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Very fun community, tons of activities to be in. Some teachers can be tough, but the majority of them are very kind and actually pay attention to each students needs. Lots of athletics, drama, art opportunities. Diverse, and very school spirited.
I felt very college-ready after attending Niles West. The teachers (especially the AP teachers) were exceptional.
It's a large school with plenty of opportunities and extracurricular activities. The art, theater, and sport programs are great. Niles West is a fun and welcoming place to learn and join clubs to learn new skills or help others.
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So far it has been a really good 2 years. The facilities West has for sports are amazing and the curriculum is great. There are so many classes students can take and so many offers they receive from counselors
I started attending Niles West High School when I was a freshman and the experience was, and still is well. I feel very comfortable with my teachers and students and feel respected by all. Academics are excellent and I feel I have many resources to use here. We are very advantaged because we have many clubs and diversity that makes our school unique. Teachers are well but there will always be teachers that are not our favorites at any school. Overall, Niles West is a welcoming and good school.
Niles West has been four years filled of memories, a stellar education, preparation for college, sports, and unlimited opportunities. I have become the best student I can be during my time at Niles West.
Niles West is a very diverse school. The staff is incredible and help students succeed. The school is clean and friendly. I wish high school prepares students more for the future and what they want to further their education in. There should be a requirement for students to take a class to look into different jobs, to job shadow, and to see how to obtain different jobs. This will prepare the students and lead to a less stressful college and job seeking future.
It was a nice school with friendly teachers. It had a nice cafeteria with ok food. The pool and weight room were pretty cool. The art classes were pretty good.
I enjoyed my time at Niles West, I feel that it was a positive environment where the teachers wanted you to thrive. Academics were up to par for college readiness.
Niles West High School is a fine school that offers students options to excel in both in and outside classroom. The school offers many extra-curricular activities from sports teams to a wide variety of clubs. Like most schools, if you are willing to put yourself out there, you will get more out of it.
I had many amazing teachers and challenging classes, as the variety of what is available to students is excellent. The only issue with the school is more of an issue concerning students, as many of them vape regularly in the bathrooms.
Niles west high school is a very diverse school with many different cultures around the whole school. Many clubs to choose from and great sports teams. Teachers will help with whatever you need and will respond to you quickly.
The school has a wonderful spirit to it. There are so many clubs and activities to be involved in at the school. Not only is the school has so much to do the education is also great as well. The teacher is always willing to help, but if the teachers are not available there is tutoring that is open to all students. I enjoyed being in the school,
I like everything about Niles West HS. The teachers are all nice and willing to meet students before and after school if they are struggling in the class.
I love the diversity at Niles West High School, as well as the amazing staff and students. There are a large variety of sports and after school activities/clubs for students of all ages. Thanks to the staff, there is always help for students in any situation.
I have gone to Niles West for 3 years, and I had a wide variety of experiences here. First of all, I would like to acknowledge the security staff at this school. After having a real lockdown, the school finally decided to impose more safety drills because we essentially had no safety drills each year. The security staff has always been poor every year I attended because the school hires older retired police officers and others who seem unqualified for the job. The other day, they let my friend into the school after she arrived late without having to show any identification and the security officer even said, "Oh, you don't look like a student, but go ahead." Besides the security, the school has excellent athletic facilities and training staff! However, the football team is horrible.
Niles West was a really good high school. The teachers were very helpful and there were many resources that helped me with my education. There was tutoring that helped me a lot in my four years.
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Niles west had nice facilities and an abundance of activities and opportunities for students. Overall, the faculty was helpful and cared about the students, given some exceptions. I enjoyed my experience at Niles West and consider myself lucky to have attended such a diverse school that cares for its students.
The school is nicely decorated, cleaned, and spaced out. The environment is decent and the teachers are above average, with some teachers going beyond to help students mentally, educationally, and promote success
There are a lot of opportunities for those who can avail them. Most of the staff is nice and helpful and will do anything in their power to make the student better academically.
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