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This a good school for students focused on academics and college prep, however you are very encouraged to take advanced classes even if you aren’t ready for them so you have to be careful.
Newsome High School is a quality institution that really prepares their students for their futures. The administration and teachers build quality connections with their students to support and motivate them to work hard and accomplish their goals.
One thing I like about Newsome High School is the teachers, I feel like they try their hardest, and put a lot of effort into their teaching. One thing I would like to change would be smaller classes, I feel like the bigger the class, the harder it is to learn.
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Newsome is a solid school with a good academic program. There are plenty of teachers willing to help you succeed in this chapter as well as help to plan the future. While the school is academic-focused, it does so poorly with criteria being not straightforward and testing a nightmare. There is very little diversity in ethnicity and general ideas so if you are good with being closed-minded it is a very solid school.
It is one of, if not the best, public high school in the area. It offers a lot of advanced placement classes.
The school is top in the county, however due to its location and students it is often associated as a rich kid public school. There is not a great deal of cultivation of the arts, however academics are above average. The food is about as good as any other public school, but due to the sheer size of the student body the lunch room is frequently packed with very little space. There are grounds expansions every few years but it isnt quite enough to keep up.
I like Newsome high school. I believe that every high school has its own problems but that doesn't mean that it isn't an overall great school. There is an ABUNDANCE of classes to take, many AP and dual enrollment opportunities etc. I've had a very good experience with the school and believe that while you can complain about the school but realize how blessed you are to be attending. It has really helped me o better myself and try things that I would have never tried otherwise.
Newsome provides a quality education in a healthy and happy learning environment. The teachers and staff are very dedicated to the students' safety and wellbeing.
Teachers genuinely care about helping all students reach their highest potential. Many teachers volunteer their time as assistant coaches and club sponsors. This has created a very positive school culture.
Newsome is very modern and provides high-technology teaching. However, the school is made up of upper-middle to upper class kids that can be very spoiled at times, and the safety issues involved with getting to and from school in a very busy area are concerning. But I love my school, the teachers, and the culture.
Love the AVID program. Mrs. Giannone is a phenomenal teacher and prepares each one of her students for college and gives us every opportunity she can find to help us succeed. Guidance and administrative staff could be more helpful and readily available, though. Many times when a student wishes to meet with their guidance counselor, they've been told that person isn't in their office or they aren't there when the student needed them.
Its is a good overall school. Challenging academically. I think there should be more choices of classes for those not heading to college. I think the school needs more opportunity for community involvement. The teachers are great but aren't the best at keeping up with communication system provided by the county to enter grades. Teachers wait until the end to dump all their grades in so you don't know what grade you have until the end.
I had a very positive experience at Newsome, especially with all of the music programs! The campus is beautifully open and I loved getting fresh air in between all of my classes.
Excellent school, teachers are great and I've had a positive experience. The sports teams are competitive and the people are really nice.
I am a current senior at Newsome High School. I have gone here for the past two years, and I have some bad memories about the school. I feel that if you are a student who takes all Advanced Placement Classes, then you're set. If you are not, good luck trying to get anyone to pay attention to you or your child's needs. For example, I was bullied and it took someone a long time to even realize it, after it had been reported multiple times by myself, and by our school psychologist. I also have a 504 plan, which was never updated to fit all of my needs. Because of this, very few teachers would allow me to do outside of what was recommended, even though I explained it wasn't up to date. So, all in all, if you are diverse in any way, you may want to go elsewhere.
See, the only downside of this school is the kids dirtying up the bathrooms. Otherwise, there are great teachers, great staff, and great people. It's not too crowded, and it's not a school where you get fights every day.
In my experience, Newsome’s teachers are fantastic, and classes have been interesting and rewarding. The school has provided ample preparation for higher education. Newsome also has classes for all student levels, and does not leave any students behind.
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I've been going to Newsome High School since my Freshmen year, and I definitely have had my ups and downs. Overall, it's an outstanding school for academics, and there are a lot of parents that move to the community just for the school, but for me personally, it's been tough connecting with faculty and students there. It has a bit of a wealthier background, and if you don't fit into a certain mold, its hard to feel comfortable. If I were part of the faculty there, I would make more of an help the students feel welcomed and accepted. High school, specifically, is where a lot of self identification occurs and it's difficult to be comfortable in your own skin when you don't feel like anyone is on your side. With that being said, I've grown so much as a person throughout these past four years because of it and I am very grateful to have such an amazing education.
Newsome needs to improve their dress code system, clean the school (especially bathrooms), get a food vending machine, and change the school hours so we leave earlier.
Newsome should really focus on not dress coding people and should focus on making sure that students feel safe. The APs cause me to be late to my dual enrollment classes and the attitude is so rude. However, once you make friends, you'll love Newsome.
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