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Newport Harbor High School Reviews

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My experience at Newport Harbor High School was very cool and amazing. I of had the ability doing so many wonderful things there.
Very good school. Wonderful academics and largely accepting and kind community of students. Administration often leaves much to be desired however.
Harbor was an amazing school, the teacher were so supportive and helped me accomplish some of my greatest goals! I cannot thank this school enough for helping me get into my dream college and always pushing me to do my best!
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I would like Newport Harbor High School to distribute more money to the arts instead of focusing solely on sports such as football because they never even win. I would like Newport Harbor High School to actually invest in the arts, such as band, by providing them with a teacher/director who knows what they're doing and who will actually motivate and challenge the students in becoming better ; a teacher who takes their job seriously and won't allow their students to slack off because band is an extracurricular.
It has been a great school! They've handled situations very well and their staff and teachers are encouraging! Over all academics are great
Newport Harbor High was a decent school. It provided me with some unique opportunities that changed my life for the better. The Junior Mentor Program allowed me to job shadow a neurosurgeon for a year and find my passion for medicine, and I will always be grateful for that. The district, however, is incompetent at best in troubling times and the staff make poor decisions for class structure. Students have consistent issues with scheduling each year, critical classes are not readily available, and "flipped classrooms" are not regulated efficiently.
I attended Newport Harbor from 2014-2018, and I think that this high school really prepares you for college. Take their AP/IB classes when offered; they really save you when you get to college. I only have one big issue with Newport Harbor though. The culture is deeply divided between white students and non-white students, as well as between rich and poor students. It's pretty apparent in my opinion.
Teachers are amazing and truly care about their students. Top-notch athletics and academics that allow for all types of students to get involved in someway or another.
I love the campus it is gorgeous. I have met many friends and all my teachers were super nice. I had a great high school experience overall.
Best things about Newport Harbor is the staff. Anything that you go to the staff for the get help, they always have an answer. They make things easy for you and they are always willing to help as well as great at giving you many recuorces. I've gotten so much help with tutoring on campus and I was able to get all my SAT and ACT prep done for free!
I enjoyed the teachers and other staff members very much during my time at Newport Harbor. I definitely recommend participating in our arts programs and I made some wonderful memories that I will never forget while I was a student here.
I have learned a lot during my three years here at Newport Harbor High School. The staff are all very welcoming, and the students are great as well.
I've always felt very comfortable and at ease in Newport Harbor's environment. I have made such good connections with teachers, peers, mentors, and other staff members. There is a great student culture and connection between involved students.
I liked how involved everyone was at this school. The majority of the staff there are super caring and there are many options for classes. NHHS pays attention to their students and helps them for a better future ahead. The only thing that this school could improve on is making sure they notify the students about college information. If they know more about how to get into college and how to start their career earlier on, they will be better off. Overall, being at that school was a very pleasant experience and I think that anyone who lives in the Newport/Costa Mesa area should definitely enroll in this high school.
Newport Harbor gave me the opportunity to grow as a person by connecting with a new and diverse environment. The course offerings separated the smarter kids from the less smart kids, which created an environment of academic hierarchy which did not allow most kids to perform to the best of their ability. In the end, I spent my time at NHHS, thriving off the relationships I had made with the campus as a whole.
Too much focus on Political activism. It's one big safe space where a sneeze or an arbitrary word can cause people to be "deeply" offended. If you love this country and your a patriotic student this school is not safe.
Newport Harbor High School creates a very inclusive environment. They offer a wide range of programs from AP and IB classes to really good ROP programs and are very supportive of all. I love how the staff recognizes that not all students are on the same path and find options for everyone. They really go out of their way to ensure success for all students.
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Newport Harbor High School offers a multidimensional experience for students. There are many opportunities to challenge yourself as a student here. I do wish that they spent more time with high school juniors and seniors educating them about how to apply to college and to scholarships. Many high school students do not have the time to figure it all out on their own, and not everyone can afford a college counselor to juggle all of the details.
I like the academics and teachers that taught these courses. The math department is great within the school. I would like to see more diversity within the future.
I like that throughout the years that the choir department changed for the better and each year we get more people involved. One thing that should change is that choir should get more donations to buy new dresses and new tuxedos.
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