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New World Educational Center Reviews

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Mostly everything is new since my school just moved into a new building.
The food is of course nutritious but sadly it is very taste less. Overall though its not the worst food I've had.
It is a great school. Everyone is very friendly.
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There isn't any extracurricular actives
It is a great school over all and the staff and administration is wonderful.
Everyone gets along with each other.
You get your core classes out of the way.
It is a nice school over all.
I made the best of my experience. I've heard that it is not a very fun school to be at anymore, though. And if you take the fun from the students, they'll shut down and refuse to learn.
This school has gone very downhill. The teachers really want to help and are interested in their students, but the environment that has been created for them is hard to teach in. It is no longer a "family". Students are rebellious and discipline is difficult to implement.
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