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Nipmuc is a unique school that focuses mainly on the mental health of its students. Nipmuc does not have traditional midterms or final exams. It has many courses that are not usually offered in high schools. The number of students is small and not very diverse. Nipmuc has a strong student-athlete population and sports teams, and is rated as one of the top schools in Massachusetts by Niche.
This school teaches me a lot and I love the flexibility with classes. Not only are the classes good (generally), but the school cares about mental health more in comparison to other schools I've been to.
Many people often say that Nipmuc 'Is not a school'. The community in Nipmuc is very prominent and visible to all. There are typical clicks, but there is more overlap between groups. Everyone knows everyone. All of the teachers are not only invested in the student's academic lives, but they are very invested in their home lives. They are very lenient in deadlines if a student reaches out about issues. A few times a year, there is a wellness week and an inspired learning day. During these weeks, there is no homework, and students have activities to do during a set-aside period. Students are able to learn about things they want to such as how to file taxes or blacksmithing. This week is a time for the students to focus on their mental well being. The counselor's office is also amazing. Several councilors are always available for in-person meetings or by email. They are able to help with school problems, social issues, home life, and mental health. Nipmuc is an amazing school.
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Nipmuc is an overall pretty decent school. It has a very family-like community and everyone is always there for you. Most of the teachers are pretty good, I did not have any problems with learning the material, but there were a couple of teachers that I've had that were not the best.
Nipmuc Regional High School thrives in academics, music programs, and arts programs, along with a number of sports. Many teachers are passionate for their subjects and genuinely care for their students success and wish to see them thrive, in school and out. They offer a number of accommodations for students with disabilities and mental issues. The school is also very advanced technology. Despite everything they succeed it, Nipmuc has a number of issues. To start, the diversity amongst students is very, very low with the vast majority being white and Christian, however the school is a safe space for LGBT students. The school lacks in ability to create enthusiasm about school events and many have had to be canceled due to a lack of student interest. Many students have mental issues but the guidance department tends to be unsuccessful in aiding said students & often fails to accommodate to students with IEP’s and 504 plans. Overall, the school could do much better in regards to students
Nipmuc is a very family like community. All the adults in the school genuinely care very much about the students that attend. Students are also provided with an amazing education, a clean and safe environment, and are given multiple after school activities to choose from between sports and clubs. Teachers also don’t hesitate to stay late after the school day to attend to students for extra help. Can’t imagine going anywhere else.
If I could rate this institution -10 billion stars I would. Speaking on behalf of.... just about everyone who attends
While I have great teachers here and have had really life enriching experiences because they not only teach us academics but also serve as sort of mentors, there are things the school lacks. For example, I don’t feel as though the school does a good job preparing us for college or helping us get there. And I don’t feel as though they always do their best to meet students if said student doesn’t have long-time contacts within the school district.
More communication between teachers and administration..guidance counselors are helpful during college process but you need to be independent
Nipmuc is a great overall learning environment. The teachers actually care about their students and how well they're doing. The students are always nice and supportive. It also provides a wide variety of classes where everyone can pursue subjects they enjoy.
Nipmuc is a good school. I was on the track team which was fun. The teachers are very nice. The cafeteria food is pretty good.
Nipmuc is a pretty small school but full of great teachers and administration that are trying to push student agency and project based learning.
What makes Nipmuc Regional High School a stand out school is the environment the students create. People who transfer here always say that they felt very welcomed and safe. The students also hold themselves to a high standard as well to do well in all classes they take. Generally speaking, the classes given here at Nipmuc are taught at a high level. You are pushed here but it helps you for future plans.
I started Nipmuc Regional High School in my junior year, being homeschooled the years before. I was so surprised about how much this school was different. We offer unique classes such as Patterns of Crime and Justice, which was an all year course teaching us about different types of crime, forensics, legal studies, as well as past cases. Because of my criminology interest, I adored this class, and with all the teachers being amazing and kind, it really just made my experience at Nipmuc so much better. I'm set to graduate from Nipmuc May 2020.
My experience at Nipmuc was decent. One thing that I liked about the school was the variety of classes there were to choose from, once you are an upperclassman. The school is overall organized, and my guidance counselor has always been available to meet my needs. However, there are still somethings that I would change about the school. I believe that the lunches should be split up by grade level, not based on what floor your class is on during lunch block. I would change this because many people are left without friends during lunches, and have to sit alone. I personally have been in this situation and it made me dread going to school at all. Another thing that I would change is teachers availability for after school help.Since there are so many kids that stay after for extra help, you end up not getting enough attention from the teacher in order for you to understand the problem, since there are so many kids that they need to help.
Nipmuc is a fantastic school and their school system has definitely prepared me for college! As a freshmen in college I 100% felt prepared thanks to Nipmuc!
The school offers a wide range of classes, clubs, sports, and activities and focuses highly on safety and mental health.
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Nipmuc overall is a great school. Most of the teachers are wonderfully kind and helpful, the classrooms are nice, the administration is involved, and many other great things, However, the food served in the cafeteria often looks inedible, and sometimes the administration struggles to handle certain things in the proper ways. Despite these things, Nipmuc is a good high school and was a great experience.
Nipmuc Regional Highschool is a diverse school in it's teachings. It has a lot of opportunities for students to learn real world skills and takes the students opinions into account. It also has plenty of resources for students to get information about the things they'd like to know about. I do believe that it has issues that all Highschools suffer from - the general forcing of students into categories because of national requirements and the stress that all students feel when they are in highschool. However, the school is taking strides to fix this, and I believe it is one of the leading schools in adaptation to society.
I have had a very good high school experience. The community is small, so everyone is close and very friendly. The teachers are all so supportive in school and outside of school.
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