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I had an good experience in band and robotics. I would like to see robotics getting school recognition in pep assemblies etc.
I like that we have super nice and reliable teachers and that every class is close to one another and very interesting. I wish that the school had more resources for out of state colleges.
I like all the sports and options you have that you can do. I feel that the only thing they should change is the safety precautions against drugs.
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us students would like to see everyone inside the high school to not be racist or just judgmental to each other we’re so tired of it and we would like to see actual walls inside the school because we can always hear the other classes besides us
This school gives students many chances to explore different areas of interests while getting them ready for college, vocational school, or the real world. Teachers have a genuine interest in their students and the many clubs allows students to have opportunities to travel and stay our of trouble.
I liked the local feel to my high school. Everyone knew everybody whether it was in a good way or a bad way. I would like to change like policies such as how administration handles behavioral issues within a classroom and others. I would also say the facilities are very outdated and are in need of attention and even renovation.
I spent all four years of high school at Newton High and found it to be a good school that readied me for college. But there was a downside: lots of money was wasted on sports programs (even the consideration of creating a third gymnasium) when the auditorium which had to be used by Band, Orchestra, Jazz, Choir, and Theater was barely holding up on its own and had to be shared with all sorts of school organizations. On top of that, academic excellence wasn't quite as well paid attention to as was the athletic aspect of the school. The district needs to change its priorities and realize that all students matter, not just ones involved in sports.
You make the best out of what you are given. Most of the teachers actually care about the students but don't not have the greatest resources.
Newton Senior High School is a school that lacks in administrative support and is paired with a community that really couldn't care less. The town itself is relatively reluctant to support the school and this leads to new students having little to no respect for the school itself or the people that go to it. Behavioral issues are significant here due to a lack of responsibility that each student feels and administration can either do nothing to solve that or does very little to find a solution. The only redeeming qualities of NHS is a dedicated teaching staff, and if you're able to find the right people, a fantastic social atmosphere. There are worse high schools than the run down facility that is NHS, but there are also a mulitultide of schools that do better.
I liked the size of the school but the actual building could use a lot of maintenance and remodeling.
Personally I feel like the Newton High experience is whatever you make it. There are so many ways to get involved and be active and it's really up to you the experience you have. I am very involved so there is never a dull moment. One thing that I would like to see a change in is the faculty and how they care about the students. I hope for one day that the administration will treat art with as much attention as football and mental health as well as good grades.
I Iove all that there is a variety of options of classes to take and the activities/sports but I wish we had more options like lacrosse or Dance even. I go to school here and enjoy that a lot of the teachers love to switch up things like instead of having tests making us write essays or doing projects instead. A lot of teachers that I’ve had like to incorporate life lessons which I think is awesome!
I love how my school has so many sports, clubs, and other activities for students to participate in. There are many honors and AP classes students can take. Most of these classes, however, don't really do a very good job of preparing the students for college. That is definitely something Newton High School could improve on.
My experience at Newton High was overall a good one. The teachers are good and there are so many opportunities to get involved in at least something. I enjoyed taking the harder classes because they helped me in the transition to college. I love the band and jazz programs at Newton High. It was never a dull moment in those classes. The things that could be improved are better network connection with WiFi. Update infrastructure. Create a safer environment for high schoolers and their families.
I loved the homely atmosphere. Everyone was willing and able to work and be able to help each other succeed. It was such a wonderful four years and the Newton Unified School districet
I enjoyed my high school experience here very much. While I did have some really bad teachers that were judgmental and non adaptive, I also had some teachers that challenged me while not making me feel bad about myself.
I like how they are always trying to have kids involved with our school as well as our community. Wether it's through sports pep rallies or simply community services.
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I enjoyed going to the school, and enjoyed many of the clubs on campus, though they had some adminitrative issues. The academics are average, and the teachers are for the most part interested in their subject.
Teachers are very hands on and what to see you succeed in the classroom and in life. Opportunities to learn about what you want to do for a job are always available. It may be a little crowded in the building but that only adds to the bonds that students make with one another.
Overall, I had a great time at Newton Senior High. This is due to my student involvement and the incredible teachers. As far as college readiness goes, I think NHS could use some improvement. I came to the University of Kansas and I feel way behind compared to others in my classes. Everything about Newton High School is pretty average. For students not involved or willing to get to know teachers, NHS would be considered boring and not up to par with other schools in the Kansas area.
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