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I've had a good time at Newton South. The school is better than average but I would not say it is the best.
South is very good at preparing its students for college. Most teachers are highly qualified and knowledgeable, and do a good job of making classes engaging. However, the overall culture of the South is often toxic and competitive. Many students are overworked, tired, and stressed. There is also a large discrepancy among teachers, even those who teach the same class. While I believe that my time at South has been beneficial, I feel that as a senior, I am ready to leave.
I really enjoyed my time at Newton South. Great teachers, resources, and both academic and social support whenever you need it.
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Newton South was a great school with rigorous education and teachers that were just as rigorous. They held all students to a higher expectation and even made an effort to make everyone feel included. There were initiatives made to converse of mental illnesses, courageous conversations about race, suicide and they even brought trained stress dogs during finals just to make everyone feel more cared about. Although it was great that they did this I would say there was not enough diversity in the staff and even students and hopefully that is changing now as it's so important to be able to interact with people of different races rather than believing everything off the media. I believe South is an AMAZING school with great courses that will challenge you at times however the teachers care and will be there to help you along the way as long as you make an effort to go see them about it.
I love my school! The teachers are generally very well trained and fun to be around. Great atmosphere! The staff really cares about us and make sure we know it. They offer many services too and it's a very diverse place.
Phenomenal teachers and great, very engaging classes! I feel very fortunate to be part of this school community.
Good academics but no school spirit and barely any class events. Push students to do their best in school.
The academics were really rigorous and demanding. The students are smart and highly motivated and this motivates me to try even more.
I love the independence given to students. We have flexibility to work the way we do best and create a schedule most beneficial. The art program is also very good at the school and I love the artwork everywhere. There's a wide range of electives so anyone can find something they like.
There is a strong support system within the school's guidance/counseling administration, particularly on subjects like bullying. The school places strong values on hard work, perseverance, and academic achievement. While school is known for its rigorous courses and well-trained teachers; it is also a haven for mental health issues such as depression and/or anxiety.
I would say Newton South is a very competitive place, however, there is a huge support system. There is always someone who is available or willing to help. There are also many classes and activities readily available to every student.
Newton South has overall been a very accepting and helpful learning environment. I can see a true effort by staff to make everyone feel comfortable and happy. However, the reality is that Newton South can also feel quite toxic. There is an immense amount of pressure to preform to the highest levels on tests, both standardized or just normal tests made by teachers. Taking a regular class can even feel embarrassing when all of your peers are taking 100% AP classes. I have found many good friends over the years, but I think an effort needs to be made towards normalizing failure and coming to an understanding that not everyone needs to be perfect 100% of the time. I think this will create a much more comfortable environment for students who might find themselves struggling with classes.
I like how all the teachers at this school is open to feedback and is willing to help out the students also support them. I like how there are so many subjects and classes you can choose from! There are various different types of arts, music, and other programs to choose. There also a lot of clubs and sports to choose from that matches with your personality!
I really enjoy attending Newton South High School. All of the teachers I have had the honor of learning from are amazing and the school culture is great! The school is very welcoming for any incoming students every year. I am proud to be part of this community. Newton South offers many extracurricular opportunities, and I have even had the chance to start my own charity service club! Academically, I can confidently say that Newton South is exceptional. With many honors and AP classes offered for any subject, I have had the chance to explore many different topics and interests of mine. So far, I have had the best experience attending Newton South.
Newton South High School is very rigorous, academically, and it prepares students extremely well for college.
The environment is not the most friendly, some teachers are very biased and some are very bad. Large variety of classes which is great, great lack in school spirit though
Newton South is a very privileged school with many opportunities in terms of classes, electives, extracurriculars, and athletics. There is a strong culture of academic rigor, which translates to a hardworking, but often stressed student body.
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Newton South has a lot of course options and programs to link classes together. However, you can be in the same level course as someone and have drastically different levels of rigor and workload depending on the teacher. As someone who has attended other high school, I've found that at Newton South the school environment is especialy competitive and toxic at times. Many students to struggle with anxiety and depresion due to this. At the same time, Newton South's academics leave students well prepared for standardized tests and college.
Throughout my years in Newton South, I've come to see that this school has a big hostile atmosphere. While the administration and teachers try to promote respect and being one as a school, the students spread more negativity and less spirit. The school needs to do more than just put posters on the walls to get a word out. They need to work with the students to spread more positivity in the school. Not only that, but being in a school that is more about academics than athletics, puts more work on their students, giving them less time to do outside activities. Newton South needs to realize that times are changing and that students have lives. Homework would be more manageable if there wasn't that much assigned.
Newton South High school is a good school. I did have some harder days there, but overall my experience there was okay. Something I really like about it, is how much they care for their students. As we face these current events which is this pandemic, something that has been thrown up into the air is what can we do for the graduating seniors? Something they have done as they try to find a solution, is ask their students. They have asked the seniors for their input, for what they would want to do, something that I feel not a lot of schools have done. They have also asked all students how the new learning online situation has been going for them which I really appreciated. Something that I feel is hard about this school, is the different pressures each students face. Everyone feels the pressure of getting good grades, being in the hardest classes, and getting into the top schools. Encouragement rather than pressure would go more nicely, which is not what a lot of students face here.
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