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I have appreciated the support and involvement of the faculty in my academic success. They were accessible and always willing to give extra help when needed. I never felt intimidated by them. They were able to communicate with me in a manner that was easily understandable. I never hesitated to ask questions and felt my class participation was both reinforced positively and appreciated.

Being active at NHS was easy. There were several clubs that suited my interests once I decided I no longer wanted to participate in sports. I became active in student government as well. I felt trusted and respected in the positions I chose and feel confident I can maintain my level of commitment once I begin life in my college community.
Newcomerstown High School is definitely a great institution that is constantly excelling in academics. The teaching staff are dedicated to their work and always willing to help their students to be successful with their studies. The school also gives students access to post secondary options for students wishing to further their education. What I feel that needs to be introduced into the school is more extracurriculars like Speech and debate, student government and other clubs and activities
Newcomerstown High School is a very tight knit community of students and faculty. Class sizes are usually 20 students or below, so teachers and students develop closer bonds and one-on-one help than one would get at bigger schools.
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Some teachers are more involved and show that they care more than others do.
Counselor made no attempts to help especially with scholarships, mailed several students scholarship apps to wrong addresses . counselors only made attempts to a select group and did not offer to help post secondary students that needed guidance also
Teachers at the high scool are average many do not promote pushing students to do better or achieving more. Many teachers have high abscense rate at high school compared to middle school. We have strong science department, but lacks technology to prepare students for college. The advisors and counselors of high school do not promote post secondary options as some schools do. In turn, teachers when taking these courses look down on students that do, and offer no assistance when asked for help on particle class.
We have had several cases of teacher sexual involvement with students. Administration takes policy lightly when students have been involved in drug and drinking abuse. Some students have been involved in may sexual harassment issue within the school that administration either ignores or tolerates. Many issues brought to the school board are held as close door sessions, which inturn, lead to students involve being dismissed. Safety at the high school weight room and locker rooms are ignored, several cases of MIRSA in weight room, locker rooms, and shower rooms indentified and ignored.
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