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New Paltz Senior High School Reviews

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My experience with New Paltz High School has be positive overall. The teachers are truly incredible and what make this school so excellent. My main complaint would have to be the administration and guidance department. In my experience, and the general feeling of the students at the high school, the administration has been very poor at effectively communicating with and listening to the students. Guidance is overworked, and frankly does not offer the proper resources for students.
Personally I enjoyed my time at New Paltz Senior High School, however it was not so for a lot of students. After graduating and watching my little brother go through the same school it looks like the culture of the school is degrading due to mental illness and drug abuse.
Great teachers, friendly staff. Decent course offerings. If you want something done administratively, however, you need to be ready to be insistent and be a "go getter"
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The school emphasizes how it wants to be accessible to all students but only really focuses on sports. They also push AP courses on students constantly with disregard to the well being of students.
It is a very close knit community, all of the staff and teachers are helpful and care about each student, there is a large selection of clubs, sports, and after school activities to choose from, diversity is supported and family is encouraged to take an active role
I loved every teacher I had and felt that compared to a lot of other schools it was very inclusive and welcoming. There are of course a couple of faults, not every school is perfect, but New Paltz always tries to acknowledge them and fix them.
I thought that New Paltz High School offers plenty of opportunities for all students. There's lots of ways to participate in extra-curricular activities, I just wish I had more time in the day. The academics are pretty rigorous depending on the course load selected. At times I've struggled with balancing work and extra-curricular activities, however, this was because i selected more difficult courses. Over all the school is very good.
New Paltz High School is a good and academically challenging school which does a good job of making sure students are living up to their potential. The sports teams are very good although the spirit isn't always the best.
The school grounds and facilities are very nice and the staff and teachers are good at making you feel welcome and at home. The food unfortunately is not much better than the average public school and as a result many students prefer to bring lunch from home as supposed to eating it. Overall I would say I have had an excellent time at this school and would definitely recommend it.
There are a lot of options for AP courses and college credit courses considering the small size of the high school
Great School, totally loved my time throughout all of the years in New Paltz. While there are some guidance problems that have frustrated me and many others in this school, most other faculty like teachers and coaches are perceived as extremely motivational and sympathetic to the students problems. There is very little diversity but that may just be a problem of the town and not particularly the school districts fault.
I recently graduated from New Paltz High School (about six months ago), and I can say that it wasn't easy. My grade had multiple tragedies that took a mental and emotional toll on the grade. As far as academics, NPHS expects a lot from their students, but at the end of the day, the faculty just wants students to try their hardest and do their best so that they can succeed in life.
I mean it's okay sometimes. The teachers aren't very supportive and often there are teachers who are forced to teach in a subject they don't know a lot about.
I entered New Paltz High School as a Junior. I came from New Jersey and felt the drastic change. The education is exemplary and overall those who graduate within the State of New York will have a greater chance of obtaining a better more qualified job than any other state. The education in New Jersey does not compare to the one I received in Upstate New York.
I love the how interesting the faculty is and how supportive the student body is. The courses are rigorous but worth the hard work, and I truly enjoy learning at NPHS.
New Paltz High School was an important experience for me. It was here that I personally grew as a person. I was able to make new friends and explore more, break free of my shell, so to speak. The teachers here are open and understanding. They are here to help if you let them. The student population is certainly unique. Many students here strive to assist their peers and ensure that everyone feels included. It was definitely my friends here that help me grow into a more confident and knowledgeable person. There are some issues. It is no garuntee that one can be friends with everyone. New Paltz High School students have passionate ideas that can collide with one another. But even then, I am thankful for this school and the experience it has given me.
The teachers of New Paltz High School are passionate about connecting with their students and inspire intellectual curiosity, particularly those of the history and english departments. However, I do feel as though our administration and counselors hold us to numerical standards of achievement, which are not necessarily accurate measures of college readiness. Additionally, many of my peers have observed that our guidance department has limited contribution in the college application process, especially considering the increased competitiveness over the past five years.
New Paltz High School provides an excellent curriculum focused on preparing and encouraging its students to work towards a future career fit for them. It hires teachers well versed in working with students of all learning capabilities who work to inspire their students. The school also ensures students will be provided with a wide variety of sports, clubs, and afterschool activities so they can further explore their interests.
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NPHS offers a good high school education to its students. It has a handful of excellent teachers, and some excellent classes. For a public school, its arts program is surprisingly well funded. Most of the school's shortcomings stem from the fact that it is a public school and does not have some of the funding and flexibility that some private schools offer.
the strong culture and feeling of importance extended to students at new paltz radiates from the faculty, but stops at administrators. overall a great high school experience, everyone makes the most of the resources available and it becomes more than just an institutionof learning.
The experience was overall decent, however being in New Visions and seeing how the school and administration deal with and interact with BOCES students is unfair. Teachers are amazing, school should have more updated facilities.
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