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Newton North was very welcoming to me. Majority students are very helpful and it is an overall great environment. Teachers are chill, always looking out for you. Would definitely recommend.
The school prepares their students to have successful future by having an advanced education and resources available to help people. Diversity is not one of the schools strong suits but when it comes to including people no matter their background it becomes a unity. They host events to celebrate most backgrounds while trying to educate their students.
Newton North is a school with many Career and Tech ED programs. If you are looking for the hands on experience it's a great experience. The theatre program is also huge. There are diversity days and I look forward to them a lot. I think that North acts like we are very accepting and diverse but we still have a long way to go.
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For the most part, I enjoyed my experience at Newton North. I loved most of my teachers as they were very passionate about teaching kids and made the class interesting. The school was also very nice and had many resourced to help you succeed.
Most defined by its well-equipt campus that allows for unique hands-on learning opportunities despite it being a public school. There are several "businesses" within the school (Café, Graphics, Auto, Theater, etc.) where students can learn trade skills, and gain work and leadership experience, in some cases with monetary compensation.

Teachers can be hit or miss; connecting with upperclassmen to decide classes to take it common and generally a good idea.

Given the *relatively* high-achieving student body, NNHS readily offers many APs and Honors level classes. However, student achievement is well varied.

The student culture is a mix of entitled and woke. The majority take their resources for granted, while those who don't shine very brightly. Student organizers are responsible for the myriad of events throughout the year including 6+ student-directed theater productions, cultural education days, and rallies in response to current events.
It is great, super accepting and it has a good learning envoronment. Many clubs and sports and it's fun to go there.
Very nice campus - its really big! Teachers are generally invested in their students. Diverse culture
Newton North has strong academics and a wide variety of classes to pick from. It can be very intense pressure-wise especially with college.
The school is very nice and many of the teachers care about your well being and love teaching. A lot of students and it can get crowded, but I enjoyed my experience. Very privileged and white, though.
I loved my time in high school. I found the resources to be abundant. I thought the college prep program was amazing and the faculty was so helpful in my journey to higher education.
An Amazing school with great opportunities! They have the best resources at hand. I came to this area my Freshman year and was welcomed in with grace. The teachers and students are always loving, and you never feel unwelcome in North.
Overall, my time at North has been very enjoyable. It has been filled with a lot of laughs, learning, growth, and fun. Unfortunately, there have been many racial incidents this year that, in my opinion, the school handled very poorly.
Overall very good school. Good at send kids to good colleges. However it lacks financial aid support information for students and parents. Many students don't get fully informed before applying and such.
A experience is what you make of it. This school has a lot of wonderful things to offer and if you take advantage of the resources and opportunities given your experience is destined be good.
Newton North High School is an excellent school. Although the environment is extremely competitive when it comes to academics, the administration and teachers prepare the students try well for upcoming opportunities and college. There are many impeccable resources for the college process, and the people who work there will spare no expense to help the students with what they need.
My school is average and as a black student there are some struggles with being in a predominantly white school. But also there are some good resources there to help find out what you want to do with your life.
My Newton North experience has been excellent over the last four years. I have many teachers who I've enjoyed having and have met so many amazing students who have become my best friends. The thing I appreciated most about this school is its access to resources such as in-school college counselors an amazing nurses office, and mental health awareness. The nurse has a support dog named Bailey who is the best cuddler when someone is feeling down. And the college counselors helped me so much with finding colleges to apply to and (less stressfully) completing the application steps.
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I remember the moment my parents told me that we had to move to the USA: I was trying to understand what they were saying, but I just couldn't take it all in. I was so angry. A tear fell from my eye. My anger turned into sadness, knowing that my bonds might break, my identity was at stake. At the beginning I lost interest in doing well in school. I didn't know the language well. I felt alone. Losing my friends felt like losing myself. After some months, thanks to NNHS, I started to connect again. Talking to my teachers and my new classmates I started to feel like there was hope to become the person I had been before. During my time alone, I learned that nothing is easy: there are 2 sides to everything and that it's up to me which one to live. I want to live on the positive side. If there is an obstacle, I confront it. The fact that I had to move made me scared: this experience turned out to be one of the best things that could possibly happen to me. It changed me into a better person.
Overall, Newton North is an incredible school. With its recent renovations, Newton North is dominated by modern-style architecture through a brick and glass structure dynamic. As for the education itself, Newton North is unmatched. Newton North teachers are invested in their subjects and want all of their students to succeed. However, the sheer size of the school (~3,000 students) increases overall academic competition between students. Outside of the classroom, opportunities are around every corner, with an abundance of clubs and student organizations.
Newton North high school is a great school with many incredible opportunities. Newton north has an amazing theatre department, athletics department and music department. Students don’t have to choose between two hobbies because they are encouraged to do multiple activities. The school is large with many students and could be compared to a small liberal arts college in size. The student body is diverse and incredibly welcoming to minorities. The only reason for four stars instead of five is because while most of the teachers at the school are excellent, when issues do arise with teachers, it can be difficult to have help resolving them. Thankfully, there is plenty of support from guidance councillors and advisors for those who are struggling academically. While the work load at North may be difficult, it prepares students well for college.
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