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Newton-Conover High School Reviews

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Newton-Conover High School is a decent school that has a wide range of CTE classes that if chosen correctly could very well benefit your future. The issues with this school is the lack of interest in student growth.
At this school, we have a tight-knit community between the students and staff. Being populated by fairly small cities, we all grew up together throughout our school years and have created lifelong friendships. The memories made at Newton-Conover High School and relationships will stay with me throughout my entire life. I am happy to have attended school in the Newton-Conover City Schools district from third grade to senior year.
I like how everyone is nice and welcoming in the school including all the students, staff and faultily. All the teachers that I have helped me in all my four years of high school by preparing me for college.
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My experience at Newton-Conover High school has overall been very well, as a student i am pleased with all of my current teachers as they do their jobs well. Things i would like to see change in this facility is the lack of cleanliness in the bathrooms, and the mold issue.
My experience was good at Newton Conover high school. I wouldn't say great because every high school has issues. Our issues were the cliche groups for example for band geeks, preps, and so on, drama, drugs, disrespectful, and smoking. What I liked about the High school was that I really didn't see no kind or acts if bullying which was great. Overall everybody knew each other and was friends.
Newton Conover high school Is a some what good school, they have a great graduation rate but the school revolves around sports players.
As a parent of a student who attends NCHS, I am very pleased with the academic programs offered to help my student (students) prepare for college. My child has enjoyed attending NCHS and participating in the clubs and activities offered. I feel that NCHS helped to prepare my child to be successful in attending a four year university. The school offers a variety of sports programs, clubs and activities for students. Student safety is of high priority. Overall, I am very pleased with my child's education at NCHS.
This is my senior year at Newton-Conover High School. It has been quite a four years, but I am taking each event as a learning experience. Many of the teachers here love their students. They truly have helped encourage their students learning abilities and have tried to make Newton an amazing place. Although, there are some that do not seem to care. They let you do what you want, and if you fail you fail. It’s that simple. However, in my opinion this is a good school to go to, but like every school you will attend their are down falls.
I spent my junior and senior there and they have rewards for good attendance and grades. The only downside is that the school barely gives students any breaks. Barely or no half days or no teacher work days for students to get away from school.
I never really had any problems with this high school. They gave me a very good education. They offered me two classes that were specific to my intended major in college. They also offered me an internship class which really helped me out with my steps after high school.
I loved the staff and how patient the teachers are when they are teaching us new materials. The safety at our school is absolutely great.
My experience at NCHS was a good one. The teachers are great, the office staff are great, and the learning environment is too. There is a great band and NJRTOC program.
Overall, my experience at Newton-Conover High school has been beneficial to my overall education. At NCHS, the school attempts to help prepare all students for life after high school in whatever decision they choose. The school has a great program called "The Promise Scholars". The Promas Scholars is with the local community college in which you get to be dual enrolled in both high school and college. When I graduate I will have my first year of college complete. It's amazing that Newton-Conover City Schools even opts to pay for our books. I love that they choose to invest their time and money into us. In conclusion, the overall experience has been both enriching and fulfilling.
Teachers offer tutoring and schedule appointments that are needed.
Foreign students transfer and fit in perfectly
Offer a variety of clubs, and offer tutoring
Memorable, club active, positive, and suportive
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Teachers are supportive, punctuality, and humble.
There are police that stay on campus at all times but even though there are locks on doors some get left open which causes a little bit of uneasiness in students.
There is multiple different clubs and organizations to get involved in.
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