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some of the best times at nhs. filled with great teachers, fun courses, and awesome afterschool activities like sports and theater or clubs like girls forward or Model UN. great fit for any kid. not really if you’re looking for diversity though
Amazing community and great teachers. So many resources available to all students and faculties. Would not want to go to any other high school
Newburyport High School has had a big impact on my life. As my mom was diagnosed with Stage Four Lung Cancer the fall of my Freshman Year, all the staff and my teachers have been right by my side always there for me when I needed someone to talk to.
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Newburyport High School is a very safe and welcoming environment, where the students try their best and excel in academics as well as athletics. Students are taught by passionate teachers who love their career. They are able to reach out to teachers for extra help and teachers are more than willing to stay after school to help with any problems. In addition to academics Newburyport High School offers a variety of sports during the three seasons. I played on the field hockey team for three years and absolutely loved it. Being on a team and having coaches helping push us to our best was such a great experience.
Fantastic school, great teachers! The school is not too diverse, but neither is the town of Newburyport. The school administration is one thing that I would improve.
Academically this school is amazing, but due to its location the culture and students aren’t as welcoming as other schools I have been to.
Newburyport High school is definitely one of the best high schools in the country. It has awesome teachers, great opportunities, pretty much anything can be a club, they endorsed our student walk out for gun violence, and you get excused absences for almost anything legit (sickness, college visits, etc). The athletics are really competitive. There are only a few issues overall. There is absolutely no diversity whatsoever. Not in race, not really in family income, hardly in religion, and definitely not in political beliefs. It is a white, wealthy, atheist (“my parents are catholic”), democratic school. This honestly isn’t all that horrible of a thing, unless you don’t belong in all four of those categories. My friend recently got suspended for wearing a durag in school so apparently the people in charge want to keep the school anti-diversity. Overall it’s an awesome school and they have super high expectations for academics which is probably a good thing.
Newburyport High School has an amazing faculty, there were very few teachers/staff that I found unpleasant. With that being said, I dreaded coming to school because of my peers. Those who found themselves to be entitled to be better than everyone else made high school unenjoyable and unnecessarily dramatic. Those who acted nasty towards others mostly got a slap on the wrist and no consequences followed, so I'd say administration needs some work. Keeping this in mind, this would affect how others felt inside their own school that they pay dues for just like everyone else. Their safety, health, and overall well-being. Mental health wasn't necessarily pushed aside in this case, but for the peers I had that effected my own and my friend's mental health were not being held accountable and people noticed, and did nothing. I suppose that's normal now.
Newburyport Highschool is a terrible place. The students treat others terrible. Bullying is the biggest issue in this school. Students can’t even go to the BATHROOM with out a whole bunch of students taking up the stalls vaping. It’s not fair to students to have to go to another floor to use the bathroom. This school is terrible and so many people have left this school because of these reasons above.
At Newburyport High School, a good number of the teachers go above and beyond for their students, especially the AP teachers that I have had over the course of my time here at Newburyport. I have loved the involvement I have had with sports and the energy the people have at the games and how we all come together. We have excellent access to technology with a MAC lab, PC lab and MacBooks and chrome books at our fingertips with was a huge help for me.
The school was great. Very engaging and preparing. Certain grade requirements were not satisfactory however. Pre-calc teachers could use some help as well. Sports did quite well however.
Great school, great teachers. Lovely learning environment and beautiful school, some sports competition but the school as a whole is very kind and educationally motivated.
Really good school. Beautiful location and some very excellent teachers! The food is okay, too. However, some teachers are pretty difficult to work with...but the good outweighs the bad at NHS. Clubs and activities are well-organized and fun, nice student body.
Good academics, material for students of all levels are available. Students can be challenged if they choose to. New administration is severe, but open to student voices. Social culture can be toxic, but the amount of kids attempts to smooth it out. Extremely little diversity. Sports are excellent but other programs can feel neglected.
Need more STEAM opportunities, more AP classes, more arts programs and additional languages (like French and Mandarin) and exchange programs beyond the German exchange called GAPP (only every 2 years)
The academics here are good, and you have the opportunity to take challenging classes. However, there isn't much diversity, most people are white middle-class students, but it is not very hard to find a group you fit into. The athletics here are something the school prides itself on, however, some varsity sports teams are very conceded and judgmental. But, there are some clubs, not many, that you can join if you don't want to join an athletic team.
Newburyport High School was a great school to attend. I had excellent teachers who I made great connections with and built awesome relationships. I played two varsity sports which made my experience even better. The only thing about the high school was it was not diverse at all, which is because as a public school that is all dependent on the city it is in. Newburyport overall is not super diverse, which I think can become a shock factor for a lot of kids as they move on from high school.
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Newburyport high school is a beautiful school in a picturesque town. Sits on high street just moments from the waterfront covered in it's ivy walls. The education is top notch and the facilities are in good condition. Offering up some sporting activities such as cross country skiing! The town has a lot to offer as well, safe neighborhoods and many excellent places to enjoy a delicious fresh caught meal.
Being an alum of the gorgeous school often makes me feel grateful having the privledge to grow up there.
Really enjoyed some of my teachers, they were engaged and engaging! Many available electives to suit any interest. If specific AP classes (or others) were not offered at the school, there were online HS courses available. I was able to take advantage of the online HS and enjoyed the opportunity. There are after school options for gym as well as arts, in order to allow students to fill their schedules with courses, these options are highly desired.
A new administration faculty is needed. Newburyport High School has a lengthy record of not taking care of its students properly. At Newburyport, half of the teachers are great, the other half of them hate their jobs. The biggest plus side is that the school is beautiful on the outside. There is no student parking lot. Newburyport's school lunch is not the best but they do have a sandwich/wrap/salad bar which is a good alternative. Newburyport High School does little to prepare students for standardized testing. The library at Newburyport is nice and so is the gym.
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