is small because you get to have a one-on-one with the teacher if you need help in class.
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