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Going to Niwot is the best decision I have ever made! The teachers, people, staff are all very friendly. It was very easy to make friends and I found myself fitting in. The education is phenomenal, all thanks to our wonderful principal who cares for the school and the students in it.
Great academics in the International Baccalaureate Program but very little diversity. Lots of clubs to join and teachers are very friendly and accessible.
A common sense of feeling alone while attending. Faculty did not follow through with helping students with online bullying. Sports were okay. Have the IB program and AP. Teachers seemed unhappy. The facility is dark, many classrooms have no windows.
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It is an amazing school in every way. The classes are hard but the teachers really care about your success.
I love the commitment the IB teachers have to their students. They are always willing to help and promote a students learning. Unfortunately some of the non IB teachers weren't quite as supportive and were definitely not treated as well at the school. The IB program is a priority at Niwot. New renovations are going into place at the school to provide more light and there is a lot of intention to help kids from the faculty, especially from the counselors.
When I first came to Niwot, I was coming from a non-feeder school. I didn't really know anyone, besides about 4 other students who came from my middle school. The first thing I noticed was the diversity. I was shocked to see students who weren't Hispanic or white- the main races who attended my middle school. There were African Americans, Asians, and one other Native American student. Everyone was super welcoming and was always open to meeting new people. Not only was the diversity refreshing, but the academic atmosphere was very different from your average high school. Sometimes popular high schoolers have the stereotype of being excellent in sports, and less in academics. There was always the negative stereotype of being a "nerd". Our school values academic excellence high above anything else. As well as home to extreme academic achievement, we also are home to state champion athletes. Niwot High School was truly a place that I felt I fit in, and created meaningful relationships .
Niwot High School is absolutely amazing. Not only is there tons of club, but mostly all of the kids I have classes with are taught to be respectful in the achedemic environment of Niwot. Classes are taught by (mostly) great teachers, and you are set up completely for success at NHS. My favorite thing personally about Niwot is the massive amount of school spirit. Sko Cougs!!
The school is overall nice. The programs are well run and well funded. The football team is improving and slowly getting better.
I had an amazing experience at NHS. Teachers are always helpful! The IB and AP programs helped me grow so much. I was able to meet great friends through these programs.
I met so many amazing friends and teachers at Niwot. The classes are challenging, yet super fun and they really prepared me for college.
What I liked about Niwot High School was that there are so many resources and opportunities open for the student.
Overall the educational experience at Niwot has been good, with mostly good (and some excellent!) teachers and classes. The only major downsides I have noticed are with the available curriculum pathways. The school's AP program seems to be getting phased out in favor of full emphasis on the IB program, and while the IB program does have its benefits, so does AP. In addition, the tech/engineering course offerings are fairly limited, but the school does have a vast array of clubs of all kinds, including STEM ones such as the coding club and 3D printing club. In fact, there are clubs for pretty much everything, and it is really easy to start new ones.
There are no windows but the academics are pretty good depending ok which teachers you get. It's getting renovated in 2018 actually though, so the no window problem will hopefully be fixed.
Niwot is a school like no other. Within its small community and small town environment, it's a wonderful place to make new friends and learn. With strong academic courses and extracurriculars you are bound to make lifelong memories here.
My experience at Niwot High School mostly had to do with self-growth and discovering more about who I was in a larger, more varied setting than what I was used to in middle school. Niwot was a large enough size that I was able to learn more about myself as a person, but not so large that I lost myself in the crowd, which was definitely beneficial. The academics at Niwot are top notch, although there does seem to be a perpetuated idea that IB students are inherently smarter or more hardworking than AP or traditional kids. Niwot athletes are also great examples of student athletes, excelling both on the field/court/track and in academics. I myself was an IB student athlete, and I feel that the faculty and staff were all really understanding of us. Overall, I feel that Niwot's IB program really prepared me for college!
I like that Niwot has a strong academic program and great teachers. Although the social dynamic can be unfriendly at times, they are striving to make the school more welcoming and inclusive.
Overall prepares students for college readiness and has an excellent IB program. Outside if the IB program there is little effort put in on the students part and the school is overall majority white in IB and overwhelmingly Hispanic in the non advanced classes.
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Simply put, my experience at Niwot has been exceptional. The students are extremely diverse and respectful, the staff and teachers are tremendously loving and dedicated to the students. They truly stand for our values, safety, and wellbeing. I followed the AP route and can say my AP experience was enjoyable and great in preparation for the AP exams, I also have many friends who have followed the IB route and have spoken of similar positivity. While there has been talk of how divided the AP and IB programs are, upcoming students are now able to pick and choose to have both AP or IB courses in their schedules, lowering the separation of the two. There are many various clubs and it is fairly easy to start your own. I have never seen any gender, sexual preference, or race discrimination in the school. While the sports are lacking and school spirit is average, there is always a large amount of participation in school events. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Niwot experience.
This is a great high school, one of the best in the state. They offer several opportunities for students to be the best they can be, and prepare them extremely well for college. One of the only complaints I have is the restrictions given to students in the IB program for their necessary completions of CAS and TOK.
I am a senior at Niwot High School, and have had an okay experience. While I have made amazing friends, and have met some incredible teachers, Niwot is a very average school. There is hardly any school spirit, bad athletics, and very divided between IB and traditional/AP students. Many members of the staff had made me feel that I am "not good enough" because I am not in IB. However, I will say that a majority of the teachers are very supportive, and all academics are great. I have never felt unsafe, or alone.
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