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noble highschool is a wonderful environment for students, they have great learning curriculums for all students.
The teachers were really great, but the overall teaching methods were subpar. The textbooks are out of date and falling apart.
My daughter transferred here in 10th grade. This school is a joke . She had terrible teachers. Some were coaches that had no business teaching. They chewed tobacco during class and let the students also . Redneck inbred environment
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I love Noble High School because it is a place where everyone is connected. The staff and faculty truly care about the students, and the community is very tight-knit. Our administration pour their hearts and time into making Noble a great school.
My experience in Noble High School was very good, my teachers were preparing me for college and was always there to help me through the process. I really enjoyed the fact that we were preparing for college so early in high school (sophomore), but I do wish they would insert more sports into this district. At Noble High School they only have the basic sports.
I like that Noble has different sorts of classes to be taken taught by many different teachers. I also enjoy the many different cultures Noble High School has to share. The administration and staff is very well, and most of the time always open to help you when needed. I enjoy my school overall.
The small-town atmosphere makes it easy for students to approach a teacher with questions. Everybody knows everybody, and that's very useful and comforting. The downside is, some teachers get away with teaching next to nothing and the student will have to teach themselves at home.
The administration really cares about the students, but they aren't very good at responding to parents. The athletic facilities are top notch, and there is a lot of support behind the football team. The soccer team as well as other sports don't receive the same enthusiasm. Some of the teachers truly care about giving students a head start to succeed in college, but there are several at the high school that are older and don't have the same drive. They just let you do whatever you want as long as you aren't bothering them.
I like noble because everyone knows everyone and it's kind of like a big friendship. Great connections with teachers.
I like attending Noble High School because the teachers put in the effort to make sure every student understand the topics. However, I do wish that the school offered more AP classes for students.
I like Noble for it's closeness and the familiarity everyone shares with one another. I do, however, want to see a slight change in the way the school handles its money and finance.
I love Noble High School, I’ve grown up here in this small town and have enjoyed every year. I would have liked to be prepared better for college, but unfortunately funding and resources are scarce in our school district. I had to reach out to an outside source for scholarships and other aspects pertaining to college. The students and teachers are nice, very country oriented. We have special grants that allow us to have fun activities such as archery, hydroponics system, and a robotics room that have made it possible for students of various interests to find their niche in school.
I enjoyed how easy everything was. The classes were very easy, so attending was a GPA booster, but I would prefer to be challenged more.
Noble High school is a great small town school. There are no major problems and the teachers are amazing. Outcast really aren't there, we are all equal. Some things can be done to improve the school and there activities but some are in the works.
As a public high school in Oklahoma, we lack funding and teacher pay, but I couldn't imagine making better use of everything we do have. It's difficult to keep highly educated teachers in districts with the lowest pay in the country; however, Noble High School has done it with many. Our administration is very understanding and supportive of every individual in the community. They ensure to give each student the best education they can. Noble High School, known to many outsiders, as a small town Oklahoma public school is so much more to those within. It's a community working together to be the best of the best simply through encouraging students and staff with more positivity and less "do this and do that then go home." Our community has stuck together through tough times of large unexpected budget cuts by donating, volunteering, and working together to sustain our large range of clubs, courses, sports, and more. I am very proud to be a future graduate of Noble High School.
I love Noble High School. My experience has been nothing short of amazing. My teachers are always supportive of every student and give equal opportunities for all. Noble High has great extracurricular opportunities and volunteer services. I would only wish to change the amount of money our school has. Our funds are very low wish is limiting to students, parents and especially teachers. I can't change the funding for the state, but it would be nice to financially support our schools and activities.
Noble high school was one of the best experiences of my life the teachers were always trying to be involved and help in anyway they could, the diversity of students was not large but just right. Our foreign exchange program helped students to learn of places in the world. It was overall the best 4 years of my life
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I have gone to Noble Public Schools all of my school years. Massive improvements have been made to accommodate student needs. The teachers are amazing, friendly, and are more than willing to help. Noble is a great school district!
I loved Noble High School. I would change the dress code rules. It has become a 5A school. Noble Public Schools have grown quickly.
What I like about Chicago bulls college prep is how they push their students with giving great responses when answering simple questions and how they let us discuss our answers in small groups and then we come together as a whole to discuss and work through the work that we are doing. Something that I would like to see change is more time to get help after school.
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