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Newark Academy is a great college prep school with amazing resources. However, the culture around academics and college can be toxic at times.
Newark Academy is a top notch school. My daughter entered in 6th grade and is now a rising Junior. Academically I can’t say enough how well prepared the kids are. They become independent thinkers, excellent writers and public speakers. I happen to read a writing piece my daughter had written and I was amazed at how beautifully it was written.
One of the best high schools in NJ. Passionate team of educators and highly involved parents. Plenty of after-school activities to engage in: clubs, sports, music, you name it
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Excellent school, students are well prepared for college and beyond. Newark Academy combines challenging academics with dedicated teachers and staff and outstanding facilities in a diverse and inclusive community that provides a platform for strong future success.
This school has given me so many increddible oppritunities to learn about so many different things in just the past year. I have learned so much and the community has been amazing. I love Newark Academy!
Newark Academy is the best place to go to school! It has a lot of work but it is easily worth it because there are so many fun things to do other than academics. The sports are amazing but what I really like are the arts. There are so many amazing opportunities and because of a musical I had the opportunity to be in, I decided the next year to switch to singing and have loved it ever since. It is the best school I have been to and that is saying something because I have gone to a private school in the past.
Overall, I am disappointed with my child’s experience at Newark Academy it is near impossible to get a straight answer to a question, even the simplest queries are met with a run a round and a “not my job attitude.”

It is striking how little school spirit there is, almost no kids attend sporting or cultural events, example two years ago NA tried to have a winter sports homecoming event, less then half a dozen kids showed last year they did not bother.

The community is diverse, and some racial and ethnic tensions arise , from which the school is ill-prepared to manage. A couple of years back during an event celebrating America a student brought a “do not tread on me” flag, this understandably offended some students, as oppose to addressing the issue properly school’s reaction was to cancel the event the following year.

The bright spot is the academic quality of the kids, most are very hard workers and there is a culture of academic excellence.
I entered Newark Academy as a freshman and it has been a great experience so far. I thought it would be hard to adjust but it was actually pretty welcoming and fun. The teachers really have a passion for what they do and are willing to help out no matter what as they want to see you succeed. The students are so nice and helpful and they have many programs in order to ensure that you are not stressed and are getting the help you need. Although it is very rigorous and hard, the teachers are there for you and they teach you at a good pace. The sports, although not one of the top in the state, train you to be a hard worker and give you hard competition. There are many school traditions that make you feel part of something and enhance your experience.
I started attending Newark Academy in 6th grade. My experience of 2 years has been some of the worst academic years of my life. This school is a joke. The assignments they give at this school is nothing but busy work. They claim to have the best teachers and claim to grow your talents, but that is nothing but a lie. Please do not go to this school. To give you an example, I took algebra credit over the summer, and because I had an 88.5 average last year instead of a 90, I was put into pre-algebra. I asked to be tested, but they didn't allow. It escalated to the point that teachers started grading my tests unfairly to bring my average down, and they claimed that they would put me in the level I deserved. After half of the year, they finally put me in Algebra. Even though I had missed half the topics, I held one of the highest averages. You tell me, is this worth your 40,000 dollars. I wouldn't step another foot in that school.
Newark Academy is a wonderful school with an outstanding community. Especially during these challenging times in 2020, Newark Academy has been transparent, communicating continuously and has done a great job with remote teaching. Teachers and community are welcoming and the students truly enjoy being with each other in an encouraging, supportive and exciting environment. There is a deep respect for everyone who makes Newark Academy run as efficiently as it does. My family feels blessed to be part of this extraordinary institution.
Newark Academy frames itself as a school where students are completely in power. A place where students are listened to and regarded as "equals". However, this is not the case. Newark Academy under its appealing surface has a huge amount of favoritism and corruption. I know a series of students who have had a "special" connection to the board (meaning relatives) and have, therefore gotten special treatment and been let off the hook when faced by trouble. The kids at Newark Academy are undoubtfully very nice people, most of whom work hard for their positions at the school. Although, many have earned their position at the school through connections such as siblings and relatives. Most importantly, a "special" donation can go very, very far in your progress at the NA.
I am currently a student at Newark Academy and I got an email from the school asking students to write positive reviews on Niche for Newark Academy. Coomeplelty crazy.
My experience at NA has truly exceeded all of my expectations. When I came into NA in seventh grade, I did not realize that I would be coming into a community of such intelligent and wonderful people. Through a strong arts program, I have been allowed to grow as an artist in the performing arts and choral arts. I have also had the opportunity to play field hockey and NA. At NA, I am allowed to be both an artist and an athlete. It's well known that Newark Academy's academics are exceptional. My teachers are kind and compassionate, and I have connections with many students and faculty members. My peers are some of the most well rounded and thoughtful people I have ever met. Through my time at NA, I have met people who will always hold an impact on my life and had the opportunity to be whoever I want to be.
NA is the best school ever! Even though we are in the minority. The educational opportunities are amazing!
Newark Academy is an odd place, there are about 100 people in a grade and they range from D1 athletes to people who were in calc 2 as a freshman. The schools got a really tough work culture so if you come here make sure your willing to put in the effort.
I used to have mixed feelings about Newark Academy. Sure, they have the best academics around and the kids are incredibly passionate and absolute geniuses, but something was missing. There was no tofu at lunch. However, after many complaints submitted by me and my peers and fierce lobbying, the new caterers (sage dining) now provide us with a new type of tofu every single meal. I now go to school every day curious and eager to discover what tofu flavor is going to be awaiting me. Three full plates of my favorite soy snack a day make learning and sports lightwork, and truly distinguishes Newark Academy from all the other guys.
I was very excited when I found out I would be attending Newark Academy this year. I think that the academics are great, and the people are okay. Diversity is something I felt was really important, no matter where I went. In terms of diversity at NA, sometimes I can feel alienated, or out of place. The school is great, and the diversity rates/levels are rising, but there's still a lot that can be improved upon. I am very glad that I am a student here and I truly love this school.
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I have attended Newark Academy since sixth grade. Overall, a great experience and I feel quite prepared for college.
Academically, NA is second to none.

Athletically, being such a small school NA is not able to attract athletes who can measure up academically, contribute meaningfully to a team and have parents who are willing to flip the bill, several teams are perpetually in danger of not fielding enough players.

NA has issues in keeping coaches from leaving, for college-bound athletes, there is very little support.
The experience here at NA is overall a great one. The teachers are wonderful and always take time to be there to give what ever help is necessary. The students are very respectful and caring to each other.
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