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NPHS is overall a great school. Unfortunately, because it is a rural school, there is not much diversity. Additionally, teachers can be extremely biased. Other than that, it is an excellent school and I really have enjoyed my time at NPHS.
Overall, NPHS is a pretty good school. Most of the teachers engage their students and offer fair ways to make up points. The only issues I have are that the administration has a hard time calling out students who went out of line, which is an issue that caused the entire grade of Juniors to boo the seniors on the balcony during homecoming week, and almost get our homecoming dance canceled. Other than my issues with administration, I do really like this school.
Pretty standard, good teachers, good arrangement of clubs and activities though heavy stress on sports, etc. But terrible, terrible environment. N-word, swastikas, kkk drawings and references. Everyone is racist, bigoted, rude, and there is absolutely no diversity amongst students. Hatred runs unchecked.
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NPHS is a safe, comfortable environment. When I was in school, sometimes I felt like there was some favoritism. It would be nice to see an environment and staff who has no favorites, but wants all of their students to succeed.
New Prague is a good rural school for those focused on academics. Teachers provide a welcoming learning environment, going above and beyond for their students. The school's sports programs are average, and culture is almost zero. It's almost entirely white and full of cliques. Overall the school and its staff are awesome, but the community absolutely sucks.
It was an overall excellent place to learn. It was always changing with the times and for the most part accepting for all.
My experience at New Prague High School was overall excellent. Thankfully our district has great teaches that helped me be successful. It's a very welcoming place where students and teachers truly care about each other. I was very happy with the teachers I had they made me feel welcomed and eager to learn more!
My personal experience at New Prague High School was very good. It had its ups and downs based on the teachers I had for classes. The atmosphere was okay. I've only ever known New Prague, so I have nothing to compare it to. We have some pretty awesome teachers in the school, but we also have quite a few teachers that I would not recommend. I would consider myself a very good student- I took my studies seriously and always finished my homework- so my experience is mainly based on the academics. Our activities are tons of fun to watch and be involved in as well. Overall, New Prague High School was very good and a lot of fun to make friends and be involved in.
I have a had strong learning experience at New Prague Senior High School. I have enjoyed my time as a student especially, in my mathematics and physics courses.
Many people have an overall positive experience at New Prague High School, as long as you are not too "different." The school seems to have gotten a bit more accepting throughout my 4 years, but it definitely still has a long way to go.
I only attended the New Prague High school for two years. In my Junior year I actually became a PSEO student. I cannot thank New Prague enough for allowing me the opportunity to become a PSEO student as it has changed my life.
It is a simple suburban high school but it's starting to feel bigger there is more and more drama daily. Most of the teachers are pretty good but there are some diamonds in the rough that are amazing!
New Prague has many teachers that care about their student well-being and academic understanding. NPHS offers a good amount of advanced classes whether it be AP or concurrent enrollment.
New Prague High School creates a fun, safe, and positive environment for its students. I feel very welcomed in my school for many reasons. We have great teachers who work to make us better learners in a positive environment. I also appreciate the many resources we have for learning here. The students enjoy this school, and I believe it does a great job making everyone feel welcome with its many programs involving students from all walks of life.
My experience at New Prague Senior High has been a fairly good experience. The education and teachers are overall great and I am thriving in school. Something that New Prague lacks is college readiness and putting that focus on all students. There are resources available, but I think that they should have a more hands on approach about getting students ready for their future.
I loved the theatre program! I always felt at home there. New Prague High school was the place where I fell in love with the stage and I will never forget about that! It was a place where I finished my youth years with the people I grew up with. As well as with teacher who had the chance to watch me grow.
Principle Adams is one of the worst principles I’ve seen in a while all she will do is walk around the halls she does not take care of day to day problems I’ve been experiencing bullying for some time now and she will do nothing of it I have tried to talk about it and she will just say that it takes time when really she is just a lazy coward
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It's a nice school, but because I've been to many schools I've notice on all thing subjects they lack on.
I liked how they had many options for classes to pick. Staff is super nice and helpful if you have any questions. Offers variety of CIS classes or PSEO that help gain college credits early.
School pride is very big. Town is small so everyone gets to know each other. Teachers are the best in the state.
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