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Coming into Newark Catholic I was a new student from public schooling unsure of what kind of people I would meet and potentially become friends with. I was excited about everything that was new to come and a bit nervous as well, considering all the students had gone to school with each other growing up during previous years. I did realize teachers genuinely cared about your education and making sure you got the most out of what you were learning. Along with that, coaches in the sports I was involved in also made it so easy to feel connected and like you were a part of a big family that challenged you for the betterment of your future. This wasn't something I had been used to; the smaller the school, everyone knew everyone.
I had a family, not just friends that would turn into acquaintances as we all headed off to college or onto our own paths in lives.
Newark Catholic is a small but tightly knit community where everyone supports each other in all that they do
Newark Catholic High School is a community. Faith is the number one focus everyday in every single class. The teachers will do whatever it takes to make sure you understand what is being taught. Athletics are a huge part of Newark Catholic, they are very successful. Whether you went to Newark Catholic, are attending there now, or plan to attend there you are always apart of the family.
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Very involved with community and open to helping with fundraisers. School environment is very friendly and welcoming. Staff could use improvement in some areas with more hands on education.
I had a great experience at Newark Catholic High School. High school tends to be a rough time for all kids no matter where you go to school simply because everyone is trying to figure out who they are. But being at Newark Catholic, surrounded by a loving, encouraging community, it made those hard times a whole lot easier. I would recommend this school to anyone interested, even if you aren't you should give it a look. The one thing I would change about the school, however, is the building itself. Though going to a school without air conditioning humbles you and teaches you a lot of great qualities, it would have been nice study in a cool space during the warm months.
Newark Catholic High School was a good school for me. The school itself is very small. However, it's like one big family and you always have someone to fall back on.
I had a wonderful experience at Newark Catholic. I came to this school as a freshman and everyone made me feel so welcome. I loved being a cheerleader here and the academics are amazing. The teachers here are amazing and I just loved the environment I was learning in.
I attend Newark Catholic High School in Newark, Ohio. It is a suburb East of Columbus, Ohio. I actually live in a different district and chose to attend NCHS because of the smaller size and also because I play baseball and they have a great sports program. I love the small community feel of the school. Alumni are also a huge part of the success of NCHS. When I started attending the district, I was welcomed with open arms. With the academics, it also has many sports, clubs and a great robotics and theater program. I feel that NCHS has helped me prepare for the next level of education.
Newark Catholic is a good school with good teachers and great sports. The teachers are very helpful an knowledgeable. I enjoy most of my classes as well as the activities. I play softball and I am in the key club. This is a well developed school with a lot of alumni participation.
I am going to be a senior at Newark Catholic this fall and my experience thus far has been great. I am very blessed to have attended Newark Catholic and could not be any more happy. I love the small school feel. Our community is a family. We all have one common goal of striving for success. The community loves to see our school succeed. I love how we all work together to achieve success. It is a great feeling to know you have the whole community behind you and cheering you on. Newark Catholic will always be HOME.
newark catholic is a very faith and tradition based school. i came into the school freshman year not knowing anyone, and i honestly believe i have met people that will be present throughout my life. it's an amazing place with wonderful teachers and deciding to attend newark catholic was one of the best decisions i have ever made.
Unless you're an athlete, it's hard to fit in here. Good drama department and athletics. Most teachers are really good, but a few should not be teaching.
A school that is very set in its ways and doesn't seem to want to change. I was constantly afraid of being ridiculed for who I was as a queer person. A lot of focus goes on sports while academics are left behind. Arts are hardly recognized. Diversity is NOT a priority whatsoever.
I had a really great experience at Newark Catholic. It had a small, homey feeling to it that I learned to love and crave. I actually decided to go to a smaller college, because I loved that environment so much. Pretty much all of the teachers are really nice and helpful as well as challenging and inquisitive. If I could change something, I would find some way to get more of a variety of classes that are available to high school students. Whether that be through donations to get the extra classes or through petitions so that the students could benefit from the extra classes before they go on with their lives in whatever they choose to pursue.
Newark Catholic is an amazing and faith based environment. I was thoroughly blessed to have attended such a strong education institution. I am proud to have been a Green Wave. There are very few negative things that I can say about my experience there. Overall, Newark Catholic not only taught me so much academically, but also gave me the opportunity to learn so many life lessons. I will always hold it close to my heart and be thankful for the friendships and bonds it has brought me.
I love how everyone is extremely close at Newark Catholic and all everyone is kind and welcoming. The downside to Newark Catholic is that it is a small school and there is not a lot of diversity.
Sports at Newark Catholic have extremely high number of participants for a small school. We have a big tradition when is comes to athletics. Over the last three years of me being at Newark Catholic I have also seen them add a lot of different clubs, which is exciting because it gives us all new options.
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This Catholic school is something hard to explain. It is a true family, we come together when times are hard and celebrate when things go well. We are unique in this way because I do not know of any other schools that do that. I would choose this school again because the Newark Catholic community is something I would not trade for the world.
The teachers at my school all have different teaching styles but the different styles help me realize how I learn. They all are knowledgeable of their subjects and are easy to talk to. The grading can get a little un-consistent but I feel like they are trying to work on making it better.
The teachers and principle are racists, harassful, do not do their jobs, on our senior class trip to Washington DC the principle and chaperones became hammer drunk. The students do drugs, drink underage, party, have a schedule for having sex in school, bully, outcast people, harass. It is a terrible school, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone.
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