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We're delighted with the opportunities our child has had at NA. With the enthusiastic support of both faculty and peers, he's pursued interests in the classroom, on stage, and across various playing fields. Through these experiences, he has not only gained knowledge and skills, but developed a boldness about taking positive risks... a remarkable quality for a teenage boy.
Newark Academy is an amazing school! Everyone is so nice and open and everyone has a group to associate with. The academics give opportunities to people who want to excel past their level and all of the teachers are very friendly and willing to help. Overall, Newark Academy has made me extremely happy as a student and I wouldn't wish to be anywhere else!
It’s a supportive and challenging and creative place- we love it! The teachers are great and fun and interesting
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This is an amazing school! The teachers and administration are very involved in both the academic and personal growth of each child. The kids are joyful, well-adjusted, and confident. We are very happy with the quality of the education and the community spirit of NA.
Great academic school with teachers who enjoy teaching and care about a students success. Arts are top notch, friendly faculty, great staff, many extracurriculars for students to choose from & a open campus make NA a great place to attend. Sport programs are competitive and offer students the opportunity to succeed on the field as well.
Newark Academy really has it all. My children both flourished through the wonderful teachers and meaningful experiences at NA. Teachers were always responsive to questions and open for conversations. I really felt like my children had a team--helping them navigate through high school and beyond!
Coming from an extremely underfunded middle school, I can honestly saw that Newark Academy was a complete 180 of what I expected in a high school experience. With the assistance of a fantastic group of teachers, staff, and administrators, I was able to quickly acclimate to the rigorous academic culture that the school is known for. I was able to start asking myself the specifics of what success would look like for me, rather than the nebulous idea of wanting to be successful in general. Now, as a future graduate student, I can look back on my experiences at Newark Academy with an appreciative light, as I can track my early beginnings at the Academy to my current path of achievement.
I am an alumni parent and current parent and Newark Academy have prepared my children for college. I wish that sports were more competitive at the school and athletes were held accountable as they are in the arts.
Fantastic school a parent financially capable of sending their child here would be foolish to not. The school has one of the lowest student to teacher ratios, many extra curricular activities and wonderful staff!
Great school in general. My only complaint is that the food is quite subpar for the amount paid. It's only a little better than what you would expect at a public school, and they're paying half as much. Obviously that's not a big deal however. NA is a great community.
I love the energy at the school. Their is a connection between the teachers and student that I have not seen at any other school. The academics are challenging and I defiantly have gained a vast amount of knowledge.
I came in 9th grade, with hope and grace. Now as a Junior I can safely say this was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. The teachers are good, passionate for the most part. But anyone who likes their child would not send them here, as the kids are savages. A lot of them are fine, but the ones that keep on making poor decisions and causing problems are not being reprimanded. One got over 50 detentions in middle school and continuing to get them in High School as yet to be expelled OR suspended. Honestly a huge disappointment.
Newark Academy is an amazing school. The students are so welcoming and the enviroment is overall spectacular. If I could go to any school in the whole world, it would still be NA.
I love the inclusive community and the way that the teachers and students intellectually challenge each other with respect.
I love the culture of Newark Academy. There is a really nice balance of academic rigor and fun to create a really well rounded learning experience. My favorite part of the school has been my relationships with teachers and coaches. The adults at Newark Academy are really invested in making the school an inclusive and enjoyable place for the student body.
Overall, at Newark Academy, my experience has been beyond exceptional. I have learned how to succeed in school and thrive in the real world.
Newark Acadmey is more than I could ever ask for. From the community, to the rigorous curriculum, to extra curricular activities like sports; This school just never ceases to impress. As I continue on my journey here at NA, I observe other people discovering their talents for the arts, or sports , and much more. This school is truly a unique one.
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I think that Newark Academy has been an amazing place that truly lets its students shine. The school knows that its students are self-sufficient, and this gives them more room to expand their creative scope. I have personally found everything that I wanted in a school in Newark Academy, and the sense of community that it fosters. The school truly knows how to spark a love of learning in the students.
Newark Academy is a great school with great people and it has prepared me well to start college in the fall. NA's emphasis on student led learning allows its students develop significant over their time at NA. Also, because of both school size and school spirit, one interesting thing you'll find about NA's student body is that everyone is incredibly involved in student life. Most people play a sport, are involved in at least one club and often times fit in an art as well. NA encourages its students to explore all of their interests, and as a result, it has an incredibly driven and passionate student body.
My daughter loves the school. The school offers a wide variety of experiences for the kids that make them well rounded.