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I think New Palestine High School was a great school with wonderful staff. The staff really cared for the students however there was not much adversity in the student and staff body. The few people who were there felt excluded. This was challenging to see and should be changed in the future.
While not being the best high school I've ever seen, this high school has well taught classes and nice staff that make it a pleasant place to be.
I actually really like the school. The teachers are really nice and I like how much freedom they give us. I actually don't mind being at school here. I used to go to another school before I came to New pal and all I can say is that NPSH is far better. My only wish is that it was more diverse with students from different backgrounds but thats something to school can't really control. Overall though, I like it.
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New Palestine high school is an excellent school. They provide opportunities for everyone at the school. The teachers help out and give us examples on how to be better and do better. I would however, like to change the fact that we don’t communicate with the student body. By this, I mean the student body makes up the school. In this situation of the virus, I think they need to tell us more.
New Palestine has the most wonderful teachers and staff you will ever work with. It is clear they all want what is best for each student. I graduated ready and prepared for college. Not only are they a five-star school, but their athletic programs are also outstanding.
Most of the teachers are amazing people and instructors. The school itself is in desperate need of being remodeled and deep cleaned. Overall the environment is not the most welcoming if you are new but, there are plenty of extracurriculars and activities to get involved in which can help. The academics (although it does depend on who you have) are pretty good too.
I loved the overall atmosphere with new pal. It was a small school but still had anything and everything you are looking for in a school. A club or sport for anyone. A friend for everyone. And a book to read in our huge library. The one thing I did not like was that they don’t do a lot to change the bad things. Bullying is still happening and I don’t see administration or teachers doing anything about it. Instead they laugh along.
I thought the academics were pretty great. There are some fantastic teachers at this school who truly care about their students both in and out of class. There are differing opinions on teachers though, so consult your guidance counselor and talk to friends or upperclassmen to decide which teacher is best for you should you be given the choice between more than one teacher for a class. The athletic programs here are solid and many sports are available for students to choose from. Club activities are also pretty good as well. There's a pretty diverse range of clubs that students can participate in, and you are free to start you own club like a few of my friends did. It's no secret that mental health has been a problem at the school in recent years, but I believe the school is doing their best to help students with whatever problems they need to talk about and work through. It can be difficult to find the right people in the student body, so be sure to find the right group of friends.
New Palestine is a great school and has many teachers who genuinely care about their students. There’s just things that need updated and they actually are updating them so it’s going to look great. The programs and teacher have helped many students succeed.
For a school that seems to be extremely involved in student behavior, the majority of the punishment is aimed at the students who break the rules for their personal benefit rather than those who intentionally put down others. Vaping is a big problem at this school and it has become quite apparent that the administration will go above and beyond to prevent this from happening within the building or on their property. While I do believe this is beneficial for the well being of the students, I do not think it should be disciplined with more harshness than the excessive bullying that also occurs. Racism is not rare with the extremely small percentage of minorities at New Pal. It is disheartening to know that the offensive slurs and derogatory remarks aimed at the nonwhite races within our place of education go unnoticed or disregarded. It seems that the a portion of the staff chalk it up as a he said she said scenario. If there was something I could change, it would be that.
I think most of the kids are small minded due to lack of diversity. Every teacher I’ve had at New Pal was white with basically no religious diversity, which I believe keeps kids sheltered and unprepared for the real world. No class really selves into the importance of diversity and respecting others, and many times students were outside hateful towards religions other than Christianity and sexuality’s that were not straight. Yet, I met teachers who wanted to shift that culture and I’ve made great friends during my school years at New Palestine. I wish it nothing but growth from here on out, and hope it can achieve a higher level of acceptance for people who are different than them.
This first year has been amazing! I got the opportunity to be apart of the varsity and competition cheer team and made so many new friends! Our football team remained undefeated and we won the 5A State Championship! My teachers are awesome and work with me so well! I love the options they give us for electives and meeting new faces in those classes!
Loved being with my friends and conversing with teachers. Can't wait to see all the additions they add to the school over the next couple of years. I really hope that the dress code is changed because there's no enforcement at all. I also hope that administration is changed around a little bit. That's just a personal preference though. Most students at our school more than likely appreciate our administration staff.
I️ enjoyed my time at New Palestine High School. There were good teachers and lots of activities to get involved with. My only complaint would be that unless you were involved with the football/softball team or your parent was an alum you were often ignored.
New Palestine High school is a place with many caring individuals. I have always felt safe in this community and surrounded by people who I trust. New Pal is not a very diverse place, so there is not a lot of open mindedness, but there have been many opportunities for people to learn and be educated on these subjects. The school is constantly growing, and soon is getting a renovation to allow for optimal learning experiences. I feel that my education here will prepare me for my future and things that will come my way. There are several ways to get involved here, however I challenge the priority. I think there is a lot of potential and many people willing to but in the effort to makes kids more involved in their school. There is not a lot of school spirit, but many actives have been created that are geared towards fixing that. The academics here are excellent, all the staff wants to see the kids succeed.
This school had the best teachers that truly care about you. Each teacher I had helped me with my personal and academic life. I had many friends and the sports programs are well-developed. I truly appreciate the teachers who put in time and work to make sure I understood all material in the chapters. Some of the students were mean but that is high school for you. I would not change schools if I could go back in time.
I like how much fun you get to have with the teachers. I don’t like the lack of mental health awareness here we have a lot of kids with mental health problems I myself have gone through this and while you can get help after a drastic situation it’s not a lot and it goes away after a few days. The teachers aren’t equipped to help with mental illnesses and the counselors are more for scheduling than actually doing any counseling.
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Smaller size is good, but with that you see less diversity. I would like more options for course topics and greater support for all athletic teams.
New Palestine High School provided me mostly with social experiences and learning. I learned to respect my teachers and get to know my classmates and teachers better. For the most part my teachers were good at teachers, there were a few who I'm not sure they knew what they were doing. New Palestine offers many clubs and activities and is open to suggestions when someone is eager to start a new extracurricular.
NPHS is overall a great school. Most of the teachers are amazing, and have made a huge impact in my life. They have been a great guide and have even helped me pick what I want to do career-wise. They are always willing to help with whatever they can.
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