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The school is very small and personal. All of the teacher's care about your well being and success. I highly recommend this school. There is always a place to go if your feeling uncomfortable.
New Miami school district has small class sizes, making receiving additional help and a better understanding of the assignments easy to access. The staff is very helpful, as well as extremely friendly. overall the school system is very welcoming, and works towards bringing students and staff together.
Teachers were helpful, however, this school lacked college readiness and preparation. Students were misbehaved, and I was considered an accelerated student, but was never challenged academically.
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New Miami has the potential to be an awesome school. However, due to the Administration most students elect to attend a local technology school in the eleventh and twelfth grade years. This school district tries to discourage the community in being involved with students. Also they lock the restrooms during the day and refuse to allow students to use the facilities. The food that is served in the lunchroom is horrible. The few good teachers usually leave within a year or two because they bullied by the administration. Most students who attend during their elementary years are still having difficulties reading when in junior high. This school system needs a major overhaul to reach its full potential.
Marching band is good for the size of the school
very helpful staff if you go to them
there is not enough food for highschoolers
we have some of the best teachers
our academics at the school are okay but needs to be a lot harder because sometimes they are to easy and not enough changllening
we don't have all of that we have some of it we could used a little bit m ore of it
we have a lot of different choices
iits it very good their is not that much peer pressure at all and we love having new students come to our school and we welcome them like they are one of us
our whole administration are the best the do all the can for the school and it shows a lot and it also tell us that they really do care about the school and we have a no bullying process which is really good
we have a lot of people come out to a group we call young life and it so much fun it always on Mondays and we talk about god and play games and then go to McDonald's to eat afterwards

we get a good number of people that come out
we have a lot of support from our school everybody comes out to basketball games and football games and we get a good number out we have a good school spirits and our team are very good .we have a good fitness program to we do a lot of insanity.
I had the best time at my school everybody care about you and you never felt out of place
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