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New York Mills Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Overall, my high school experience was absolutely amazing. I felt right where I belonged with the crowd I was in! Being around the same student for twelve years, everyone knew each other and we always made sure we were all doing well. I was a huge part of my community in giving back, as we help to make sure we all feel safe, welcomed, and bounce ideas off of each other in order to make our experience at New York Mills very pleasant . I take my academics seriously, and participated in student body government in order to help young ones voice their opinions in order to really help boost my school's climate.
New York Mills is a very safe and comfortable place to go to school. The teachers and staff there are very kind and care a lot about the students. I have been going there since I was in kindergarten and I would not have wanted it any other way. There are many opportunities for students to express themselves at this school, as well as many ways for students to be rewarded for their sucesses.
My experience at New York Mills has been rewarding as I have been able to maintain my grades while participating in multiple extracurricular activities. The school teachers provide after hours assistance to students as necessary. In our small school, teachers know each student by name which allows for a positive environment where each student does not feel like a number. This enables our faculty and students to share a more personable experience and positive education.
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I have been going to NYM for almost twelve years and although it has its flaws, I wouldn't change schools for the world. The class sizes are small and so everyone is like family. Since it is a small school, the teachers are always looking out for their students, making sure everyone understands what is being taught. Personally, I believe that I have received a great education at NYM and I feel prepared for college.
there is bullying, when visiting or signing a child out you must sign yourself in/out and the student however you're not required to show ID too do so
Being a small school, we don't have very many options besides sports
i was bullied for many years and still to this day don't feel fully accepted by everyone.
most are respectful of their students and are very organized, however some need to work on organization
The school is very small, which makes it unique. The faculty is very involved in the lives of the students, and spend time with them to make sure they excel. The students, however, form various cliques which is a negative aspect of the school
Kind of hard to hold down and either so greasy it drips everywhere or so dry you could choke.
This school is very small and does not have many classes. It is hard to compare us to other students because we do not get as many oppritunities. It is very close knit but does have the normal downfalls of a small school.
Those that attend are quite happy there. The overwhelming majority of students are Polish, Italian, Irish, or any combination of the three. Most of the students are Catholic and all are Christian.
Our Boys Varsity basketball team is a tradition of excellence. We have three state championships, more than ten sectional championships, and too many league championships to count. Our girl basketball program is rather talented as well.
The school is historically safe and very proactive in case of emergencies. There have been no major incidents and school nurse could not be any friendlier.
The food is standard throughout the county but with the introduction of Michele Obama's new healthy school food initiative, the food has gotten much less enjoyable.
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