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Newport High School is a very competitive school on the academic level where students are pressured to be their best which creates a stressful environment.
I loved the teachers here. The experience was certainly challenging, but I enjoyed my time there and found that it prepared me for college.
It's a great school for people who love acedemics and hard work but they focus too much in ap classes. Otherwise it's an overall great high school where there are many people to help you especially teacher other than the math teachers
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Newport high school prepared me very well in terms of academics, however Newport is very competitive and there is a lot of pressure to take AP classes
Extremely competitive but ultimately probably helpful. The Actual environment is generally high strung, but things like bullying aren’t a problem because literally no one has the time to bully others. Academics are highly stressed but the school is pretty progressive and offers many different classes and opportunities to explore whatever path you want to be on. I haven’t had a particularly awful experience, but it’s just one notch up from mediocre. There are zero similarities to high school musical, but you do get a sense that the school is preparing you for college and the real world. There is very little mercy here.
My experience at Newport High school has been pretty decent so far. Every single one of my teachers that I have or I have had are genuine and caring, and although the curriculum is challenging, teachers try their best to teach it to you the best they can, and the administrators are also very helpful. Newport offers various advanced college courses, giving many students the opportunity to excel beyond regular curriculum.
Newport is a great school for kids looking to push themselves while also enjoying the high school experience. The teachers are great and supportive, and there are plenty of clubs for any interest.
Newport High School is a leadership based high school. What makes Newport different from other high schools is that the school has a huge emphasis on student body. Students not only often assist in teaching lessons to each other, but many events that happen in the school are nearly entirely student run and planned. With the general student body being respectful and a rigorous academic and supportive culture, Newport High School stands as one of the best high schools in Washington State.
Great public school in WA state. Good neighborhood and student body. Great public school in WA state. Good neighborhood and student body.
Newport is a very competitive and academically advanced school. My experience there was quite stimulating, as I was able to explore a variety of coursework before going into college.
I like how a lot of the teachers genuinely care about me and my well-being. However, the counselors are more focused on seniors than any other student. They are almost never available, which is not good because this school is an academic pressure cooker that causes students to have mental health issues. They need more counselors that are better equipped to deal with the large amount of students that need mental health support.
The teachers are so great and so passionate about what they are teaching. There are lots of courses offered in all areas of learning. The culture is pretty stressful and many people are very competitive but it is overall very spirited (even though we are not the best at football) and it is a very fun place to attend school.
Most of the teachers are good, but the school is really old and there is no space to expand. There is not enough room to accommodate the number of students who attend.
This is an extraordinary school that offers to all students something. It has excellent STEM teachers, outstanding programs such as CISCO, as well as clubs and teams (e.g., Robotics and Swim Team).
Generally an academically competitive school, since it is common for students to take multiple AP classes in their schedule. Otherwise the curriculum makes students well-rounded in all subjects. Students who want to study in a specific field can also enroll in Running Start at Bellevue College.

The teachers are available before and after school to help students.

Majority Asian American students

Provides windows laptops for school use
while every school has their issues, Newport has a great staff that can help you through any of them. from you teachers to the admin. i have found the support i need here.
Newport has unique culture of drive and success, 4.0 GPA's are the expectation as well as 3-4 AP classes and a lot of extracurricular activities. We are intensely academically rigorous, and while it is possible for anyone to succeed here, you need to have good time management and you need to practice self-care in order to keep up with the pressure. This pressure drives you to be better, but anyone not naturally gifted in these aspects has a rough time until they learn to do both.

The school is very good diversity-wise. The student body is only 36% white, the rest of the students are people of color, and while I can't speak to the experience of our students of color, the school is very welcoming to me as a young gay woman. The teachers are well coached on how to make LGBTQ students feel welcome, and the students are much more likely to speak up against homophobia and transphobia than make jokes about us. I've never felt unsafe or discriminated against for my sexuality in the school.
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Kids there are not good influencers. They have lost every single football game and not are not good in sports if your child is athletic this is not the right place. Education is good though. Teachers are average. And not much diversity here with again very bad stereotypical and especially rich kids that clearly don’t know what true suffering means. Things they complain about will make some people who worked hard their whole life mad.
My overall experience at Newport HS was incredibly rewarding. The community was extremely strong and helped me feel supported and cared for throughout my 4 years there. Having made personal relationships with many teachers and faculty, I felt like I was valued and respected at a level I don't think many high school-aged kids get to experience. Between classes and extracurricular activities and sports, I was very involved in my school and felt that I was giving back to a place that had invested so much into me. I will always remember my time at Newport fondly.
Newport High School is a really great place to get access to advanced classes and interesting electives like anatomy and physiology.
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